Tifa blinked her eyes open.

Pristine hospital room. White walls. No sharp objects.

She looked down. Strapped to the bed…? She shook her head; she hadn't felt this disoriented since…since…

Her head began to swim, a thousand disorganized memories flashing and retreating, fifteen years misplaced and muddled. Dreams, nightmares, and reality fighting a contest to see which would come to the forefront.

Yet, at the background of all this, she could sense it. Blood. Blood on my hands.

The walls shook with the force of a huge explosion. A sonic boom was not far behind the sound of a giant engine soaring off into the air. Where am I?

Her ears, long practiced at hearing conversations occurring beyond whatever walls she was occupying, picked up on two voices as they approached her room from the outer corridor.


"Why is it so important to you that I see her?" A man's voice demanded, loudly. "Even the visitors left, so this thing can be all over! We can go far, far away, and be together. Finally."

Tifa winced, recognizing him. Cloud… I did something…terrible… Every time she tried to concentrate on something specific, it hurt. It felt like a giant chunk of her brain had been ripped away.

"The visitors…looking at them, it taught me a lot. The one guy, Squall, told me that the girl who'd become like Tifa, Rinoa, had gone around sucking the power away from people on their world. She didn't cut them open to bloody deaths, but I think their powers were more superficial and less…caused by things in your blood." Yuffie shook her head. "Anyway, he was able to forgive her. He knew that the bad things weren't her, but that Hyne thing. Who happens to be Jenova!"

"I don't know if Tifa was ever herself, then! When would she have gotten Jenova before she started cutting people open to suck it out?"

"When did you get Jenova?"

He was silent for a moment. "After confronting Sephiroth in Nibelheim."

"Did Tifa confront Sephiroth in Nibelheim?"

He didn't respond.


Tears began to flow down Tifa's cheeks again. The past few days had been as hazy as the past few years, but she know she had cried enough, whenever she remembered, to where she should have had nothing left to cry out.



No response.

"You don't have to be best friends, or hang out. Just acknowledge that she was fucked over worse by the same damn thing that fucked you over. Please... My father held a blind grudge for years. His was against outsiders, but it still drove our entire country into the ground. And I couldn't stand for…our child to have a father who was that close-minded."

"Our…but…you said you couldn't!" Cloud's voice rose in shock.

"I know. That was the deal I made with Leviathan. The trade to save Wutai. But I am, and there's only one explanation left for how I could be."


For a moment, Tifa was lucid again. Jenova. So tenacious to live…


"But…Yuffie, I wouldn't think it could travel through my…" A pause. "I mean, it takes entire cells of hers…that's ridiculous, I know basic biology!"

"Time will tell, right? We can get him or her tested after birth, maybe get treatments from Reeve when the right age comes. But until then…" Her voice died.


"It's not over!" They could hear through the walls as Tifa shrieked in horror, the memory of crimes conducted in her skin crushing down and consuming her once more.


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