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Reykjavik, Iceland

Xander is looking at Cordelia. They are standing in front of a curio shop on a dark city street covered in snow. The lights dimly light their surroundings.

"So you're telling me this big deal weapon is sitting in a tourist shop?" Xander asks.

"Just go in, Xander," Cordelia says, her voice sounding concerned, even desperate. "I really don't have much more time!"

Inside the Primitive's psyche

We see the Primitive as a small child. She is standing in front of her mother. Her mother seems to be weaving something in the very air. A glowing green something that is shaped like an infant of the Primitive's human species.

Standing a short distance away are Willow, Riley, Dawn and Tara. Willow is staring at Tara as if she can't believe she's there. Dawn, however, is staring at the scene in front of them, obviously one of the Primitive's earliest memories.

"That floating glowing green baby thing," Dawn says. "I think that may be me!"

Mongolia, inside the abandoned Soviet missile base

"Hey B!" Faith says. We now see Buffy lying on the floor in front of her. "Welcome back."

Suddenly, Buffy screams, and her hair catches on fire, then she is consumed in flame.

"B?" Faith shouts in alarm. "Oh God! Buffy!!"