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High Spirits

Lily couldn't believe her luck. She had finally gotten up the courage to tell Miley her true feelings and, to her surprise and eternal happiness, Miley felt the same way! So now here she was, walking to the movies on a nice bright and sunny day with her new girlfriend, feeling as if nothing in the world could go wrong. However, Lily, out of all people, should've known that she should never get too happy.

"Here we are Miley" Lily said as they walked up to the movie theater. They got into the line and bought tickets to see 'Happy Feet'.

"You want any candy Lily?" Miley asked. Lily just wanted a soda and Miley got some popcorn. Of course, Lily wanted to share the soda so she grabbed two straws.

"in case you get thirsty Miles" She said giving Miley a smile. They had gotten to the movies a bit early so they waited on a bench while the 'movie clean-up crew',(A/n:Dun da-da dun!Clean-up crew to the rescue!) as Lily called them, cleaned up the mess from the last show. While they waited they just talked and held hands, ignoring the people that gave them stares. As Lily had told Miley, "If they have a problem with it then screw them, they don't matter." Suddenly two men burst into the theater lobby. One had a knife and the other had a gun.

Lily's POV

"Nobody move and nobody'll get hurt!"said the knife dude. I was scared. I looked over at Miley fearfully. I felt her sqeeze my hand slightly. The guy with the gun was demanding money from the people behind the candy counter and ticket booth.

I felt like i needed to do something, the fear in Miley's eyes was killing me. I mentally kicked myself for not having my cell phone. I knew Miley didn't have hers because it was dead. I looked around for something that could help and there it was! On the floor was a cell phone, someone must've dropped it. It wasn't too far away and if the guy with the knife looked away Icould probably get it.

I waited and watched the guy, hoping he would turn around or something. As soon as he did I grabbed my chance. I went towards the phone trying my hardest not to be noticed but...

"Stop right there, Blondie!" Crap, caught by the guy with the gun."What do you think you''re doing?"

"Ummm...going to the bathroom?" I said

"Nice try,Toots. Now go sit over there next to Curly Locks he said pointing at Miley. Now that got me mad! First of all, he's pointing a gun at Miley, then he's bossing me around and calling me Toots and he called Miley "Curly Locks". Only two people can call Miley nicknames and he isn't one of them!

I started to walk towards Miley but halfway there I suddenly charged at the guy. I don't know what came over me but I tackled him and I got a good punch on his eye. I also managed to knock the gun out of his hand. Unfortunately it skidded over to the guy with the knife. He picked it up and pointed it to me. At that moment I regretted everything. I looked towards Miley with sorrow written all over my face. I knew this guy was a killer and by the look on his face i could tell he's killed people for lesser reasons.I looked back at Miley and locked eyes with her...

Miley's POV

I knew what was going to happen next. I saw the sorrow on Lily's face and the anger on the man's face. It all seem to go in slow motion. I heard the gun fire. I saw the bullet slowly make it's way towards Lily. I saw it hit her square in the chest, a fatal hit. As Lily is shot I hear screaming. Who's screaming? It's loud but far away at the same time. I realize it's me screaming. I feel the guy who use to have the gun grab me and clamp his dirty hand over my mouth. I have tears streaming down my face as I look into Lily's now lifeless eyes. I hear sirens out side and people shouting. I feel the guy let me go but I don't care about any of that. All that matters is Lily. As soon as the guy let me go I run over to Lily's body. I clutch her close to my chest and rock back and forth.

"Wake up Lily, wake up! Please come back i need you. You can't leave! You've got to come back!" I whisper over and over again. I don't want to believe what happened. Blood is coming out of the wound but I don't care that blood is getting on me as well. My dad is here, some how he heard what happened. I'm still holding Lily and crying my heart out. They have to practically pry me away from her body. I try to stand up but I can't, I just fall back down. My dad picks me up and carries me to the car. I hear him telling the cops to ask questions later. In the front seat i see and hear Jackson crying. I guess he heard that our beautiful, energenic Lily has died. I wonder if Oliver knows yet. He will soon enough if he hasn't. God, life is going to be unbearable without Lily.

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