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(Axel POV)

"Roxas, you turn on them and they'll destroy you!"

"No one would miss me..." How could he say that?! He knows I would!

"That's not true!" He continued walking away, ignoring me. "...I would," I whispered defeated. As he disappeared from view, I slumped to the ground, my supposedly-not-possible-of-emotions body racked with sobs. He was gone. My blonde lover had left me. Just like that.

As my tears slowed, I noticed something shining. Peering through my hands, I saw something dark and shiny on the ground. Getting up I walked over to it and looked closer.


Roxas had left me Oblivion, the keyblade that... he had given to Roxas' other...


((later, amount of time unknown))

I moaned as I thrust into the tight, lithe body beneath me. Roxas whimpered, his arms tightening around me, fingernails scraping my shoulderblades. Harder, Axel... came the musical voice. Picking up the pace, I entered him harder, faster, deeper, until--

I sat up, gasping. Groaning, I covered my face with my hand. Not another dream... Dammit, Roxas... Why'd you have to leave? My door burst open, and a panting Demyx stepped in, out of breath. I decided to ignore the obvious hickey on the side of his neck, and just raised an eyebrow at him.

"What do you want, Demyx? His room is two doors down." At the mention of his lover, Demyx turned bright red, causing me to smirk.

"It's not that! We found Roxas!" I froze.


"He's in Twilight Town! Well, kinda..."

"We already looked in Twilight town, dumbass!"

"That's why I said kinda! It's a virtual reality, I think... Anyways, Zexy says that the Twilight Town that Roxas is in is actually on some guy's computer."

"Demyx, you need to stop watching those Matrix movies..."

"I'M SERIOUS!!!!!"


(five hours later)

"It's me. You know, Axel."


"So you really don't remember..." That bastard Xemnas had been right. Roxas didn't remember a thing about the Organization, much less Axel.


(a few days later)

((A/N: sorry for skipping around so much, but I can't remember much of the conversation at the moment, and I don't have a copy of the script...))

"Let's meet again... in the next life..." I say, panting. I couldn't bring myself to defeat him, although we both knew that I probably could have. Roxas nodded, a sad smile on his face.

"Yeah... I'll be waiting..."

"Silly... just because you have a next life..." I allowed the portal to take me away, leaving my sentence hanging. I doubted my other even knew he had a nobody. Probably not, even though he was still around. After all, he had never been a heartless.


(a week or two or three after... i dunno, really. It's just after Axel faded away... supposedly...)

Where... am I? Shouldn't I be... well, nowhere? I shouldn't exist anymore, righ-

Oh. I'm a part of him again. Whoop-de-do. Oh, well. At least I'm still in existence... kinda.


Huh? Who are you

I laugh. "I'm your nobody."

But... I don't have a nobody...

'Not anymore... I'm a part of you again.'

But... when was I a Heartless?

'You weren't.'

But then how--

'Xehanort's Heartless, Riku. When he first entered your heart, I was born. Or created. Whatever.'

Wait... I know you... you're Axel! You're Roxas' best-

'Yeah, his best friend. just like you're Sora's best friend. And, you love him.'


'Am I right? I mean, I was pretty sure, I mean, come on; you sacrificed all that stuff for him without a single complaint. And the way you used to look at him - and still look at him--'

Okay, okay, I get it.

'Plus, I love Roxas. Hey! We can both have what we want at the same time!'

Shut up... Sora loves Kairi...

'Oh, really? Then why were Roxas and Namine always acting like sibs?'

Wha? They were?

'Yeah. Now, look sharp... Sora's back - I betcha he whooped Luxord's ass...'

You're kinda weird...

'Hey, I resent that...'

More like resemble...


(Realm of Darkness, pre-finding Kairi's letter, post-talk, Riku POV)

"Sora?" I asked. Sure, I sounded pretty cool and confident, but inside I was as nervous as hell. Having Axel inwardly egging me on wasn't helping much, either...

Hey, I try...

Whatever, Axel. Just shut up for a little while, okay?


Thank you.


Ha ha ha... who's silent now?

I started when a hand was waved in front of my face. "Riku? What's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh... Um, Sora, I... Well, I... Oh, hell." Grabbing his face, I pulled my best friend into a deep kiss. After a few seconds, he realized what Sora wasn't responding and pulled away, blushing furiously. "Sorry..." he mumbled, feeling horrible.


"I'm sorry, Sora. I'm so sorr-mmf!" Sora had pulled his arm till he turned back around, then had kissed him. Riku relaxed into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Sora. When they pulled apart, Riku rested his forehead against Sora's.

"I thought that you and Kairi..."

"Me and Kairi? Man, where have you been? She's been trying to get me to tell you for years! Says she's some kind of kaydoi fangirl, or something..."

It's yaoi. And Namine was one, too. She used to always try to sneak in when Roxas and I were having sex to draw us. Almost succeeded a few times, too...

"Roxas says Namine was-"

"One too. Yeah, that's what Axel just told me."

Sora pulled back in surprise. "Axel? But Axel's-"

"My nobody."

"Axel?" Sora said in a musical voice not his own.

"I'm here, Roxy," I felt myself say, although I didn't say it.

Axel? What are you doing?

Talking to Roxas, what else? Now get to the sex, or else I might just die.

That wouldn't be so bad...

Gee, thanks. Now, sex. Got it memorized?


Looks like I didn't have to do anything, though - Sora jumped me, ripping my shirt off.

"Woah, Sora! Slow down!"

"No! I've been waiting for 3 years, Riku! I haven't seen you for over a year! Please!"

Smiling softly, I rolled us over, so that I was now on top. Slowly, I removed his shirt, kissing the skin as I uncovered it. By the time it was off, he was moaning at every touch. We quickly kicked off our shoes so that we wouldn't have to deal with them later. Reaching for his pants, I pulled them off, then slowly started to pull his boxers off. As soon as it was fully exposed, I licked his manhood, causing him to shudder in pleasure. As I finish removing his boxers, I nip and lick along his length, torturing my angel in a most welcome way.

Starting at the base, I slowly lick a path up to the head of his erection, then engulf the head in my mouth. "Riku!" he calls out as he arches forward.

Put your hands on his hips. It'll keep him from thrusting up and choking you.

Following Axel's instructions, I hold him down, then slowly start to bob my head up and down slowly, all the while inwardly rejoicing that Axel knows exactly what to do. Makes it easier for me, 'cause I know what Sora will probably like.

"Aaaah! RIkuuuu!" Sora yells as he comes, my mouth filling with liquid. I swallow it, not entirely enjoying the strange taste, jet not entirely disliking it, either. As I withdraw from his softening length, I look up at his flushed face.

You need lube.


Saliva. You gotta use saliva.

For what?

Do you wanna hurt him, genius?

I blush as I realize what he means. Slowly, I insert three of my fingers into my mouth. After lubing them to Axel's satisfaction, I spread Sora's legs apart and position one finger at his entrance. I look up at him, and he nods.

Roxas must be telling him what we're about to do.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Definitely a good thing. Roxas knows exactly what's coming - pardon the pun - so he's probably preparing Sora for what's about to happen.

I start to push my finger in, marveling at how tight Sora is. I slide my finger all the way in, and then stop.

Okay, Axel. Now what?

Pump your finger in and out until he's used to it. Then you add another finger. We're trying to get him ready for you,


I follow Axel's instructions, later curling and scissoring my fingers inside Sora when told to. Finally, he tells me to stop. By this time, I am so hard, I'm pretty sure I could break diamonds.

Now spit in your hand.


Spit in your hand. Good. Now, spread it over your erection.

I moan when Sora's hand joins mine, pumping me along with my saliva-covered hand. Sora then directs me to between his legs, and I prepare to thrust in.

FREEZE, MISTER!!!! You don't wanna hurt him, do ya? You gotta go slow, got it memorized?

Slowly, I enter Sora, continuing until I am fully buried in him.

Now what?

Wait until he's ready. You'll know when he is. Trust me.

I wait for what seems like forever, but Sora timidly thrusts up against me.

He's ready. Pull out slowly, and then push back in. You gotta go slow for a little while, until he's used to it.

Following orders, I withdraw slowly, then reenter him at the same pace, continuing until Sora groans in frustration. "Faster, RIku." I gladly oblige, sliding out and slamming back in. Sora screams as I hit something inside of him, and I would've stopped had Axel not told me that that was good. I hit it again and again, over and over, until Sora screams my name, his passageway tightening around me unbearably. I roar out his name, Thrusting in one more time and emptying myself in him.

I wake up later on my back, still buried in Sora, who is lying on my stomach, snoring lightly. Smiling, I kiss his forehead,

'As long as I have him, I'll be okay,' Axel and I think in unison.


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p.s. - if you wanna read another good fic where Axel is Riku's nobody, then please go check out "Your Voice", by xLaxPetitexMortx - it's a great fic!

oh, and aside from my sister, I'd also like to dedicate this fic to my faithful reader and friend, phaz. Love you both!!!! (my sister and phaz) and yes, i love all of my other readers, too. (just not as much as those two! jk!)