This Weekend

AN: This takes place during the infamous sabbatical.

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Her heart began to beat a little faster as the plane began its descent to its destination. Sara was more than excited to see him after two and a half weeks. Grissom needed the break from Vegas and his work, she knew and understood that. Teaching always relaxed and rejuvenated his spirit, and she would not begrudge him that, but she missed him more than she had anticipated she would. Did he feel the same? She could only hope, sometimes he was still difficult to read, but the fact that nearly every conversation they had had since he left ended with 'I love you' gave her reason to believe he felt the same.. They had spent hours on the phone together since he left two and a half long weeks ago. Many times not even talking about anything in particular, just being together yet two thousand miles apart.

It was early afternoon and he would probably still be teaching his seminar she reasoned as she loaded herself and her carry-on into the cab, "Thompson building, Williams College please," she couldn't keep the smile off her face, Is the cab driver looking at my goofy grin? Get a grip Sidle!

The ride seemed to take forever, but eventually the cab entered the campus and pulled up to the building for which Sara was anxiously looking. She handed the driver the fee plus a tip that generously reflected her mood, "Thank you".

"Thank you ma'm."

Sara cringed a little at the use of the word 'ma'm', but soon it was forgotten as she turned to look at the building in front of her. She looked at the paper in her hand, 'auditorium 202' she was glad she had written that down during one of their conversations. He wouldn't expect her until later, but she had been able to get on an earlier flight. Besides she could never turn down an opportunity to see him lecture, even though she hadn't really had too many opportunities since moving to Vegas.

She eagerly made her was down the hall and found the auditorium. Quietly she made her way inside and took the first available seat. She noticed the view was much different in the back, normally she would sit in the front, just a little off center for one of his lectures. She sat back and took in every word he spoke, silently answering all of his questions in her head, as she wasn't ready to reveal her location just yet.

Eventually the lecture wound down, "Well I think that is all for today, I will see you all on Monday morning, enjoy your weekend."

With that many of the students stampeded for the door. Sara noticed a few making their way to Grissom, most were young women. I bet it has not even occurred to him that some of these girls are just looking for an excuse to talk to the sexy entomologist. Why doesn't he see what I see when I look at him? He is so much older in his own head than he is in physical appearance. She internally chuckled a little at her thoughts as she made her way through the thinning crowd to the man she could wait no longer to be near.

He was in the middle of a conversation with a girl of about twenty, maybe twenty-two. Sara missed the question initially asked, but smiled when she caught part of the answer.

"…is to perform controlled experiments, which sometimes require a lot of devotion, time, and energy. For instance, a colleague and I once spent three days and nights in the desert with a decomposing pig in order to obtain a more accurate entomological timeline of a woman's death."

The slight smile on his face at the memory did not go unnoticed by Sara, so she took the opportunity to jump into the conversation, "I hear you caught a man in a lie with the information you gathered and eventually nailed him for the murder of his wife?" She bit her lip to hide the smile that desperately wanted out.

He turned to her, "Sara." his voice was barely a whisper, but the expression was sincere and it made Sara melt. Eventually the remainder of the students made their way out of the room. As soon as they were alone their lips connected and their arms enveloped each other. He was the first to slightly pull away, "You're early."

"I took an earlier flight," she gave a bashful smile; "I guess I couldn't wait another two hours to be here."

"I can't imagine waiting another two hours for you. Let me get my things, and we can go. Are you hungry?"

"Starving, but not for food," she winked at him and then turned away on her heel to help him gather the rest of his things.

A few minutes later they were walking arm in arm to his rental car and then off to the hotel that he had called home for two and a half weeks now.

Once inside his room, their lips once again connected. The contact deepened as their hands explored and eventually disrobed the other's body.

An hour or so later they were lying tangled in the sheets of the king-sized bed. Sara was in her favorite spot, the nook between her lover's torso, shoulder, and arm. His lower arm was wrapped around her waist and his hand was tracing designs between her waist and her hip.

"So what would you like to do this weekend?" He asked.

"I want to spend every minute possible just like this," he raised his eyebrows as she continued, "In bed, naked, tangled in the sheets with you"

"I think we could manage that," as he spoke he kissed the top of her head. "How is everything at home?"

"Well, if you really want to know, I think your fern hates me, or it just misses you. It is a little…well… brown. The upstairs faucet still leaks, the plumber is coming Tuesday. Oh, and I sent out all of your utility bills on my way to the airport."

"Good to know, but what about the lab?"



"No, you are taking a break from the lab because you need and deserve it. I will talk to you about people we know and like, your classes, the weather, politics, us laying naked in bed together for the first time in two and a half weeks, but I will not share a conversation with you that in any way involves a crime in or around the greater Las Vegas area. That can wait until you are home."

He smiled at her and squeezed her closer to him, "Alright any thoughts on dinner?"

"Uh-huh," as she spoke she rolled on top of him and began to slowly kiss him as she whispered, "Room service."

A long while later the call to room service was finally placed as Sara grabbed a quick shower to finally rid her of the airplane feeling. As she was drying herself off she heard a knock at the door. She grabbed his robe and wrapped it around her as she walked out into the room with her hair still wet, "Is that the room service?-" she was startled to see Grissom standing at the door of his room speaking to one of the girls she recognized from his seminar. She was holding a couple books and a bottle of wine, and she looked more than a little surprised to see Sara standing there in Grissom's robe. Did she know it was his robe?


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