This Weekend

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Chapter 7

He sat for a moment unsure of what his next move should be. Before him sat the computer screen showing the recent email. It was a picture of Candice wearing lingerie he recognized as being Sara's. He recognized the small tear in the seam caused by his eagerness. As a result it wasn't something she wore often. It was black and basic, nothing frilly. It was low-cut in the chest and high-cut on the hip. Candice was draped across Sara's bed, looking over her shoulder at the camera. Underneath the picture was the message: "She must not be making you happy. Why else would you have your wife living separate from you? I can make you much happier."

Grissom picked up his cell phone and dialed Sara's phone.


He could hear the bitterness in her voice. "How bad is it?" He asked.

"It's bad. Most of my things are ruined. She wrote slut across my bathroom mirror. My laptop is in pieces; my furniture and bedding are destroyed."

"Well, I wanted you to hear it from me before anyone else found out…"

"What," it wasn't a question but rather an immediate demand for the information.

"I received another email."

"And…" Her impatience was growing by the second.

"Rather suggestive picture of her. In your bed. Wearing your lingerie."

"What?" The scream got the attention of Catherine, Warrick, and Brass who were still in her apartment with her. She turned away and lowered her voice, "This is becoming twisted."

"I know hun, but it gets worse, this one was sent through your email account."

"That explains my destroyed laptop."

"Were you still logged on when you left home?"

"I don't remember, but probably."


"Relax, I don't do it with my work address, just my personal one, it is mainly used for my junk mail anyway."

"Could I speak with Catherine for a minute? I need to update her."

"Sure," she took the phone from her face and looked at the other woman, "Cath, Grissom wants to talk to you." She handed the phone over and then began to fill in Brass and Warrick on the latest details as Grissom did the same with Catherine.

A few hours later Mandy gave them the bad news that the only prints found on the ladder belonged to lab and police employees. Even worse all of the evidence collected from Sara's apartment only connected Sara and Grissom to the crime scene.

"Great so Crazy knows how to wear gloves and tie her hair back." Sara's voice was dripping with sarcasm. The others were only able to offer sympathetic smiles. They knew that having her home broken into was about as much as Sara could take at this point.

"It doesn't matter," Catherine began, "The pictures of her in your, uh, clothing in your home should be enough to bring her in. Brass is working on it now."

"Great." Sara didn't sound very happy.

"Well, for now why don't you both go home? Shift's over."


"I'll take her home," Grissom interrupted.

Catherine attempted to hide the smile that crept across her face. "See you two later."

"Bye," they both responded.

The drive home was quiet, not much needed to be said anyway. Both were emotionally exhausted. Not only was their relationship out in the open, but so was a large part of their private lives thanks to Candice.

Sara went right to the shower as Grissom stopped in the kitchen for a snack. As he was about to eat his sandwich his phone rang, "Grissom," he barked.

"Hey, did you get my email?"


"Yes?" Her voice sounded sultry.

"What are you doing calling me?" His voice sounded annoyed.

"I could make you so happy."


"If you would only give me a chance I could make you so happy."

"Candice-" suddenly the doorbell rang. "Someone is at my door. I have to go." He closed his phone and walked to the door, opening it before thinking twice.

"I could make you so happy." She pushed past him into the room. "Why won't you let me make you happy?" Her eyes were vacant as she spoke.

"Candice you need to leave."

Candice pulled a hunting knife out of her pocket. "I want to make you happy."

Grissom put his hands up towards her, "Candice, what are you doing."

"It is your choice we can be together in life…Or in death."

"Candice, you can't do this. Think about this. You don't even know me. I could never make you happy."

"Yes you could."

Sara began her to step down the stairs when she heard Grissom talking to someone. She overheard just enough to know that she needed to act fast. She carefully returned to the bedroom and picked up the bedside phone.


"Jim, it's Sara," she whispered.

"Sara, I can barely hear you."

"Sorry, it's the best I can do. She is here."



"Candice Miller?"

"Yes, she has a knife on Grissom downstairs."

"Where are you?"

"The bedroom."

"Good stay there, we're on our way."

Sara sat for a minute then heard Candice yelling at Grissom. She made her way back to the stairs so she could hear their exchange.

"She's not good for you!" Candice was becoming impatient.

"I wouldn't be good for you. I am your teacher. I am completely wrapped up in my work. Trust me you wouldn't be happy with me."

"STOP saying that! You are so smart, you are passionate."

"About bugs and crime scenes, not people."

"Why her then."

"She is wrapped up in her work also. We really don't see each other very often. You don't want a relationship like that."

"No! I could make you love me if you would let me."

Grissom began to walk toward her, "Candice is this really what you want to do?"

"No, I want you to want me. Need me. Love me," the last part was barely a whisper as the tears began their descent down her face.

Grissom took another step closer to Candice.

"Love me," she was breaking down, crying progressively harder.

He was about to chance another step when Candice suddenly stiffened as she raised the knife to her neck.

"Candice, please don't," Sara noticed his voice was beginning to shake a little, as the breath caught in her own throat.

Candice was shaking with sobs as Grissom chanced another step. "Candice, I am not worth it. You will find someone so much better for you than me."

She watched him take another step. When he was within reach of her she forced the blade into the flesh of her neck.

"No!" He screamed as he closed the distance, pulling the knife away from her and throwing it on the floor. He held Candice while trying to apply pressure to the wound as she continued crying. Sara rushed down the stairs and grabbed a towel from the kitchen to hold over Candice's neck.

Sara saw Jim pull into the drive. She ran to the door and hollered for him to call an ambulance.

Sara was at her apartment attempting to clean up the mess when she heard Grissom walk in behind her, "It's hopeless," she said.

"Leave it."

"I can't leave it. Jim said Candice will be alright?"

"Physically, but she is far from it psychologically."

"At least now she'll get the help she needs."

He nodded, "I hope so." He paused, "Look when I said leave it, I meant leave the apartment. We no longer have to hide. Live with me?"

Sara smirked, "That would be easier than buying all new furniture."

"You're funny."

"I try."

The end. Thanks for reading