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It was close to midnight and the streets of Domino were pitch black. The only light was an eerie one coming from the huge full moon up above. All was quite. The only noise to be heard was that of a young man's footsteps tip-toeing across the empty streets in search of an old friend's house.

Duke walked as quietly as possible up Willow Road. This was not the Duke we all know. This was a 26 year old, already slightly grey haired, stressed out and tired man. But Duke didn't care much about any of that stuff (though he had dyed his hair a few times). He had a broken heart. The woman he loved didn't love him back. Nothing else mattered. Serenity always meant the world to him. He had admired her for a long time. Duke knew she was shy so he used this as the reason for her not responding to his flattery and flirting.

But a year ago when she had willingly married that obnoxious Seto Kaiba, Duke had given up all hope of life. Serenity had never shown the slightest bit of love towards him but he had still managed to fool himself. He couldn't anymore.

After a year he had become bored and tired of feeling sorry for himself. He had become tired of hating the reflection he saw in the mirror every morning. He was tired of wasted hours in his failed company. But most of all he was tired of being so alone. So alone, it hurt. Duke had always classed himself as a wanderer, but he could take it no longer. He needed company. He needed love, Serenity's love.

He found number 73, a two leveled semi-detached house that had been completely wrecked. The crooked front gate hung of its hinges and when Duke moved it, it creaked loudly. The grass on the front lawn nearly reached his knees and made a thick rustling sound when Duke walked through it. The blue paint on the gothic style windows was hardly visible but it seemed as if it was peeling away. The large blue front door towered over Duke when he reached out for the brass knocker. But before he could touch it the door fell backwards and a familiar voice said: Come in Duke I've been waiting for you.

Duke took a few deep, heavy breaths. That had caught him of guard. He walked carefully in through the door and found himself in a long, empty, red hallway. The door closed behind him making him jump. To your left the same voice said. Then suddenly a purple door appeared where the voice said it would be.

When he went inside it was mostly dark. The room had a mystic, silky, purple theme running through it. Everything from the small window to the small table was covered in purple cloth.

Duke took the chair opposite the woman. The woman had a sparkly, silver, long sleeved dress on and a matching witch's hat. Her hair lay messily and her eyed stared at a huge cauldron that bubbled with a slimy green substance.

"Good to see you again Tea" Duke said. Tea's eyes shifted in an eagle- like way to him.

"It's ready, give the target one drop and an hour later they'll fall into a deep sleep. When they awaken they'll be a defenseless 6 year old"

"Is there a weakness?" Duke asked eagerly.

"Weakness?!!" Tea let out a short, shrill laugh "No stupid kiss of true love will break this trance! I have found no weakness" Tea handed Duke the bottle of potion. Duke got up to leave. He opened the door and looked round at Tea. Who would have thought Tea would become a master magician 10 years ago?

"Close the door Duke, you might let a bee in" Tea said still not looking up at him. Duke smiled and closing the door behind he made his way home.