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Duke honked his horn, speeding the length of the main road, he needed to get to where he was going- and fast.

There was that girl- he needed to tell her badly. He needed to explain to her. He required her remedy. He had to correct it- he's done the wrong thing. He had hadn't meant to do what he'd done.

He parked his car outside her house and ran to the crooked gate. He scampered up the dirty lawn and to the dark blue, Gothic style door, labeled number 73 in gold lettering and knocked on it.

She appeared at the door shortly after. Tea was wearing a light pink blouse and tight, mid-calf, navy leggings. Her eyes were red, and she looked like she had been doing a lot of thinking.

"D-duke!" She said shocked "What a surprise- I really wasn't expecting anyone tonight- come in anyway" She said tugging at her hair and fixing her creased shirt

"Thanks Tea" He said walking past her. This time entering her house was a completely different experience for Duke- the house was normal. He walked in to the red hallway and Tea directed him past the familiar first door in through the second.

This room seemed the same size as the previous one, but it looked as if it had been in use a lot less. Two faded green sofas where in the room, arranged in a L shape. There was also a coffee table in the middle of the room and a TV in one corner.

"Sit down" Tea said. "I've just put the kettle on, do you want something to drink?"

"Tea, would be nice" He smiled at her. As she walked in to the kitchen next door and he took a seat on the nearest sofa, Duke wondered what sort of problems she was having.

Relationship problems like he had? Financial problems? Or another kind of problem Duke had had the fortune not to experience? As Duke's mind delved deeper in to the thought, he realized that there was so much that could go wrong in a person's life.

Tea came back in to the room with two steaming mugs of tea.

"So, Tea, how have you been?" Duke asked when they'd both settled down, one on each sofa, mugs in their hands.

Tea took a sip of tea then answered

"Not so good, you?" She smiled warmly.

"Touché" Duke smiled back at her "I came here to ask you if…if there was a remedy for that potion- I think I've made a big mistake. She's happy with him…"

"No… sorry Duke but I don't think that there is one….why?"

"You know, sometimes, if you love someone as much as I love Serentiy, you just want them to be… happy… even if …your not…"

Tea smiled. "You feel guilty Duke, you regret it"

"Yes, yes I do Tea, it's the biggest mistake I've ever made…"

"Duke, did you give the potion too Seto Kaiba?" Duke nodded, ashamed and Tea carried on. "You can't have, I saw him in the park about half-an-hour ago… I'm sure it was him…"

Duke frowned like it was some cruel joke.

"Duke don't you see, you feel guilty about it… you've learnt your lesson… so you don't need the potion to disable Kaiba anymore…" Duke raised his eyebrows "Magic has strange ways of working itself Duke, some says it seeps slowly inside your soul and takes you on a ride to where you need to be…"

Duke smiled All's well that ends well, for them anyway he thought.

They sat in silence, both engrossed in there separated thoughts.

"I've thought about my life today, actually thought about it, I'm glad Serenity's happy, even if it means… I'm not…" Duke whispered but he was smiling "but I want to change myself now, start a fresh, do whatever I want, I have even considered moving abroad" Duke gripped his mug tighter with another nervous smile.

"..I've been changing ever since I can remember….I've changed my image so many times, so many…tried to impress him but I never realized he liked the REAL me, and know its late…maybe I'll join you abroad Duke, I'll do less harm there then I'm doing here, but I can't promise anything!"

Duke smiled.

"We'll find a new life"

"Yes a new life"

"Here's to that!" Duke said and they clanked there tea mugs together dreaming of the new life's they could live, because now that they had managed to put the past behind them, the future was there's.


It was late. Around seven o'clockat night. The sun was beginning to set, releasing a hundred different shades of orange, purple and yellow in to the sky- they blended together looking like multi-colored cotton clouds. Black trees whistled and swayed in the warm breeze. The vivid sky created the perfect background for the mystic silhouettes of two lovers in the twilight. Long ago, everyone else had left- Mokuba had gone on his date with Rebecca and Mai had collected her little clan.

Now they both sat there, speechless. There was a lot that needed to be said, you know that classic: don't you ever scare me like that again!' or I missed you so much, and now I realize how much I really need you!' stuff. But somehow Serenity felt content enough just sitting in his lap, in his arms, in his presence, on a children's swing, her head against his beating heart and his eyes smiling at her- this was how it was meant to be.

Then a big winged bird flew across the sky, squawking loudly and waking them from a trance. Seto blinked, he felt unusually emotional, and it was awkward.

"Serenity" He whispered, like it was the password to his world.

"Mmmmh?" Serenity answered snuggling closer to him.

"I just wanted to tell you that…" Seto said in a more inescapable whisper.

"Yes?" Serenity asked. She sensed the seriousness in his voice and looked up at him, her arms still clinging around him.

"I know I probably don't say this enough, but you do know that…." Seto trailed of, just staring at her in an abstract way.

"…go on…" Serenity urged him pulling herself closer to him. Seto smiled.

"You are the luckiest woman in the world" He smirked, sort of ruining the big build up.

"I know that…" Serenity said slightly disappointed. She raked her hands through his hair once, kissed him lightly on the cheek in a dramatic way and then got up about to leave. But before she could take more than two steps, Seto got up, grabbed her hand and staring her in the eye, kissed her passionately.

A wind swept up behind him, blowing hair in to his face and she stuck to him as closely as she could, thriving on his presence.

They broke apart after a few seconds and Seto brushed away the few stray hairs that had blown in to her face.

"I saw you once, then I spent the rest of my life either looking at you or for you. Serenity, I love you, and I always will"
Serenity didn't say anything back, she just kissed him a second time, this time more uncontrollably and she could feel her husband smiling


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