Author's Notes: Ahh, Tokka. One of life's simple pleasures. I think this was originally going to be just Tokka, but then I had to add the Kataang in because I've never written it before and trying new things is always fun... right? Right. So here we are.

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"Twinkle Toes, what're you do—mmmph!"

Sokka looked up from his machete, which he had been meticulously cleaning, to find Aang with his lips pressed against Toph's. Toph, to her credit (and he would calculate that in later), was flailing her arms around in protest. It would've almost been funny if it hadn't been Aang kissing Toph.

"Aang!" Sokka registered the voice as Katara's calling the name of her precious Aang, along with the splash of water hitting Earth.

"Toph!" That was his own voice, he noticed in surprise, because he didn't remember thinking to call her name. Just the sight of Aang kissing her made his blood boil….

Aang pulled away from Toph after what seemed like an eternity to the Water Tribe warrior, and all he wanted to do was teach Aang never to touch the Earthbender again, but Sokka was too fascinated with the faces the boy was pulling: first one of thought, then a sour look, like he'd eaten a lemon.

Toph, he was glad to note, wasn't looking pleased at all. Her face went from pink to red and beyond, before she couldn't hold back any longer and kicked up a rock at the Airbender, who quickly deflected it.

"What was that for?" Aang asked, and Sokka wanted to hit him over the head for being so stupid.

"Why'd you kiss me?!" Toph cried in response, her arms flailing again.

"I'd like to know the same thing!" Sokka demanded harshly, standing over Toph's shoulder and staring down at the tiny Avatar, hoping he would cower. He didn't.

"Back off, Meathead!" ordered Toph from in front of him, but he stood his ground, feeling slightly offended that she didn't want him to yell at Aang with her.

"No!" Sokka shouted, teetering dangerously near the point of hysteria. "I will not back off when Aang just—just kissed you!"

"Why the interest, Ponytail?" Toph shot back harshly. "This is between me and Baldy."

"I don't want him kissing you!" he cried, and waved his arms to emphasize his point. He imagined his eyes were nearly popping out of his head, but he was beyond the point of caring.

"Why not?" his sister asked, her normally innocent smile turning into a smirk. "Jealous, Sokka?"

He gaped at her in astonishment (what had she said?) before shouting, "Momo and I are leaving!"

Sokka stomped out of their camp and into the woods, fuming at Katara and Aang and—why not?—Toph and Appa as well. Momo had at least supported him. He picked a nice spot (a hill of Earth) and kicked at it, sending grass flying everywhere and Momo screeching in the distance. Frowning that his support group had left him, Sokka pulled out his boomerang and sent it cutting through the air. He watched it arc through the trees and slice through a few branches before returning. He tucked it back into its place as the tiny figure of Toph approached, sending shock waves as she came.

Wordlessly, and with a bit of unnecessary force, Toph stomped over to him, pulled him down by his shirt, and crashed her lips against his.

After what seemed like an eternity and a split second at the same time, Toph released Sokka's shirt from her grip and pulled back from the kiss suddenly, her breathing angry.

"What was that for?" Sokka asked the girl in amazement, his eyes wide and staring.

She dropped to the ground and sank in a bit as she got comfortable. "I wanted to get the taste of Aang out of my mouth."

Sokka snorted at that, but seated himself next to her anyway.

"He tasted like… like happiness." Toph puckered her lips at the thought and Sokka wanted nothing more than to lean over and kiss her smile back into place.

"But you," she continued, and he thought he could detect a trace of wistfulness in her voice, "I knew you would taste like apples, the kind that aren't too sweet."

"And… do I taste like apples that aren't too sweet?"

"Well," she drawled, and turned toward him, "it was kind of hard to tell with you all stiff like that…"

"But you'd be willing to try again, wouldn't you?" he asked, and she smirked.

"Only if you insisted."

"Oh, I insist."

He brought his lips down on hers and Sokka realized that she sort of tasted like bitter apples too.