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Okay, so this is a poking fun fanfiction. Not at Kingdom Hearts. God, I would kill myself. This is making fun of the Power Rangers. I mean, it's been on for how many years, with how many series? LOL. Thank you for even considering reading this. I will meet Sora and them later on, but first...Introduction!!!!!!!!

It was the third day of school, and I was walking down the sidewalk in front of the high school with my best friends, Shelby and Hope, and my boyfriend, Jesse. When one of those lame ass villains that tries to take over my town shows up, we all roll our eyes in unison. We rushed behind a large wall, and turn into our "other selves". That's right (Insert eye roll), the Power Rangers. Jesse turned into the Green Ranger, Hope the Red Ranger, Shelby the Blue, and of course I'm the Pink Ranger. I hate pink.

As usual, we kicked their asses in a matter of minutes, and we were feeling pretty confident and goofed around while we did it. Until, of course, a bunch of stupid black shadow-like creatures appeared. We just ignored them for a second, thinking they were like those gloopy things that the villains sent after they lost for a laugh at their misfortune. Until, of course, they multiplied and had wiped out everyone but me in just a couple of seconds.

What the fuck!? That's never happened before! I looked around and saw my comrades laying on the ground, seemingly dead. The little black things surrounded me. What do you think I did? Turned tail and ran? Stood and fought like a woman? Well, you'd be wrong. Instead, I rushed over to my fellow rangers, and held Jesse's face in my hands.

Hope and Shelby, having landed on poor Jesse, were unconscious, but otherwise unharmed. Jesse, on the other hand, had three long scratches down his chest and his face was one large brush burn from sliding across the pavement. I kissed his forehead gently and felt one of those black things brush against my foot.

"UGH!! I can't take this right now!" I started kicking and punching, but my fists just seemed to go right through them. I was just about to give up when there was a blinding flash of white light, and all the black things disappeared, but were just replaced by more.

In my hand was a blue blade (at least it wasn't pink. If it were, I would have stabbed myself with it) with an metal aquamarine ribbon wrapped around the main stem. At the end was a wave shaped metal edge with a mainly blue upper part, then a lower midnight blue section. It didn't look very sharp, and I almost tossed it away until a black thing speared itself with it. I smirked and swung it around a bit, killing the shadowy thingies in a circle around me. They stopped being replaced after a while, but not before I was sweating bullets. There was sweat dripping down my back, and the blade was slipping out of my hand.

After killing all of the shadows, I leaned up against the wall where my friends were still unconscious and looked at my savior. What the hell are you?

Sorry it's so short. But you know what they say...Actually, I don't know what they say. Thanks for reading! Please Review!

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