It took them a while, but slowly things got back to normal. Gwen, Owen, Holly and Freddie became a proper family and things in the Hub settled down again. Tosh was involved so much with the kids that sometimes it was hard to tell if she lived on her own anymore. It made things easier for Gwen and Owen when it came to making up.

As the months wore on, Ianto got more and more frustrated. He'd given up leaving the back room and he'd had to give up leaving the Hub long before that. Occasionally one of the team would go and visit him but he knew it wasn't fair to demand their attention completely.

Jack stayed with him most of the time, only emerging to fetch food or water for his stranded loved one.

"Not much longer," he promised Ianto one day.

"Another week," Ianto smiled slightly. "I think I can cope with that."

"I'll carry the next one shall I?" Jack asked sitting on the bed next to his partner.

"Oh we're having more are we?" Ianto grinned. "Bit presumptuous isn't it?"

Jack turned slightly pinked, but ploughed on unperturbed.

"Well our house is huge," he said. "So it needs to be filled with something. Besides, Junior will need a playmate."

"Or three," Ianto agreed.

"Do you want me to ask Owen about the birth?" Jack said finally.

"I'm not letting you come anywhere near me wit a scalpel!" Ianto yelped. "Yes, you can ask Owen. In fact tell him that I don't trust anyone else to do it."

Jack smiled slightly.

"I don't think we need to inflate his ego anymore," he replied.

"He's not that bad," Ianto said. "Not since…"

"I know," Jack squeezed Ianto's hand lightly.

A few days later Gwen woke in her own bed and smiled to herself. Next to her was her husband, at the end of the bed in his cot was their son and their daughter was in the room next door. Everything was as it should be.

She turned over and reached out to Owen… only to find him gone. Panicking she sat up. Freddie was gone as well. No. This couldn't be happening. She scrabbled off the bed and went out into the living room. Owen must've just got up and taken Freddie out when he started sniffling. But they weren't out there either. Now she was really starting to worry. Her eyes fell on the fridge and the large note that someone had left there that said 'DON'T PANIC'. Gwen wandered over and pulled it off, opening it.

I've gone to the Hub early and taken the kids with me. Don't panic, we are all safe and sound. I just didn't want to wake you. See you when you get there.

Owen xxx

Sighing with relief, Gwen decided to get herself some breakfast before she headed off to the Hub. When she finally got there, Tosh was sat with Freddie on her lap, helping him play with Holly.

"Where's Owen?" She asked, sitting down next to Tosh.

"Down in the med bay," Tosh said. "He's been down there a while with Jack."

"What's he doing?" Gwen frowned slightly.

"Not sure," Tosh said, but smiled to show she had a pretty good idea.

"Ah!" Gwen realised what the smile meant.

A few hours later a grinning Jack came pelting up the stairs and almost tripped over Holly, stopping just before he reached her.

"It's a boy," He said, beaming.

Gwen and Tosh couldn't help grinning back. The joy was infectious. Picking up Freddie and Holly they followed Jack back down to the med bay, where Ianto lay in one of the beds, holding a tiny baby boy.

"Oh he's perfect!" Gwen said as she reached her husband, who took Freddie from her.

"What's his name?" Tosh asked.

"Harry," Jack replied.

"Not going for something Welsh?"

"Well we thought about it," Ianto said. "But we'd thought about a lot of names and Harry just seemed to fit."

Gwen wrapped an arm round Owen's waist, leaning her head on his shoulder. Freddie giggled as Owen pulled faces at him.

"They're moving into their house tomorrow," Owen said finally as they watched Ianto and Jack together.

"We'll have to visit them," Gwen grinned. "Give them tips on how not to kill each other when a certain someone is up half the night."

She directed this last bit to Freddie who just giggled. It wouldn't be the last giggle to reverberate round the Hub either.

Ianto stood looking out of the window of his Jack's bedroom, yawning as he rocked Harry gently.

"Do you want me to take him?" Jack asked coming back with two mugs of coffee.

"Yeah," Ianto passed their son over.

"Only three more years," Jack grinned as Ianto yawned again.

"Mm, and then we can have another!" Ianto joked.

"Aw, he's not that bad," Jack wandered over to the window, glancing out.

"No he's not," Ianto stood next to him, smiling slightly.

They stood there for a long time, watching Cardiff city, watching the night life as students went from pub and club and those working late made their way home. They watched the world go by, through the glass.