Chapter 1

The Struggle

"Help me with this, would you?" Aleanna cried to her best friend, Jonathan, more often called Jon.

"Why should I, you female slavedriver?" he replied chuckling.

"I'm serious. My magic won't hold it much longer."

"Losing your Light? Now?!"

" Yes, so use yours so mine can rest for a little while!"

"Holding up a four hundred pound statue is not my idea of a good time!"

" Nor is it mine! Just hurry."

" Okay Aleanna! Don't get your tunic in a twist!"

Jon sighed and sent a wave of blue magic toward the statue and Aleanna's violet magic.

"Aleanna?" Jon said, sounding strained.

"Yes, Jon?" Aleanna said through gritted teeth.

"Where are we to put this?"

"In the hallway. By the library."


They both set their magic to a slight wave and the statue of Cleopatra floated slowly to the ground. They both clapped and the statue disappeared. They had teleported it to the hallway by the library.

"Turn around Aleanna."

"You just want to see my eyes."

" Yes, so turn around."

"Jon, I will not turn around. We do magic together

everyday and everyday you ask me to turn around. Everyday I do. You know that my eyes turn violet when I'm doing magic. You must have the sight of my violet eyes stuck in your pea brain!"

" Yes. Cool down or you're going to set the place on fire again."

" I told you to shut up about that! I spent four months wiping memories and rebuilding the palace. You're very lucky that I didn't wipe your memory after that. I regret that I didn't because you are blurting out all my secrets."

She had said this on numerous occasions and by now Jon knew that she was only joking. Aleanna was too loyal to her best friend to betray him like that.

"Sorry! I just think that it's cool that you're ice blue eyes turn violet when we're doing magic."

" Just drop it."

" Fine. Wanna race?"

"Where to?" Aleanna asked smiling.

"How about...the palace?"

"We are in the palace!"

They had only just arrived in the palace. Their majesties had invited all the mages that were nine through eighteen to be pages. Aleanna, being fourteen, jumped on the opportunity to become a female knight along with a few of her idols. Brigila of Briar, Niciliara of Niagra, and Kemerly of Kent. All three had become knights through palace connections. Aleanna had three years to become a star herself. Her only dream was to ride alongside her fellow knights as an equal and valued member of the brigade. The Prince himself was to train with the new squires to become a knight himself and possessed the Light himself.

"Sorry. I'm just so used to racing here. How about your mothers fief?"

" Fine. I miss her already anyway."

"On the count of two."



They both whistled a trill and disappeared.