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in this fic, Rin is the same age as kagome and the others and Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are not brothers.

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The Red Card ( don't worry, this title has a meaning, you'll find out soon!)

Chapter 1 : How it all started

It was Monday morning, Kagome Higurashi was sleeping peacefully, dreaming about flower fields, waterfalls and oceans (A/N : I know, really drab… i couldn't think of anything else, lol) when her alarm clock started to ring.

' Ugh' Kagome thought, 'I have a feeling this will be a long week of school, as always…'

Kagome Higurashi was a 15 year old not-so-rich girl who was attending Shikon High, a prestigious private high school where only the richest and most famous families send their kids. Why is she going to that school if she is not-so-rich, you may ask? Her mom could only afford to send one of her children to private school. She would put all of her savings towards that child's education that child was Kagome…At school, she only had one friend: Rin Tomoeda, who was in the same financial spot as Kagome. They often felt rejected at Shikon High because everybody seemed to judge and be judged on their clothes, their accessories, their shoes, and well, everything that's material.

She remembered the talk she had with her mom when she got the news that she was going to Shikon High


"Mom, I don't want to go to that snobby school… Why can't I go to public school like Sango does?"

"What are you saying, Kagome? Your grandfather and I work so hard for you to make friends like them. Do you want to bring shame into the family that badly?" Her mom snapped.

Kagome remained silent.

End flashback

'Only two more years…only two more years' She thought as she rubbed her temples.

Kagome got up, took a quick shower, got dressed in the Shikon High school uniform and ran downstairs to the kitchen, where her mom (A/N: If anybody know kagome's mom's name, please tell me) was putting her breakfast on the table.

"Good morning Sweetie" Said her mom, "I've got to head to work. Have a good day, Honey and don't worry if I'm home late, ok?" And with a kiss on her daughter's cheek, she was off.

Kagome finished her breakfast, brushed her teeth, took her school bag and headed out the door. She went down the shrine steps and began walking to school.

"Good morning Kagome!" greeted a cheerful girl who was running to catch up with her.

"Hi Rin" said Kagome with a smile.

When they finally got to school, there was a Limo, a Mercedes Benz and a Ferrari.

'As usual' thought Kagome 'some of the rich and famous parents dropping of their kids. Why do they always have to show off with their fancy cars?' She rolled her eyes and headed in the school.


There was a huge crowd gathered around the door of the classroom when the two girls approached it. Kagome and Rin peered in the doorway and saw Hiten, thin and as white as a ghost. He was frantically packing his books and his things in a box.

Before, Kagome remembered, Hiten was so happy and energetic, and he was one of the only students that was nice to Kagome. But a few weeks ago, he had started missing classes and was rarely seen at school anymore.

"What's going on?" Asked Kagome to a student next to her

"He's been red-tagged. He's only here to pick-up his stuff " whispered the girl, not even looking at Kagome.

Kagome could only watch. She knew how much power the Y4 and their parents had on the school and if she attempted anything, she would be in the same position that that poor guy was in right now.

When he was done, Hiten had his box securely in his hands and he shuffled his was out the door.

Then, every student went in the classroom and sat at their respective places. Kagome sat at her desk and listened to the conversations surrounding her:

" Poor guy, he didn't last a month. I wonder what he did too piss them off like that."

" He tried to defend his brother Manten and he insulted the Y4"

"Why didn't you talk to Hiten if you felt so bad for him?"

"NO WAY!!! I wouldn't live with myself if I was tagged!"

Kagome had had enough and just rested her head on her desk. Some girls then approached her and asked her if she wanted to go to the club that evening.

" Nah, I can't. I have to go to work tonight." replied Kagome

"Work? Who works? " Said another one

"People who need an allowance "

"An allowance? That's ridiculous!" said the first one, as the others started to laugh.

Frustrated, Kagome turned to leave the classroom when Rin shouted, "Where are you going, Kagome?"

"Restroom" She said over her shoulder as she was leaving.


After she had, um…finished her buisness, Kagome was heading back to class when a loud voice rang from the end of the hallway.

"What the hell did you just do?"

Kagome turned around to see the Y4. They were walking in the hallway, looking as egotistical as ever. Their leader, Kagome wasn't sure if he was their leader, repeated his last statement, even more enraged then before.

" I…I'm sorry Inuyasha, I didn't mean-" before the guy could finish, "Inuyasha" had kicked him in the stomach.

"Don't EVER do that again. Is that understood?" Shouted Inuyasha. Then he turned to his friends and said, "C'mon guys, let's go."

But one of them glanced down at the poor man lying on the floor and tried to help him up, lending him a hand.

" Sesshomaru, why do you always have to try to be the nice guy, it's going to ruin our reputation " said another member of the Y4.

"Shut up, Kouga" replied "Sesshomaru", in a monotone voice.

"Hey guys, Inuyasha's pissed and he's going to leave without us if we don't catch up with him, so please hurry your lazy asses."

" Ok, ok, Miroku…we're coming!" said "Kouga"

'The Y4 are certainly not to be messed with' decided Kagome as she was turning back to head to class.


"Wow Kagome, Y4 sound so cool!" squealed Sango

Kagome and Sango were in The Cutie Cupcake, where they worked part time. Since there were not a lot of clients that night, the girls had time to discuss their day of school.

"They're only sickos if you ask me! That Inuyasha person has to go to some anger management classes, he really needs it!"

"Why are they called Y4?" asked Sango

"Y4, it stands for Youkai four! I mean, talk about weird!!!"

"Maybe it's because they're as mysterious and as strong as a youkai. Who wouldn't want to be with them? "

"Me, for one. In my eyes, they're just a bunch of disgusting rich snobs."

' But that Sesshomaru, he wasn't that bad…he even tried to help that guy up.' Kagome thought as she said goodbye to Sango

She then left The Cutie Cupcake and when home, straight in bed; she had an hectic day, as usual.

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