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May 2

By: chocolate rules

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Sam walked into the bar and looked around. This wasn't his kind of place to say the least. In truth, his friends had thought that he had lost it when he told them that he wanted to head over to the local bar. He wasn't a drinker, that was for sure and that he wasn't one for much action either.

Imagine their shock when he it was the first thing that he suggested for the day. It was Wednesday and they all had morning classes so it was decided that they would go that night. And really, who goes to a bar in the morning?

He and his two friends, Dennis Cohen and Michael Clayton, headed over to the bar. They ordered a round and sat down at a booth talking. They chatted for a good few minutes before Sam spotted movement at the far corner of the room.

Now, it's not like the bar had been still before. Hell, the bar was quiet lively the whole time that they had been there. So how had Sam seen this movement? He'd been trained to see these things, that's how.

At the far end of the room were the pool tables. Sam had been so used to seeing this scenery growing up that he was never fazed by the game or the traded threats. Standing he headed over to the tables, with his friends following curiously behind him.

Sam spotted a cocky guy, around twenty three years of age, who was talking adamantly with three other men. He was fanning a bunch of bills, so he had clearly just won a game. However, since the other guys looked engraved into his story they didn't seem mad that he had taken their money.

Must be playing it safe, thought Sam.

He walked over to the group, which baffled his friends since the guys all looked like trouble.

"Play it big, or just like to brag?" Sam asked the guy.

The three guys looked at him like he was crazy. There he was, an obvious little college geek, challenging this guy who had just won against one of their best. Was he crazy or just that drunk? Besides, he didn't look a day over seventeen, don't people card anymore?

"Kid, get lost before you get hurt." One of the biker guys told him. Sam smiled up at him. Normally, he would do just that. Hell he wouldn't even be here. But today was his birthday and he had a matter to settle.

"Naw Kenny, he wanna play, I play." The guy stood from where he leaned on a table. He looked Sam head to toe, waging him in. Smirking up to meet Sam's eyes he nudged his head over to an empty table besides them.

Sam's friend and the three biker dudes followed. The guy took two cues and tossed one over to Sam hard. Sam caught it with no problem and the guy grinned widely.

"So, what're the stakes?" the guy asked as he started to rake up the balls.

Sam watched him and bit his lip thinking. He shrugged after a minute and when the guy was done spoke.

"Dunno, what sounds good?"

"Sam, what're you doing?" Cohen asked him. Sam smirked over his shoulder at his friend. Boy, were they in for a treat.

"Don't worry bout it."

"I'm thinking that you should be worried there, kid," the guy told him still smirking widely. "You break."

Sam moved around the table, positioning himself to break. He pulled the cue back slowly and then brought it back hard, sending the white ball crashing into its colorful friends. The balls all went every which way and two solids made it into pockets. Sam grinned up to the guy.

The guy looked back at him, nodding at the good break.

"Looks like it's you again."

Sam looked back down to the table. Breaking had always been pretty easy for him; it was following through that always cramped his style. He positioned himself to his the sold yellow, but the white ball skidded and hit a stripped green one instead.

"Well, that sucked." The guy told him with laughter clear in his voice. Shaking his head, he took his turn and three hits later missed.

"Ha, not so great yourself," Sam smirked hoping up from where he'd been nursing his beer besides his friends.

"Sam, what are you nuts!" Cohen commented again. He couldn't' believe his friend. He was shorter than Sam with almost red hair and a slight build. There was no way that he'd been able to back up his friend if it ever came to that.

Michael Clayton however was a fairer match. He was an inch shorter than Sam but heavily built and was under a sports scholarship. He wouldn't want to get cops involved and jeopardize his scholarship, but he wouldn't leave his friend hanging like that.

The three biker guys were about Mike's build. One, Big Kenny, was the only one with a 'beer belly' but he seemed to be able to hold his own. The other two, which Sam had learned were named Fred and Luke, looked like they could've been former professional football players or something.

"Hell yea, he's nuts! Ain't that the game?"

Sam took his position and took the nest two turns. Then, he proceeded to miss an easy shot to block of the guy's easiest.

"Cheap, Dude. Need that kinda help?" The guy smirked and then proceeded to get two balls into two different pockets at the same time. He took the last ball and easily missed.

Sam set up and took his shot, and the next, on the third when he was about to catch up he scratched and barely got the white to move.

"Ah! That's it!" The guy screamed. The whole table visibly all jumped at the abrupt yell.

"What's wrong man?" Fred asked eyeing the game and Sam. He didn't know what was the problem was, but he knew that he was on ready for a fight.

The guy walked over besides Sam and stared at him and that at the table in disbelief.

"That was embarrassing! I don't even what to say!"

Sam turned and looked over to the guy and then the table. It didn't seem that bad. He was holding his own. And he said just that.

And the guy scoffed. He walked around the table and pointed out how sad the game had really gotten.

"No to mention, I know of an eight year old that could've made that shot."

"Maybe you should play him next?" Sam challenged. The guy again scoffed, following a grin.

"Well, he's older now and he really seems to suck ass at this," the guy added matter-of-factly.

The guy walked back around to Sam's side again and reached up and grabbed at his moppy hair. As he pulled back, Sam let out a slight moan of pain.

And then he laughed.

"I'm insulted," the guy said as he watched Sam's friends stand at the other side of the pool table.

Sam laughed harder. The biker guys stood, making sure that they wouldn't hurt their pretty boy faces. Even though they had no idea what the hell their friend was on.

"You're insulted? You just dissed out my game!"

The guy released his hair roughly.

"Amateur," he spat out with disgust.

And Sam laughed.

"How do you know I don't have a trick up my sleeve?"

And the guy scoffed.

"Cause, you suck royally and it's humiliating."

"Do not. You caught me off guard."

And the guy rolled his eyes. At the other side of the table Sam's friends were exchanging glances. The bikers had sat back down again and had started to wonder if their bud had had a few too many. Just whomp the kid and take you earnings already.

"Ama-" he started again.

"Besides, you got me nervous. I didn't think that we'd tie."

Again, this caused the guy to scoff.

"Barely. I was taking it easy." Sam shrugged.

"You win."

And the guy laughed.

"No duh, Francis. What were the stakes?" the guy said as he walked around the table and put up his discarder due.

"You never said, man." Sam heard one of the bikers tell him. The guy turned to him and made a face that Sam couldn't see but could imagine to be a smirk.

Sam walked around the table and gave the guy the cue, and then he leaned up against the table.

"Sam, man do you even have any money?" Cohen asked him coming up besides him. Sam smirked and then looked over to the guy.

"I was thinking, if I win, then its Allentown all over again."

The guys all looked at Sam like he was insane. Causing the guy to roll his eyes.

"Thank god you lost. So, since I won?" Sam shrugged.

"Same thing."

The guy smirked and walked over to his table, grabbed at his beer, which was more than half full, and took a swig.

He walked over to Sam and handed him the beer.

"Shouldn't be in a bar, kid."

"Who are you going to tell?" Sam replied taking the beer and a quick drink. He grimaced slightly. It had been a while since he'd last had one.

"Can't hold your beer yet? Dude, what's college for?"

Sam laughed and took another drink. This one went down easier.

"Learning," he answered trying to look as if he had soo been drinking all along.

The guy scoffed.

"Like that's necessary," the guy said rolling his eyes.

"Not everyone can get by on 'looks' alone." Sam smiled. The guy gave him a 'who me?' face and it was just priceless.

"Sam?" his friends looked over at him like he had gone insane. Sam smiled back at them.

"Something wrong?" he asked them. Cohen scoffed.

"Man, let's get the fuck out of here before you really say something."

"Yeah man, are you insane?" Mike asked his friend. Again, he wasn't scared of a fight; he'd just rather avoid one. Especially with four guys that all looked like they were made to fight.

"Slightly," Sam said slightly shrugging. This caused the guy to scoff.

"Highly delusional," he corrected. Sam rolled his eyes.

"You would know," he said around the head of the beer bottle.

The guy raised his eyebrows.

Mike grabbed Sam's arm, taking the look as a threat. He made to leave, slowly so as to not provoke any one of the guys to attack them.

Big Kenny and Luke had both seen the look as well thinking along the same lines that Mike was thinking, they stood and glowered down at the three college bait.

Both Sam and the guy smile.

"What is it with you and always causing trouble?"

"Trouble becomes me," Sam said with a shrug.

"Well, seeing as how I kinda like you around, I think that we're going to have to put a stop to this."

"And spoil my fun?" Sam replied with a smirk.

"Of course. Besides, if I'm going to waste my day off then I'm going to do this in style. And, let's face it, eighteen isn't that big of a deal. Not like twenty-one's gonna be."

"Yeah, for you, bro. Not so much for me."

"Well, little brother, that's yet to be seen. Now, we done?"

Sam nodded. He shook his arm off of Mike's hold and looked his friends over.

"Mike, Dennis, my brother Dean."

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