I've been working in the past holiday break over...

My response(s) to the Fanfic100 challenge over at LJ. They're completely Addisoncentric, except maybe two. It was a bit grueling.

Hmm...whatelse...oh yes. Each one is supposed to contain a reference to literature (my addison-literature arc is suffering because of this), or classic movies, or literary devices (such as idioms.) Yes, there will be some overlap. There will be a couple ones that don't have any reference at all, but...sometimes, they just won't work.

Disclaimer: I'm only doing one of these: GREY'S ANATOMY IS NOT MINE.


It's hard to ignore the fact that she's a redhead. It's just...there, like the metaphorical elephant. (Or is it giraffe? Well, a large animal; she doesn't bother learning idioms.)

They say that red is the rarest type of natural hair color, but she's 13 and selfish, and she can't appreciate the uniqueness of being a redhead like an adult. She's just read Anne of Green Gables and she's holding a bottle of hair dye; things never turn out like they do in the books, anyway.

Her hair comes out an ugly tan-rust color and, like Anne, she almost dies.

Reference: Anne of Green Gables. By Lucy Montgomery. Duh. Except that Anne dyes her hair purple or something.

Reviews would be pretty cool.