Disclaimer: I don't own Andromeda, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits or any of the other Bands/songs mentioned. But I do own this story, and I've got the paperwork to prove it!

Author's note: A treatment is like a summary of a screenplay, so it includes some camera directions and has lots of physical descriptions, but not a lot of dialogue (although there is some).

Being formatted like a movie, this introductory chapter is nothing but an overview of the Andromeda Multiverse and a chase scene. So if you don't like lengthy descriptive passages you may want to skip to Chapter 2, where I've briefly summarized the key points of the chase. Also, after this chapter the story is significantly less expository.

On a final note, I originally wrote this story as a school project so I had to include a lot of explanations about terms etc. for my non-sci-fi-watching teacher, but the story makes up for all the trivialities.

So please, read, and enjoy!

Treatment: Eureka Maru

Chapter 1: Just Great

Act I:

Opening Quote:

"Long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race towards an early grave."
Pink Floyd – Ancient Earth Rock Group
"Breath in the Air" – 6893 CY

The movie starts out in the tranquil Witchhead Nebula. A female narrator (who is actually Beka Valentine) tells us about how an alien Race called the Vedrans discovered a way to travel between stars in a matter of minutes, and they called it Slipstream. As the Narrator speaks we see a slip portal appear, it looks like a bunch of glowing tendrils of white light between which a small ship appears. The Narrator explains how the Vedrans traveled through six galaxies banding millions of worlds (including Earth) together in the Systems Commonwealth.

The Narrator then tells us how the Commonwealth fell 303 years ago because of how a race of genetically altered humans called the Nietzscheans betrayed the Commonwealth resulting in the destruction of both fleets at the Battle of Witchhead. The ship flies through the nebula until it encounters a mass of battling ships, which are replaced by scenes of people being attacked by vicious, furry aliens, called Magog. The Narrator explains that the Magog eat some sentient beings, and lay eggs in others. She tells us that the Magog are responsible for most of the hardships endured by the Known Worlds (the Milky Way, Andromeda, Triangulum and three other minor galaxies).

The Narrator then introduces her father Ignatius Valentine, her mother Talia Waterkirk and their friend Sid Barry. At the same time we see them, Talia has long red hair, Ignatius has short brown hair (played by Chris Kalhoon) and Sid has short, curly brown hair (played by John de Lancie). They are all gazing proudly at an unknown object situated behind our perspective. "It's remarkable, I can hardly believe we made it ourselves," gasps Sid.

"Your best work yet!" exclaims Talia, "It's amazing".

Ignatius steps foreword raises a bottle of champagne over his head and says, "It's the Eureka Maru."


As he smashes the bottle on the object behind us our point-of-view circles around and we see the shiny new ship. We slowly zoom in as we hear the first guitar rifts of Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. When the people are no longer visible the title "Eureka Maru" appears. Near the end of the guitar rifts it moves towards us growing larger until we pass through the 'a' in 'Eureka' just as the actual rhythm starts. We see an above shot of the Maru as it flies above a grassy plain on the planet Calembour. We zoom in closer to the Maru and slowly circle around, seeing the ship from multiple angles.

As the first verse begins we pass through the nose cone and see Captain Rebecca Valentine, a 31-year-old redhead who is fiercely protective of her ship and crew; she is also the best human pilot in the Known Worlds (played by Lisa Ryder). She is very concentrated on piloting the Maru, around her pilot's chair we see various decorative objects including a photo of her, her parents and her older brother Rafe Valentine from 25 years ago.

As the verse ends we see Beka angle both steering handles to the right and then cut to the left of the Maru as it does a barrel role (to the right) in order to evade two police missiles. It then stabilizes and begins to outfly us, we are then passed by a couple twin-rotored helicopter-like police craft, one of them is very close to us and its flashing blue light dominates the screen. We then cut to inside the Maru's engine room (which also has a flashing light in the same spot of the screen as the police light) as the second verse begins. We see Seamus Harper rushing around the room, he is 23, short and skinny with spiky blond hair and dirt all over his face, he has a small metal disk implanted below his right ear called a Data Port, he can use it to enter Virtual Reality inside computers. He is also a genius and can fix almost any problem in the Maru's systems (played by Gordon Michael Woolvett).

When Harper pulls open a valve at the end of the verse we cut to a close up of the Maru's port engine, which becomes brighter and increases the Maru's speed so it gains more distance away from us. It then flies over the edge of a large cliff where it turns and flies downward out of sight (followed by the three police craft), as we stop on the edge of the cliff and face the huge Blague City on the horizon. After a moment we see the Maru and the police flying along the ground in the distance towards the city.

We then cut to Blague City facing the approaching ships; we are between two skyscrapers about 50 meters above ground. However we slowly move downwards and reach ground level as the Maru flies over us and we 'scan' its belly so we can see it continue its flight between the buildings. We then cut to another street facing a 3-way intersection. Suddenly the Maru flies into the intersection from the right side of the screen and is forced to perform a hard climbing turn towards us to avoid hitting the building that was fronting the road it was previously flying down. After it flies by we cut to the interior of the conference room in a large office building; we are facing a glass curtain wall, as are a couple boardroom staff. The view from the window is just the building across the street and it is peaceful until the Maru (and the police aircraft) shoot past (from right to left) only a couple meters from the building, the executives all jump back from the window in surprise. We then switch perspectives so we are close to one of the startled people, he is furious at the fact that someone's reckless driving caused him to spill his coffee all over his suit. We then wrap around so we can see down the street. In the distance the Maru is flying away from us until it turns to the right and disappears between two buildings.

The music was playing the entire time and the third verse starts as the police aircraft disappear behind the buildings following the Maru. We then cut to inside the Maru as a Magog named Reverend Behemial Far-Traveler (Rev Bem) staggers along a corridor while the ship rocks around. Although his species is usually vicious, Rev is a Wayist monk and would sooner take his own life then kill another (played by Brent Strait). During the first half of the verse Rev makes his way to the cockpit where he sits at a console to the right of the door (as seen from the front of the room). As the second half starts we go from Rev to Beka as she tries to keep the Maru flying. However when the Maru is hit with police missiles, multiple alarms sound, warning the crew that the starboard engine is going critical. We then clip to Harper in the engine room where more alarms are sounding, he is typing at a panel and looks up concerned as the verse ends.

We then clip to a view of the Maru from above and behind the ship. A large fireball shoots out of the starboard funnel and engulfs a nearby police aircraft which starts to spin out of control. We switch perspectives so we are in front and slightly below the Maru as the police craft crashes into the starboard side in front of the engines. The ship slowly tilts foreword so it is pointing towards us and moves closer, eventually we pass between the main hull and the cargo pod. We travel the length of the ship this way and when we reach the end of the engines we see that the starboard engine is smoking and not operational. The glare from the port engine dominates the screen and we clip to a side view of the Maru as it flies out into a large paved area. It starts skidding along the ground, knocking down poles and sending sparks flying. The ship slides off the ground as the pavement ends in a shear drop leading down to the Calembour Ocean. The Maru is unable to maintain its flight and slowly glides towards the water smashing various wooden docks that block its way. We clip to a stationary front view of the Maru 'booshing' into the ocean eventually floating to a stop in front of us as the music fades away.

We clip to inside the cockpit as Beka takes off her seatbelt moaning, "great". We then clip to a side view of the front half of the Maru as keels over to the port side. All we can see is the 3/4 submerged cargo pod as five police craft shoot into the screen and hover around the Maru. We then clip to the Maru's offset cockpit as Beka pulls herself up from the 'floor' using the pilot's chair. "Just great," she says as the flashing red and blue police lights outside the cockpit window light up the room.