Author's Note: Well, I hope you have all liked my first fanfic, I'm still learning so sorry if any of the formatting was a little off. One question though, I couldn't figure out how to name my first chapter something other than 'Chapter 1', can anyone help, please? Thanks!

Anyway, I now present the final chapter of Treatment – Eureka Maru, enjoy.

Chapter 10: Better than Heaven

We switch to a different slip portal as the beaten and battered Andromeda Ascendant exits slipstream back in the future. On the bridge, Beka breathes a sigh of relief that they were able to transmit back to normal space with a busted slipstream drive. Trance smiles and tells her friends that she's going to restore their memories of the mission from when they were the Maru Crew. "So we did stay in our universe," says Harper, "or our past memories wouldn't match up to our recent memories."

Trance nods and once again glows gold, but this time the wave of light doesn't knock the others unconscious. They each glow momentarily and when they open their eyes, they can remember what happened from their past selves' points of view. "Wow!" exclaims Beka, "I've surfed on explosions with Andromeda plenty of times, but it's way more fun on the Maru!"

"Definitely, and since I'm an android now, I can remember exactly what happened at every moment," gloats Harper.

Beka sticks her tongue out at Harper before turning to Trance and asking her if she was coming with them to visit Rev (they promised to tell him what happened after they got back from the mission). Trance says she has to come, that way she can restore Rev's memory. She also adds the fact that the Maru's records have been re-altered and now chronicle what actually happened to the little ship during the mission (instead of the fake records Purple Trance created in the past in order to fool the crew).

Beka smiles and laps into silence. After a moment, Harper asks her what's on her mind. She turns to him and asks, "remember when the Calembour Drift Judge told me that I had a dysfunctional family?"

"Of course," he responds, tapping the piece of metal ticking out of his head.

"She was wrong," says Beka, "I have two dysfunctional families." Beka explains that although her physical family is her brother and parents, she considers her crew as her real family (including Rommie). Beka always felt this way, but watching her past self and the Maru Crew work together to cheat death made her appreciate this fact more.

Harper nods, "family is very important," he says, thinking about his dead parents. Beka asks him if he learned anything about himself from the mission. "Yeah, I can't believe I used to be so irritating," jokes Harper.

Beka grins and says, "used to be?" Rommie smiles and says that Harper is much more mature now then he was 13 years ago.

Thinking she's being sarcastic, Harper says, "you're too kind."

"I'm serious," says Rommie walking over to Harper's station, "you've always been kind to me, no-matter what, and I've always taken you for granted. But when I thought I had lost you, I realized how wrong I was."

"It's okay Rommie," says Harper.

Rommie is still sorry, "do you forgive me?"

"Rommie, this may sound cliché, but there's nothing to forgive," says Harper.

"Sorry to cut in," says Holo-Rommie, appearing in front of Beka's station, "but the Commonwealth Fleet is on approach and Admiral Hunt is hailing us from the Seefran Sunset."

"Great," moans Harper, turning away from Rommie, "put him through." Dylan Hunt's face appears on the center screen, he is middle-aged, has brown hair and is wearing a prestigious High Guard uniform (played by Kevin Sorbo).

"Harper! What did you do to my ship!" he shouts, clearly annoyed.

Harper opens his mouth to defend himself but Rommie cuts him off. "It's Harper's ship," she snaps before closing the com. link.

"What are you doing?" asks Harper, putting a hand on Rommie's shoulder, wheeling her around to face him.

"This," she says, kissing Harper. Beka's mouth drops open in shock, Holo-Rommie purses her lips in disapproval and disappears. Beka turns around and sees Trance smiling, she looks back at Harper and Rommie, her mouth still open.

Rommie pulls back and Harper stares at her, his face a mix of extreme happiness, and extreme surprise. "Okay, now I know I'm dead 'cause I'm in Heaven," says Harper, somewhat dazed.

"Well," says Rommie, "you've died, but this isn't Heaven."

"That's okay," responds Harper, snapping out of his trance, "I like this better." Rommie smiles and hugs Harper, Beka and Trance are still smiling as the couple turns back to the screen arm in arm. "Ok, it's time to face the music," says Harper re-opening the com. link.


Suddenly the screen goes black and white and all the action stops. We see the future people standing on the bridge ready to talk to the screen behind our point of view. Harper and Rommie are in the station on the left side of the screen, Beka is in the middle station and Trance has stepped up into the fire-control station on the right side of the screen.

Then Gold Trance steps in front of the scene, she looks at her happy friends (and herself) and says, "well that worked." The black and white image fades away and is replaced by a glowing blue background. Trance steps over to her bonsai tree, takes out her shears and crouches over the tree. "But I think I can do better," she says snipping off a branch.

The blue background is instantly replaced by a flurry of black and white images from the Eureka Maru movie and the Andromeda TV show. We see a close up of Trance's face as she stands in front of the images looking towards us. She glows golden yellow and changes to her younger purple form.

She glows again and disappears, all we can see is the series of rapid scenes. Some images last long enough so we can recognize what they show but there never any action. We see all the main characters from the Andromeda TV show (Beka, Harper, Dylan, Rev, Rommie, Tyr, Rhade, Doyle and the two versions of Trance), and the ship form of Andromeda. Suddenly the series of images stops with a moving scene of the Eureka Maru.

It is flying towards a point to our right. As it flies by, we turn and watch as the Maru opens a slip portal, disappearing for the final time as we hear the eerie 'Eureka Maru music'.


(The credits are accompanied by the songs Prime Time by Alan Parsons, Slipstream by Jethro Tull and Breathe in the Air by Pink Floyd.)

The End