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"Go, out with me Evans?"

"No, Potter." Lily Evans said rolling her eyes at James Potter, couldn't he just give up and leave her alone?

"Why, not?" James said with his insufferable grin firmly in place hair messed up as always.

"Because. Potter. I. Hate. You. And. You. Are. An. Insufferable. Arrogant. Git." Lily ground out with the air of someone explaining something terribly complicated to a four year old.

"Come on, Evans, you know you don't mean that." James responded.

"I MEAN IT POTTER, LEAVE ME ALONE BEFORE I GO TO MCGONAGALL AND GET HER TO PUT ME IN SEPARATE CLASSES FROM YOU!" Lily screamed. "I don't like you and I never will so just leave me alone." She finished storming away not turning toward James not seeing the hurt that flashed across his face nor the broken look in his eyes. He really cared but she wouldn't see it. Sirius saw it though.

"Come on, mate" Sirius said putting his arm around James' shoulders and leading him down the hall toward the Gryffindor common room.

"She said she hates me." James said softly.

"She always says that, Prongs." Sirius said hoping it would make James feel a little better.

"Not, like this, she meant it, really meant it." James said sadly.

"Don't worry, Prongsie." Sirius said hoping the use of an sie on James' nickname would produce the usual result of extracting annoyance from his best friend, but James didn't even look up. Sirius sighed Lily would pay for this if Sirius had any thing to say about it, and Sirius always had something to say about it.

I heard you're doing okay
But I want you to know
I'm a dick
I'm addicted to you
I can't pretend I don't care
When you don't think about me
Do you think I deserve this?

Lily thought it was strange when she went through a whole day without any invites to Hogsmeade or any thing of the likes from James Potter. She thought it was odd when their were no pranks played on Snape the entire day. She thought that something was downright wrong when Sirius Black glared at her all through lunch, she and Sirius had always gotten along all right other then when he was pranking Snape of course.

James stared sadly across the table at Lily he'd tried to get her to see that he really cared about her, really wanted her to go out with him, but she never believed him. James sighed when he paused in his Lily-watching when he felt someone watching him. He looked up and saw Remus looking at him in concern. James gave his friend a small nod, Sirius must have told him what happened. James turned his attention to Sirius briefly anyway and noticed that his friend was glaring full force at Lily. Lily. The only girl he'd ever wanted to actually go out with, really wanted, he'd liked other girls, looked forward to seeing them, but he loved Lily, he wanted to go out with her. Lily so was special, James couldn't get enough of her, he'd tried to like other girls, I mean Lily was pretty, but she was always sticking up for Snivellus so why in the name of Merlin did James want to go out with her so badly? It was as if she were air.

I tried to make you happy but you left anyway
Lily suppressed a yawn, Binns' class really was quite dull. She always tried to pay attention usually staying alert wasn't a problem because Potter and Black were always pulling some prank while Remus hissed at them the horrible consequences that their actions would amount to and Pettigrew well slept. Potter seemed to be too busty moping to pull a prank. Wonder what's wrong with him? Maybe his broomstick broke? And Black seemed to busy glaring at her to worry about anything else, it was a well known fact that Sirius Black had a short attention span, and liked to have fun via prank pulling, but for some odd reason he seemed to have enough focus to glare at her for three days straight.

Why won't you give me a chance? Why don't you like me? Why? Why? Why? James wondered hitting his head on the desk with each why. His actions served only to A. Give him a migraine, B. Cause Remus to look at him in even greater concern, C. Cause Sirius to glare at Lily with even more venom, and D. Earn him odd looks from everyone else in the class, especially Lily who appeared to think he'd finally lost his mind. Not that she cared. James wished reverently that he could just forget Lily's harsh words and move on.

I'm trying to forget that
I'm addicted to you
But I want it and I need it
I'm addicted to you
Now it's over
Can't forget what you said
And I never wanna do this again

Lily could remember the first day she'd met James. He and Sirius had already been conspiring pranks, when they'd just met hours before eon the train. They had sat heads together whispering something. Sirius had nodded excitedly when James said something, pausing in his response to lean over and whisper what James' had said to Remus who looked slightly apprehensive but gave Sirius a small smile. James and Sirius had looked at each other flashing each other identical smirks before with a mischievous twinkle in their eyes facing forward to give McGonagall their 'full attention' as she explained the sorting to the first years.

Flashback Lily's POV

"Professor?" Sirius asked innocently.

"Yes, Mr. Black? Did you have a question in regards to your sorting?" McGonagall asked.

"You could call it that. Is there a rule against hexing family members?" He asked innocently.

"Yes, Mr. Black, so I suggest that you do not even think about hexing your cousins."

"I would never dream of hexing Andromeda." Sirius said pretending to not know who she was referring to.

"I wasn't referring to Andromeda, Mr. Black, and you know perfectly well whom I was referring to." McGonagall was so busy dealing with Sirius that she didn't see James carefully point at the stool on which the sorting hat rest and whisper an incantation. James smirked and tucked his wand up his sleeve raising his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Potter?" McGonagall asked.

"Is it against school rules, for me to curse Sirius' cousins for him?" James inquired.

"Yes, indeed it is." While James had been asking this Sirius too had pointed at the stool whispering a second spell. Remus has quickly followed that spell with one of his own. "All right if you two have no more questions we will proceed with the sorting." McGonagall said.

"No, no, go ahead Professor." Sirius had said with a smirk. McGonagall scowled at the boy and picked up the hat and stool leading the first years into the great hall.

"Black, Sirius." McGonagall called.

"GRYFINDOR!" The hat shouted after barely a moments pause. To the great surprise of everyone in the hall the stool spoke up as well saying… "Another wonderful Gryffindor! Sad really that they can't all be." Everyone roared with laughter, except the Slytherins and the professors wrote it off as a freak occurrence.

"Malfoy, Lucius." McGonagall called.

"SLYTHERIN!" The hat said.

"Pity really that we have to let them in." The stool had added.

"Lupin, Remus." McGonagall called hoping the stool would shut up, Dumbledore sent a spell at the stool but to his great amazement it deflected it.


"Ah, yes another wonderful addition to our fair school." The stool said gleefully.

"Evans, Lily." I stood up and walked to the stool willing it to shut up.

"GRYFINDOR!" Great, now I was stuck with that moron, Black and more then likely Potter as well.

"YES! Another addition to the noblest house of Hogwarts, and a beautiful one at that!" The chair exclaimed.

"Potter, James." McGonagall called now red faced with anger.


"This one will be a wonderful addition to the best house!" the chair shouted.

"Snape, Severus."


"Greasy git belongs in that house." The chair said dryly. On and on the sorting went with the chair applauding Gryffindors, being decent to Hufflepuffs, asking Ravenclaws to inform the Slytherins of their extreme stupidity in a manner they could understand, and above all mocking the Slytherins.

"Potter, Black, Lupin. Follow me. Now." McGonagall commanded.

End Flashback

He had been insufferable even then, and he had gotten off scott free all because Black had charmed the professor with theatrics claiming that they had merely tried to get the chair to give everyone a compliment, but their spell had backfired. He had finished it off with puppy dog eyes.

Since the day I met you
And after all we've been through
I'm still a dick
I'm addicted to you
I think you know that it's true
I'd run a thousand miles to get you
Do you think I deserve this?

James wished Lily could let him in just for a second. He had loved her the moment he saw her. Sirius had laughed his head off, because James had run into a wall staring at her. Sirius had found it all terribly funny. Remus had hit Sirius on the back of the head for mocking James, but it didn't produce the desired affect anyway.

How long will I be waiting?
Until the end of time
I don't know why I'm still waiting
I can't make you mine

"How long do you expect him to wait, Evans?" Sirius asked quietly coming up behind Lily unnoticed.

"I don't expect him to wait, I expect him to give up his games and go bother someone else." Lily responded.

"Are you sure about that, Evans?" Sirius had challenged.

"N-yeah." Lily replied stumbling over her answer.

"Doesn't sound very convincing to me." Sirius said evenly before turning around and walking away.

I'm trying to forget that
I'm addicted to you
But I want it and I need it
I'm addicted to you

"You can't spend your life locked in the dormitory moping over, Evans." Remus told his friend gently.

"Why not?" James said miserably.

"James, you can find a different girl, one who wants to date you." Remus said hoping it would help get James to get over Lily.

"No, I can't there aren't any girls like her she's the only one!" James said sadly.

I'm addicted to you
I'm addicted to you
I'm addicted to you
I'm addicted to you

Lily frowned to herself was it possible Potter really wanted to go out with her? No. Are you sure? A little voice asked Lily ignored it. He just liked the challenge of trying to get me to say yes. Right? No. The voice replied.

"You're breaking his heart you know." Remus Lupin stated coming up behind her much like his friend had earlier.

"He's an arrogant jerk he doesn't really want to go out with me." Lily replied.

"James may be arrogant, but he is not a jerk." Remus replied. "Do you even really know him? Do you know how he takes Sirius in every summer because his parents despise him? Do you know how he befriended Peter when no one else would? I don't think you know any of that, Evans, because if you did you wouldn't be able to look me in then eyes and call James a jerk." Remus said simply leaving Lily speechless and shocked.

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