Title: Unwanted Affection

Author: TheDyingSamurai

Rating: R (Mature) for sexual content, angst, cuss words, homosexuality, and grammer mistakes :D

Pairing: Kazuma KuwabaraXHiei

Warning: Mature Content

Disclaimer: I own nothing except the words...and the laptop...yeah, can't forget that. .

Summary: Hiei's life is in termoil. Head-deep in depression and debt, the only way he can survive in Tokyo is by getting what he needs from others. But what happens when one man actually wants to help and keep Hiei forever? Well, Hiei's not leaving without a fight. KuwaXHiei

(Second Person)

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The sky was blurry and grey from the previous rain. That sure didn't stop Hiei from venturing outside and gathering customers. Usually the others would just stay in a nightclub or bar, picking up drugged customers willing to pay more than usual. They would drain them of every penny they had on them and move onto the next.

He didn't like following the crowd, though. With his type of body and street credit, he could get twice the action and triple the cash without having to spend time around intoxicated bafoons.

He shifted his weight on one foot and then the other, thinking to himself. Last night had confronted him with many problems. The landlord of his small appartment had bardged in, demanding the months rent, right as he had a client too. Well, Hiei was going to work extra hard to scronge up enough for this month and maybe even next months. It would be hard and tireding, but worth it. He already had a great start on the count that last night's customer paid him extra for performing a few different positions.

Coughing, the young man felt the back of his head and groaned. The large knot caused by his earlier customer in the day was still throbbing. Honestly, some men really were brutes and deserved to die. Only Hiei couldn't kill anyone. He was tired enough from the use of his body for pleasure and the endless nights he spent alone.

Those lonely nights were spent figuring out bills, which took up quite a lot of time. The only time he did sleep was when he had a day off, which was every other Sunday. How he loved those wonderful Sundays... He would lay on his broken bed in his messy room and snooze and snore.

He had just enough energy to make it through the day, let alone beating off unwanted men.

And then there were the Mondays that came after. When he first started out, he was a little over sixteen back then, it was hard to get used to the schedule. But after two long years his body had become accustomed to the trials of being in his line of business. Though he knew that it was the worst type of business to be in, it was the only thing he could do to stable himself without depending on others.

Ever since his parents had gotten divorced life had been Hell. His sister and Mother long gone to America, his Father threw him out of their house on his sixteenth birthday without a second thought.

That was all in his past, though.

Hiei held his head up high and leaned back on the brick wall as a few men passed by. Catching the attention of the youngest of them, the raven-head winked teasingly and beckoned him to come forth. The blonde in the group (clearly the alpha) turned and smirked at Hiei. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Hiei felt his hand twitch.

He knew almost immediatly that he had made a mistake. "Alright boys, we're cancling the movies tonight." There were a few moans and "dammits" but other than that, the group of five men all agreed Hiei was more important.

"Now, how much do you want for all of us?" he asked and grabbed Hiei's wrist. The raven-head glared at him and tried to jerk away. "I only take one at a time," he mumbled angrily. "That's not really an answer" the blonde said deviously and smirked. Soon Hiei found himself being pushed down to the ground.

He fell foreward and hit his chin on the hard cement. The other young men laughed and began taunting him, occasionally kicking him or grabbing his hair. The blonde then climbed ontop of him and grabbed his neck. "I'll go first, then we'll flip a coin, agreed?" Some of the other men laughed while the youngest squealed and tried to pry the alpha off. Finally, when he felt his breaking point, another voice entered the horrible day.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Whoever this man was, the other men seemed to feel threatened. Hiei, immediatly seeing a way out, shoved the blonde off of him and successfully kicked another man in the lower stomach area. He looked up just in time to see a tall, slightly muscular man throw two of the other men into the brick wall. The smaller (and youngest) teen screamed and rushed over to each of his fallen companions, saying that they were all idiots.

The prostitute then whirled around, past the red-headed savior, and ran down the street as fast as he could. His legs carried him past many of the deserted nightclubs, through downtown, and even into the high way. He couldn't seem to stop himself until he reached the city bridge.

Not worrying about the money he could have just stolen, Hiei jumped down and hid himself in some of the brush that flourished under the stone bridge. "Dammit," he whispered shakily and rolled himself up into a the fetal position. Hot tears stained his face. The young man burried his face in his knees and tried to steady his shaking body.

"It's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok, it's ok." Hiei couldn't seem to stop. More tears flooded his cheeks, and he slowly began to rock himself back and forth.

"Dammit!" he finally screamed and banged his head against the side the bridge over and over again. He continued to scream at himself and bang his head until two strong hands grab his shoudlers. He glared and almost punched him in the face. He looked out of the corner of his not so bloody eye and saw the tall figure that had saved him. He could barely see as it was, so all he caught a glimpse of was his orangish hair.

"Hey...are you...ok?" Hiei quickly closed his eyes and fell limp in the other man's arms. "He has a nice voice..." he thought and felt his hand twitched once more, bringing him back to reality. "Dammit...You better...better not rape me or else I'll...I'll...kill..." The prostitute quieted down and completely passed out, leaving his life in his savior's hands.

He was somewhere nice and warm. He felt safe too. "...This is so comfortable," Hiei thought and turned over on his side. Suddenly he remembered the fight that had happened in the morning. The young man opened one eye and viewed his surroundings. He was in a queen-sized bed in a green? Yes, green room...and though it was dark, there was a nightlight in the far left corner.

"A nightlight...? Mother used to turn one on for Yukina and I every night..." he whispered and remembered his old family life. "Snap out of it." Hiei sat up and felt the bandages around his wounded head. How his head ached and throbbed. "Fuck... Shit, I must've...must've cracked my head open or something..." he groaned and tried to climb out of bed.

"Hey, I think you better stay put." Hiei froze, one leg over the bed while the other was tucked underneath the blanket. Suddenly a familar figure stepped out of the shadows. The raven-head felt the hair on his neck stand up straight, along with the hairs on his arms. "Who are you...?" He heard the other man chuckled and saw him turn on a lamp.

Hiei studied his over-all body physic and felt flushtered. He had curly orange hair and a grin on his face. It looked as if he had been in many of fights before. Hiei could tell because on the look in his eyes. Though he was calm and realxed, he could sense that the man was on guard for anything out of the ordinary. He himself was always ready for the worst, and could almost relate to this man.

"Who the fuck are you?" he asked and tried to stand, but ended up falling down. The other man quickly caught him and held him up, shaking his head the whole time. "You should really stay in bed. You might have a concusion for all I know." Hiei winced and jerked away. "Thanks for helping me out there, but you... How..." Hiei sighed and sat down on the blue sheets, stroking his head as he did so.

"What do you want in return?" Hiei was in plenty of pain, but he could repay this man and get some money before returning home. "Alright, just calm down first. Ok?" The young man nodded to the relief of the other one. "I'm Kazuma Kuwabara. This...is my, um, house, and...the only thing I want from you right now is to sleep and rest until you're fully recovered."

After taking the information given, the prostitute cleared his voice. "...I'm Hiei," his voice squeaked. "Thanks for helping me." Kuwabara smiled and grinned. "It's absolutly nothing... But, I need to know something... Are you...a...well, a..." Hiei sighed and felt his muscles tighten.

"Yeah, I am. You got something to say about that?" He was very uneasy about talking about his profession. Truthfully, the raven-headed man never really talked to people. He was always secluded in his house or in someone elses arms. Never having a conversation with a complete stranger.

He looked at the other man, who's face had become dark. "Do you need...help, Hiei?" He glared and gripped the blankets beneath him. "No. I'm fine with living this way. I've been on my own for a while now, and...if I've survived this long by...by doing this," he motioned to his body. "...Then I can keep doing it until I have enough money to retire." Hiei studied the red-head and noticed the sad look on his face.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Kazuma finally asked and faked a large smile. Hiei blinked and nodded slowly. "What do you want?" The young man rubbed his throbbing head. "Asprin," he said and moaned. "My fucking head hurts like a mother..." He looked up and caught a glimpse of Kuwabara leaving, and heard his laughter down the hall way.

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