Chapter Seven "Frank…"

Riza frowned as she sipped her coffee. She was going to have to decline this document. The reasons for it were completely unethical and immoral. She signed the bottom line beside 'I decline this document' and underlined it as well before setting it in the out tray.

She sighed and set her coffee down, putting her head in her hands, looking out the window. It was well into February now, and it just rained all the time now instead of snowed. After the military ball, she'd been on a series of secret dates with Colonel Archer, but still, no sex. It was like a policy, or perhaps he was waiting for her to make the first move. Well she was damn well about to if he didn't get a move on.

She picked her head up and opened the last drawer on her desk and took out a bottle of aspirin, popping a couple in her mouth and swallowing. She had the most annoying headache, and it hurt like hell, which meant it was slowly turning into a migraine. Wonderful.

"Still have a headache?" a cool voice came from the doorway. "Apparently." She mumbled, signing her name to something with a flourish. "Are you positive you don't want the rest of the day off?" he asked. "Yes, for the one hundredth time, I'm positive I don't want the day off." Riza said, starting to get irritated.

"Then take a break. Just 15 minutes. You're no good to me irritated and pissy." He said, going back into his office, the door shutting with a snap. She made a face, and pushed back from her desk, getting up and walking into the main office. Ignoring the glare she got from Runa, she strode to the door, and began to walk towards the bathroom.

Maybe some cool water on her face would help. She splashed the water on her face, and leaned against the wall as she dried her face off with a towel. She felt slightly better as she walked to the cafeteria and grabbed herself and iced tea. She went and sat outside under an oak tree, putting her head against the steel table. "Ahh, much better." She sighed happily.

"Oh, I didn't realize it was you, Lieutenant Hawkeye." A quiet voice said. She looked up, and smiled in a small way at Kain Fuery. "Sorry, did I disturb you?" she asked. "No, I was just doing some quiet reading. The colonel let us out early for lunch…" Fuery replied, pushing up his glasses.

"I see. Are you guys mad at me because of my decision?" she asked quietly, her curiosity piqued. "No. We don't blame you. The one who's really mad at you is the Colonel." Fuery informed her.

"I see. You have to understand. With Colonel Archer, I can…I can be happy. I still understand Roy's reasons…but Frank…well his reasons seem so much more reasonable, logical, and rational. He'll only go to war if it's necessary. Yes he loves war, but that doesn't mean he'll kill millions for it." Riza explained.

"I understand." Kain said, nodding his head with a slightly smile. Riza took a sip of her tea, and closed her eyes. "It looks like we're being watched by both our Colonels." He said carefully a few seconds later.

Riza looked up at the windows of H.Q., and snorted, glaring at Mustang and Archer. "No doubt they both think we're exchanging secret information." She grumbled, standing and waving at Fuery.

"See you around, Kain." She said, walking back towards the building, drinking her tea.

"Before you ask, we did not talk about any secret documents or anything of the sort." Riza stated as she came into her office, setting her half-full bottle of tea down. Frank made a small noise, as he looked up from his desk, the door between their offices was open.

"I wasn't going to ask anything." He said shortly. She turned to him, her eyes appraising. "Somehow, I doubt that." She said, sitting down.

"Your headache letting up?" he asked slowly, signing his name carefully to a document. "It's clearing up yes." She answered, already finished with most of her paperwork.

"Then you won't object to dinner at my place tonight." He said. She looked over at him, their eyes meeting. "I suppose not." She answered simply. "Its settled then." He said, giving her a smirk.

Riza checked her face again in the hall mirror before she put her coat on to go out the door. This would mark the first time she went to Frank's house. Wearing a simply pair of jeans, a silk dress shirt, and a matching pair of shoes, she looked simple and stunning all at the same time. Her hair was down, but restrained lightly in several places with bobby pins.

"Stay in the house, Hayate." She instructed her dog lightly, walking out the door, and into the fresh, crisp air of the full-mooned night. The moonlight glinted off of her hair as she walked the couple of blocks to Frank's house. It was amazing how close the military people lived to one another. And sometimes they didn't even know it.

She put her hand lightly to her coat pocket where she kept her small handgun, making sure it was there, and it was. She never went out of the house without her guns. She stepped lightly onto his porch, admiring how well kept the outside looked, and how impossibly stern it looked as well. It was just like Frank to have a stern looking house.

She rang the doorbell lightly, knowing she would be right on time. A few seconds later, the door opened, and she looked at him, a smile gracing her lips. "I do believe you were expecting me." She said, and he took her hand, kissing it lightly. "I can't think of anyone else I'd be expecting. You are my only friend, dear Riza." He said playfully.

She chuckled, stepping in lightly, and letting him take her coat. "I was just admiring you lovely abode from the outside. I wouldn't have expected anything less. It has your name written all over it." She said in a playful tone. He chuckled, crossing his arms.

"Well then I'll let you be the judge of the inside." He said, sticking his nose up arrogantly. She giggled, looking around. It was…unexpected.

Several lamps lit the room, and there was a full living room set of furniture. It was all a rather dark blue, and comfy looking. The carpet was a contrasting white, and the bay window was obscured by rather nice looking brown drapes. She made a few noises, and walked carefully to look into other rooms. The house was done in much the same way, except for the artwork that occasionally decorated the walls. Very good artwork though, nothing sloppy or unattractive.

The more she looked around, the more she saw how much the house screamed out Frank's vital tastes. And she liked them. Another similarity between them, she mused, walking back into the living room. Then she noticed something she'd completely missed before.

The piano stood in the far left corner, away from the door. It to was black, with a shiny black bench to accompany it. It was a grand piano, and now that she saw it, she didn't know how she could've missed it. "You play piano?" she asked curiously, peering at it, interested.

"When I'm in the mood, I do." Frank said, said coming up behind her. "Let me guess, jazzy music?" she said, looking at him indulgently. "Mmm." He smirked, kissing her on the lips, bringing her around to face him fully. 'Damn those lips…' he thought, relishing the kiss. She felt her heart lurch, and sighed into the kiss. A good sigh. He put his cool hand against her cheek, going in for the kill when a loud meow was heard.

"Buster…" he muttered angrily as Riza pulled away. "You'd never guess that Frank Archer kept cats…your furniture has no fur on it what so ever…" Riza said, smiling at the three cats that not sat in front of them.

"Riza, meet Amadeus, Buster, and Sinatra. My three very spoiled, very nosy cats." Frank said, his face softening as he spoke of them. "A calico, a tabby, and a very beautiful Siamese." Riza mused, kneeling down. The first one to come to her was Amadeus, who rubbed up against her leg, purring already as she pet him. The second one was Sinatra, though he approached her with caution, he let her pet him as well.

Buster was the last one, and he gave her a reproachful look before meowing, and she smiled, petting him too. "They're so sweet." She said carefully, making sure each of them got the same amount of attention. Frank uncrossed his arms, and helped her up. Then he looked down at his pets.

"Go finish your supper." He said in a cool voice, and they obeyed silently, except Buster, who glared before swishing off. Obviously he thought he was king of the castle. "Dinner should be ready in a few minutes." He noted, going towards the kitchen.

"I'll go wash up, then." Riza said, walking towards where she knew the restroom was. She washed her hands carefully, making sure the water didn't go everywhere, and dried her hands methodically. She pushed her hair back a bit more, and put a hand to her cheek, noting the faint blush. 'Silly woman.' She thought to herself, going towards the dining room where Frank was setting down the food.

"It looks wonderful." She commented, slipping into the seat he had pulled back for her.

Dinner was a delightful affair. They made small talk, about almost anything they could think of. After dessert they were immersed in a deep conversation about how the government should be run as they walked into the living room.

"I agree with you on that point, but not on the other one." Riza said lightly, sitting comfortably on the couch. "But it's the only way that's moral." Frank argued. Riza shook her head, "Sometimes morals aren't the best ways to go about doing things." She said. He took her hand in his, sighing.

"There's no use arguing with you, Riza. I would only get tired." He said, chuckling. She smiled, her eyes fiery. "You're just afraid of loosing an argument with a woman." She challenged. He smirked his eyes cool and calculating. She could get lost in those blue eyes for hours, she thought, looking into them. "No, no, I'm just afraid of hurting your feelings when I win." He said mildly.

"I'm gonna kick your ass, Colonel Archer." She muttered, poking him. "Now, now, Lieutenant. Your idle threats are useless." He smirked, crossing his arms. "No, you're just being difficult." She said, pushing some of her hair back behind her ear.

He placed a hand under her chin, lifting her head up to look into his eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked softly. She gave him a faint smile. "Something, but I don't know what, is going to ruin this for us…" she said quietly. He pulled her closer to him, putting his arms around her.

"An affair between higher ranking officers and lower ranking officers is very common in the military. Not all of them are found out about until after those two officers retire. I doubt we'll retire any time soon, and I doubt that if anyone did find out that they would care. Besides, we haven't really done anything, there's nothing to hold against us." Frank assured her.

"I know. I just can't help but think…well never mind. It doesn't matter now." She said, smiling at him.

"You're gorgeous."

"And you're a snobby Ice Princess."

"Ah, but that's why you want me."

"In your dreams, Colonel Archer."

"Are you going to sit here and argue the rest of the night, or what?" he asked pleasantly. "I can think of a couple things I'd rather be doing." Riza said, smiling an evil little smile. "Like what?" Frank asked, somewhat hesitant.

She leaned in closer, her lips barely touching his. "Take a bath, with truffles." She said softly.

A/N: Don't ask; for god's sake don't ask. I believe this chapter is a little off. However, next chapter some events will be set into motion, and we'll see a slightly darker side of a couple people. All I have to say about the next few chapters is this: Oh crap Riza!