Author notes: Ok so this Ow! House what the hell?!

Inner House: You were going to go into a long rant that no one wants to hear so I stopped you.

Author: With your CANE?!

House: Yes.

Inner Wilson: Would you quit bothering her?

House: Aw but it's fun to!

Wilson: sighs You're not going to let her talk are you?

House: Nope.

Wilson: sighs again Fine. What she was GOING to say is that she wrote this for a friend's birthday and it's her first smut piece. She's also hoping it will help her with a much bigger piece she's writing right now as well.

House: Because she's a little shy about describing Jimmy and I…

Author: clamps hands on House's mouth Ok ok…just read and enjoy. Ew! House did you just lick my hand?!


"House there's nothing in your cupboards!" Wilson yells from the kitchen while opening and closing doors in search for food.

"So?" House yells back from his spot on the couch.

"How can I make dinner if there's nothing here?!" He closes another door with a sigh wondering once again why he was even here. He could be in a nice hotel room right now, watching TV, eating his own food without it being stolen from him, but instead he was here. Why he let House talk him back into living with him he didn't know. Well that's not true he knew why he said yes. Even with all the crap House had put him though he still had his feelings, ones he was sure House would never know about.

"Why don't we just order out then?" House said into Wilson's ear.

Wilson froze. When had House gotten there? Had he been that lost in thought not to hear the three step gait? Regaining what little composure he had Wilson turned around while saying, "I guess we have-" He froze mid sentence. Wilson found his face just inches from his friends. Wilson swallowed hard. He felt like his knees would buckle if he felt any more of House's warm breath on him.

"We have to what Jimmy?" Wilson felt a stirring below his waist. House sounded so lustful. He was ready to jump him then, shove him onto the kitchen table. But his mind was still too busy trying to process what was going on. Before he could have a second thought he felt House's lips on his own. He wanted to kiss back but his body was still in shock. But just as House was starting to pull back Wilson regained control of his actions, raising his right hand to the back of House's head, pulling him back in while using his left to pull House against his hip. Wilson opened his mouth in a moan at feeling House with the same stirring below his waist to match his. House quickly used his opening to slide his tongue into Wilson's mouth. His cane clattered to the floor has he brought his hands up to pull in Wilson, closing any space that was once between them. Wilson was pinned against the counter while he and House kissed. Wilson moved past House's tongue to bite lightly on House's bottom lip, gaining a moan and a thrust forward from House. Wilson then used his own tongue to lick where he had just bitten, arching himself against House.

Reluctantly they broke the kiss, lips lingering on one another's, neither wanting to lose the feeling or the taste. Finally they broke apart completely, each taking in his own deep breath of air, heart's racing. A seductive smile spread on House's lips as he eyed Wilson.

"I think," Wilson said in a lustful growl while slowly standing up again, approaching House and closing the gap between them, edging him to the kitchen table and forcing him on his back on top of the table while keeping himself on top of House, "dinner can wait."