Title: I Write Tragedies, Not Sins

Summary: Based off of the song "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" by Panic at the Disco. Greg and Nick think this is another routine 419, but when they reach the crime scene, it brings back dark memories of one of their pasts.

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except for Alex Jennings.

A/N: Anything in italics is flashbacks and I'm a punk rocker and a metal fan myself, the comment is from Nick's POV.

Chapter 1

"Nick and Greg, you two have a 419 at Henderson," said Grissom as he handed them the slip of paper giving them the information and the address. "Sweet!" yelled Greg.

"Thanks boss," said Nick as he waved the paper and walked out the door followed by Greg. "I'm driving!" called Greg.

Nick sighed. Greg was his best friend, but his driving drove him nuts. Especially since they established the rule that whoever drove chose the music. Nick was a country guy himself, but Greg probably had the most annoying music ever; a mixture of punk rock and metal. As they reached Nick's Tahoe, Greg grabbed the keys from Nick's hands and hopped into the driver's seat. Laughing, Nick got into the passenger seat just as Greg turned on Marilyn Manson. "Do we really have to listen to this?" asked Nick.

"Remember our rule? Whoever drove chose the music. We get to listen to my punk rock and metal there and listen to your lame country back."

Nick sighed and leant back as Greg drove out of the garage and onto the road. Just like he thought, Greg drove very slowly and whenever the light turned yellow, he came to a slow stop instead of hitting the gas pedal and speeding through the light. "Don't you think maybe you could drive a little faster?"

"Nick, it's a school zone! I don't want to hit a little kid!"

Nick hung his head low. This was going to be a long drive. Thankfully, they reached Henderson very quickly. As soon as Greg came to a complete stop, Nick quickly got out of the car and looked at the sky mouthing 'Thank You' to God. As soon as they grabbed their kits and closed the car, Brass came walking up to them. "Please tell me that there was very heavy traffic."

"Greg drove," was Nick's reply as he pointed to Greg. Greg stuck his tongue out at Nick and Brass chucled. "Anyway, the vics are inside to house."

"Wait, did you say vics? As in more than one?" asked Nick.

Brass nodded. Nick took a quick glance at Greg like 'did you know about this?' Greg returned the 'I didn't know, did you' look. Cautiously, they walked under the yellow tape and to the front porch. Inside was a big mess. David was inside examining the dead male in the living room. FBI agents were asking neighbors if they saw anything. As they walked inside, Nick turned to Brass. "Exactly how many victims are there?"

"Three victims. Two dead, one missing. The father Tim Jennings and the mother Lilly Jennings are the deceased. Their sixteen year old daughter Alex Jennings is missing," recited Brass from his black notebook.

Nick let out a long sigh. Quickly, he looked around and saw Greg staring horridly at the dead male. Nick walked up to him. "You okay?" he asked.

Greg jumped as if he didn't hear Nick come up. "Yeah, just amazed at what people can do to each other."

Nick smiled and they approached David who was taking the liver temperature of the father. "Hey David, can you give us anything?" asked Nick.

"He's been dead eight hours. I just got here myself, so I haven't checked the mother upstairs."

Greg took several pictures of the dead male lying on the floor. Blood was pouring from his head wound. "There's some defensive wounds on his hands," stated David.

Greg took a few photos of the victim's hands as David held them up. Nick finished processing the body and stood up. "Alright David, shall we head upstairs?" asked Nick.

David signaled for the other coroners to take the dead male as Nick, Greg, David and Brass headed upstairs. They walked down the hall and found the dead mother lying on the ground in front of her daughter's room. Nick shook his head with dismay. Greg brought up his camera again and snapped more photos as Nick and David leant down next to the body. David nodded at Nick to go ahead and start processing. As Nick opened his kit again, David took the liver temperature. "She's been dead eight hours as well."

As soon as Greg was done taking photos and Nick was done processing, David called in the coroners and took the body away. As the body of the mother was being drawn away, Greg and Nick stood up and looked down the hall. "What do you say, divide and conquer?" asked Nick.

"What part of the house do you want?" asked Greg.

"I'll take the downstairs," said Nick. As Nick walked down the stairs, Greg said, "Guess I got the top."

Looking down the hall, Greg decided to start in the daughter's room. Careful not to mess up the blood pool on the floor, he examined the door. There seemed to be no sign of forced entry…but then again, when have bedroom doors gotten locks on them? Greg dusted the handle and found two smudged fingerprints. He quickly snapped a couple of photos and lifted them off the doorknob. Slowly, he eased the door open and peered inside. The room looked like a typical teenage girl room. There were many posters covering the walls, most of them were of two actors. Greg took a couple photos of each and looked around the room. He tagged every point of disturbance. Most were by the bed and the window. Something about this crime scene seemed familiar. He couldn't figure it out, so he kept analyzing. Dusting the window sill, he came up with ten clear fingerprints. "Alright!"

Greg snapped plenty of photos and lifted the prints. Next stop, the bed. He took a photo of the bed the way it was before he moved stuff around. After all the photos were finished, he took out his ultra-violet light and went over every sheet and every inch of the mattress. No blood stains, no semen stains. Clearly this guy wasn't after sex. Anyway, he bagged the sheets and pillows and headed out of the room. He started examining the hall. Then something hit him. He saw a woman lying dead in a hallway looking exactly like the victim. He shook that image out of his head and processed the blood spatter. The hallway didn't take long. There wasn't much there, but he did lift two very distinct footprints; size 11. He searched all the rooms, but the only two places he found evidence was the hall and the daughter's bedroom. He heads downstairs and saw Nick examining the spot the dead male was. He saw a man lying dead in the spot Nick was looking at looking like the dead male. "Hey Nick, you found anything?"

"Not much. He didn't go anywhere else downstairs. The only place he was in was the living room."

"He was also in the hallway upstairs and the daughter's bedroom. I found ten fingerprints and two footprints."

"Sweet. Nice job Greggo," congratulated Nick. Greg smiled and looked at his feet. "So, you ready to head out?"

"Yeah, I've got everything I could find. Let's go."

As they walked out the door, Greg realized what was bugging him while he was in there. A young Greg was sleeping a big bed when he heard something. He woke up and headed to his door when he heard a gunshot. A woman screamed "Stay away from me! Stay away from my baby!"

"Mommy!" whispered younger Greg. He looked out his door and saw his mom running towards his room. A strange man rounded the corner and shot his mom in the back. His mom fell before his feet dead. Quickly, he hid in his closet and listened. The man entered his room and looked around. After a couple of minutes, the man left and Greg heard the door downstairs close. Greg got out of the closet and walked around. His mom lay in the hallway with a blood pool beneath her. Hoping his dad was okay, he headed downstairs and saw his father lying on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head. Greg sat on the stairs and cried. He then got up and called 911. The whole horror of his parent's death dawned on him. He couldn't work this case, but he had to. It may have been the man who murdered his parents. Maybe I should tell Nick he thought. After a couple minutes of arguing with himself, he got into the car and put on his seat belt. "Nick, can I tell you something without you telling anybody?"

"Sure Greggo, what's up?"

"Well, it has to do with this case…and me."


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