Okay, I know I said I would write a couple more chapters, but instead, this is the Grand Finale! So, enjoy the ending to "I Write Tragedies, Not Sins."

Chapter 18

The day of the trial had finally come. Greg stood in the locker room, changing into his suit before the trial began. Before he put his coat on, Greg rested his head against the cold steel door. It was the Day of Judgment, the day he had waited for his whole life. He knew that this case would be a slam dunk, but the bad thoughts kept flooding through his mind. What if they find him innocent? If he does, will he be back? Greg knew all of these thoughts were crazy, but they still swamped his mind. He was finally broken out of that trance when Nick walked into the room. "Hey Greggo, you okay?"

Greg looked up and at Nick. Nick was in his court suite as well. The cast that was still around his wrist from the collapse was still visible. A small bruise on his upper cheek was evident from the attack that Jason had on Nick when they were stuck in the basement. Even though those scars were still there, Greg couldn't help but wonder why Nick was still in a good mood. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Nick smiled and walked away as Greg put his suit coat on, adjusted his tie, and followed his friend to the court house. When he arrived at the double doors, he saw Brass in his normal suit standing next to Grissom who was wearing his spectacles and his best suit. "You ready?" asked Brass.

Greg nodded and Brass opened the double doors into the courthouse where reporters began to swarm around the four crime scene investigators like a hoard of angry bees. "Mr. Sanders, is it true that Jason Ferris killed your parents twenty years ago?"

"Mr. Grissom, what evidence do you have to arrest Jason Ferris?"

"Mr. Stokes, what happened to Alex Jennings?"

All of these questions came at them hard and finally, Brass was able to push them away to allow the three to the courtroom. When they arrived just outside the room, they saw Alex Jennings sitting on the bench outside, waiting for them to arrive. Alex was wearing black dress pants, a white blouse and a black coat. "Alex, are you okay?" asked Brass.

Alex looked up and nodded. Brass smiled and led her in as the three CSIs followed after. The courtroom was a madhouse. People upon people filled the benches just to see what the verdict was. Jason Ferris and his female attorney sat at the defense table as the DA sat at the prosecutor table. After they each took their seats in the front row, the officer standing next to the podium began to speak. "Please rise for the honorable Judge Stacy."

As everybody stood up as an older female woman came walking in and sat in the podium. "The trial of Jason Ferris verse the City of Las Vegas is now in session. Will the councils of each side please meet me up here at the podium?"

The DA and defense both stood up and walked towards the judge. Anything they spoke was inaudible from where the team was sitting. After a little more than five minutes, the councils sat down at the table. "Will the prosecution please bring forth their first witness?"

"The prosecution would like to bring forth Ms. Alex Jennings to the stand."

Brass motioned for Alex to stand up and slowly, she walked up to the stand. The prosecution then walked in front of her. "Please raise your right hand."

Alex brought up her right hand. "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?"

"I…I do."

"Please be seated."

Alex sat back down and brought the microphone closer to her face. "Ms. Jennings, could you please explain to the courtroom what happened in your own words."

"I was asleep in my bed when I heard my father from downstairs shouting at someone. I walked up to my door to listen closer when I heard a gunshot and my mother scream. I then heard the sounds of two footsteps approaching my door when I heard another gunshot and a loud thud. I backed away onto my bed when a man walked into my room and dragged me out to his car," explained Alex shaking.

"Is this the man that walked into your room that night?" asked the DA, pointing to Jason.

Alex nodded. "Are you sure?"

"I could never forget the face of the man that killed my parents."

"Could you tell us what happened after he drove away."

"I was sitting in the back of the car when he pulled up to his house. He then took me by the arm and locked me in his basement downstairs. Occasionally, he would bring me a bottle of water and some food, but that's all that I ever saw of him."

"Did he ever sexually attack you?"

Alex shook her head. "Then, I heard the door open and the sound of three more people walking in. I listened as one of them introduced themselves as Gil Grissom and his two colleagues. He said they were from the Crime Lab and I assumed that they found out where I was. But then they left and I grew scared. That's when Jason ran down the stairs and pulled me back into his car to go somewhere else. Before he left, he went back inside and rigged something up to the attic in case they should ever come back."

"Do you know what he rigged up?"

Alex shook her head. "Then what happened?"

"We drove to Carson City and he threw me back down into the basement there. After a little while longer, he came back down with three men. Two of them ran up to me to see if I was okay while the other one was tied up with something wrapped around his mouth. Jason untied him and took the thing away and then left us."

"Could you identify the three men if you saw them again?"

Alex nodded. "Are they sitting in this room?"

Alex nodded again. "Could you point them out?"

Alex brought up her hand and pointed to Grissom, Nick and Greg. "You have just seen that Jason Ferris had, in fact, kidnapped not only Alex Jennings, but three CSIs. Could you tell us what happened next?"

"While the older man was busy fussing over me, the Texan one began yelling at the younger one calling him Greg. The older man told the Texan named Nick to settle down and then Greg muttered something. Nick told him they would be fine. I then realized who he was. He was Greg Sanders. My parents use to tell me that his parents were killed by someone, so I thought I would meet him in person. That's when Nick talked to someone on the phone and Jason came running back downstairs and began to beat up Nick. Greg then wrestled him off and let us escape. When we got outside, the paramedics took me and Nick to the hospital."

"The prosecution has no more questions your honor." The DA walked away and the defense attorney took his place. "Ms. Jennings, are you sure that the man sitting at the table is in fact the man that took you and killed your parents?"

Alex nodded. "Did he ever mention that he killed anyone in your presence or rigged a bomb to his house in your presence?"

Alex shook her head. "Then how can you be certain that this is the man that killed your parents?"

"Because after my mother was shot, he immediately walked into my room carrying a gun and blood covered his shoes."

The jury began to mutter something at the jury stand. "The defense is done with this witness."

The jury nodded for Alex to go ahead and step down from the stand. "Will the defense bring in their first witness?"

"The defense would like to call Mr. Jason Ferris to the stand."

Smiling when his name was called, Jason walked up to the stand and imitated Alex's actions. Jason swore the oath, and sat back down. "Mr. Ferris, where were you on the day that the Sanders were killed?" asked the defense.

"I was at home, watching Saturday Night Live," replied Jason.

"He's lying," whispered Greg.

"How do you know that?" asked Nick.

"My parents were killed on a Friday evening."

"And the fact that Jason confessed right in front of us," chimed in Grissom.

Brass silenced them as the defense asked, "Is it true that you were close friends with the Sanders?"

"Yes. I knew them since high school."

"When did you find out that they were murdered?"

"The day after the incident occurred."

"Where were you when the Jennings were killed?"

"I was at home, asleep on my bed."

"The defense has no more questions your honor."

The defense sat down as the prosecution stood up and confronted Jason. "You say that you were watching Saturday Night Live when the Sanders were killed, right?"

"That is correct."

"Did you know that the event occurred on a Friday?"

"Really?" asked Jason, acting surprised.

"Yes, so if you weren't watching Saturday Night Live then, what were you doing?"

Jason sat speechless. Greg sat up straight and smirked. What lie was Jason going to think up next? "I was asleep…drunk on my bed."

"Oh really? Then how do you explain this fingerprint found on the picture of Greg Sanders when he was just a young boy in his bedroom?"

"Maybe I dropped it there by accident."

"I bet. Maybe you would like to explain to the court how you were seen taking Alex Jennings AND Greg Sanders against their will?"

"I…I can't."

"I didn't think so. We have no more questions your honor."

"Alright, we'll have a half an hour recess. We will resume at noon," said the judge as she brought down her mallet and released the court. Everyone stood up and began to file out of the room, save for Jason who was led back into the holding cell. Greg stood there and watched as the security guard lead him away. "Hey guys, I'll meet you out there," muttered Greg.

"Where are you going?" asked Nick.

"To take care of something." And with that, Greg ran up to the security officer, flashed his badge, and entered into the holding cells.

Inside, he saw Jason lying down across the bench staring at the ceiling. "Well well well, look who's here," smiled Jason.

"At least I'm on this end instead of in there," replied Greg.

"You're lucky that you're not going down for attempted murder."

"Yeah, I am…but even if I was charged, would they really condemn a guy who watched his parents killed before his very eyes when he was just a child and was taken against his will by the same man, who then tried to shoot him?" asked Greg.

"You got a point there. I remember at work when Josh would walk in saying how proud he was that his son was such a bright boy and would do great things when he grew up. I envied him so much and I knew taking you away from them would be so tragic."

"Well, you chose a wrong path. You could be out free as a bird instead of caged like a parasite."

Jason stood up angry and lunged at Greg. Greg quickly backed away as a security officer walked into the cell and calmed him down. Without hesitating, Greg ran out of the holding cells and back into the empty courtroom. As he paced back and forth, he saw Grissom sitting at the bench in thought. "Grissom? What are you doing here?"

"I'm thinking. You should be getting some air."

Greg smiled and walked out of the courtroom and towards the bathroom. Meanwhile, the security officer continued to wrestle Jason down when Jason broke through and ran out of the cells and out to the hallway. Once he reached freedom, he saw Greg walking into the bathroom. Jason smiled to himself and followed after him.

Greg immediately walked up to the sink and began to douse his face in cold water. The sensation was so relaxing that it seemed like all of Greg's worries were gone. Greg heard the door open and close, but didn't care. As he dried his face off with a paper towel, he looked into the mirror and saw Jason standing right behind him. Slowly, he brought the towel down and turned to look at Jason. "It's just you and me, boy."

Before Jason could even lunge at Greg, two officers came running in and tackled Jason to the floor. "Are you alright?" asked one.

Greg nodded as they led a cuffed Jason back to the holding cells. Greg took in a deep breath and leant against the sinks.

It was 12:30 in the afternoon and Nick and Grissom had just finished giving their accounts of what happened. Finally, the DA stood up and spoke. "The prosecution would like to bring Mr. Greg Sanders to the stand."

Slowly, Greg stood up and walked up to the stand. After swearing the oath, he sat down when the defense stood up. "Your honor, the defense would like to begin the questioning."

"Objection your honor!"

"Objection over-ruled. You may proceed," motioned the judge.

The female defense attorney walked lively up to the stand where Greg sat with a sickening smile on her face. "Mr. Sanders, is it true that when you were in Jason's captivity that you shot him twice in the chest?"

"OBJECTION! This has nothing to do with the case!" shouted the prosecution.

"Objection over-ruled."

The DA sat down defeated and watched. "Yes…it is true."

"What did Jason do to provoke this behavior?"

"As I sat there listening to Jason confess in front of Grissom and Brass, I began to grow angry. As soon as Jason walked in the door, he asked me if I enjoyed the tale. I lunged at him and fought for control over the gun. He had the gun pointed directly at me when I nearly missed it and fought some more. I guess my anger took control and it was released," explained Greg.

"Did you ever think that maybe you could have killed Mr. Ferris?"

"Not until after Grissom and Brass ran in."

"It reads here that you had, in fact, been involved in a gang-related issue where you were badly injured and you killed a kid in the line of duty, is that correct?"

Greg nodded. "How can we be sure that we have a safe cop out there when he killed a kid and almost a man?" asked the defense to the courtroom.

"OBJECTION! The defense has clearly overstepped the boundaries. Demetrius James was killed in self-defense when he attempted to injure Greg at a crime-scene."

"Objection sustained. Stay on topic, Ms. Falcon," ordered the judge.

"We have no more questions, you honor," said Ms. Falcon as she took a seat, letting the DA to step forward. "Mr. Sanders, is it true that after you were released from the hospital that you were attacked at your own home?"

Greg nodded. "And is it true that after the perpetrator ran, he left behind a note with Jason's signature on it?"

Greg nodded again. "Is it also true that you saw Jason walking into your bedroom the night your parents died?"

Greg nodded once more. "Is it true that after you, Mr. Grissom and Mr. Stokes were taken against your will that you found Ms. Jennings in his possession?"

Greg nodded in conferment. "And when you and Mr. Stokes went to your childhood home to find more evidence, did you, at all, touch any of the evidence gathered?"

"I did not. I was emotionally involved so if I handled any evidence, it would be compromised," explained Greg.

"Thank you. We have no further questions your honor."

"The jury will have a half an hour to decide the verdict. We will resume at one o'clock."

The judge brought down her mallet once more and they all walked out to the halls. Outside, Greg sunk against a wall as Nick came walking out. "You okay G?"

"Just peachy," he remarked sarcastically.

"Come on Greg."

"They're going to dismiss the case because I shot him! You can feel it, Nicky!"


"My parent's murderer is going…"


Greg shut his mouth and looked at the Texan. "Everything will be alright. The jury has all of our statements, it should be evidence enough."

Greg nodded and let his head hang low as Nick went off to grab a bottle of soda.

Finally, the moment of Judgment. The jury had come back in from their meeting and were sitting at the jury stand. Jason sat eagerly awaiting the verdict at the defense table as Brass, Nick, Greg and Grissom sat in the audience. Unbeknownst to them, Catherine, Sara and Warrick were standing the back to hear the verdict as well. "We, the jury, find the defendant, Jason Ferris, guilty of the murderers of the Sanders and Jennings. We also find him guilty of the kidnappings of Alex Jennings and Greg Sanders. We also find him innocent of the attempted murder of Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders due to not enough evidence. We hereby declare Jason to a life-sentence of prison on Death Row."

Everyone sighed with relief, except for Jason and Ms. Falcon. The officer led Jason away as the team walked out the doors when they saw Catherine, Sara and Warrick waiting there. "Guys? What are you doing here?" asked Nick.

"We came to see the verdict. How are you feeling Greg?" asked Catherine.

"Relieved. I finally found justice for my parents."

"I bet they're really proud of you now," smiled Grissom.

"Yeah, I'm sure they are too," smiled Greg as they all walked out the door. Before they could run, Greg saw Brass talking to child services about Alex. "Can you guys hang on for one moment?" asked Greg.

They all nodded as Greg ran up. "I'm sorry Captain, but we have no other choice. Unless you find someone willing to take her in, I'm going to have to send her to an adoption center," said the serviceman.

"Wait! I'll take her!" shouted Greg as he ran up to them.

"Greg, are you sure…" started Brass.

"I can take her. I know what she's going through and what an adoption center is like. I'll take her," insisted Greg.

"Good. We'll send you over the paperwork. Congratulations, Mr. Sanders," smiled the social serviceman as he walked away. Alex smiled and ran up to Greg, hugging him around the waist. "Thank you."

Greg smiled and looked at Brass. Brass patted him on the shoulder and walked towards the team. "Come on Alex, let's go home," said Greg as they walked up to the team where everyone crowded around them and congratulated them.

As they walked outside, Greg smiled as they hurried past the reporters. When they walked to the car, Greg heard a familiar voice saying, "That's our son."

Greg looked up into the sky and saw his mother and father with the Jennings. "We're so proud of you," said his mother.

Greg smiled and waved at them. "Greg? Who are you waving at?" asked Grissom.

Greg looked at Grissom and then back at the sky. They were gone. "Oh, no one," smiled Greg as they piled into their cars and drove home.


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