Authors Notes: So sorry for the delay! I've been busy with school and on top of that this part was really difficult for me to write for some reason. So I'm sorry for the shortness and the crappyness.


"Warren," Andrew called out as he scrambled from the back of their van, stumbling as the heavy bag of weapons he was dragging slid out after him. Hefting it onto his shoulder he staggered sideways into the chain link fence that separated the parking lot from California Women's Penitentiary entrance.

"What?" Warren asked impatiently as he hefted the long sword he was holding, swinging it a few times experimentally and grinning at the hum the blade made as it sliced through the air.

"Me and…" Andrew looked around and hissed something at the smallest member of the trio, who reluctantly moved to stand beside the nerdy blonde. "Me and Jonathon were thinking…"

"Good for you," Warren said calmly.

"Warren!" Andrew whined. The self proclaimed leader of the group let out a weary sigh and lowered his sword. Suddenly the center of attention Andrew visibly cringed and elbowed Jonathon.

Jonathon rubbed his shoulder, shooting Andrew a glare before turning his attention back to Warren. "Uh yeah… we were thinking…that, uh… maybeweshouldn'tkillFaith." The words came out in a jumbled rush and the boy immediately tried to step behind his fellow conspirator.

"What?" Warren was now glaring at the pair in front of him, his sword forgotten.

"Well if we kill Faith, another slayer will be called," Jonathan explained cautiously. "Wouldn't it be easier to get on with being evil without any slayers getting in our way?"

Warren tilted his head to the side, frowning thoughtfully. "Good point."

"So we can go home now?" Andrew asked hopefully as he cast a longing glance back at the van.

"No," Warren hefted his sword again and started walking towards the entrance. "We stick to the plan."


Buffy sat in a daze, absently playing with the sleeve of her shirt as her eyes roamed hopefully across the patients scattered around the wards recreation room. The person she was looking for was nowhere to be seen. Faith had led her back to her room sometime before the sun had come up to avoid being caught by orderlies in the morning. Buffy hadn't seen her since. It was nearing lunchtime now and she was beginning to worry. Had she been caught on the way back to her room? Had the doctors moved her to another ward? Was she avoiding her? The slayer frowned at the last thought. If Faith chose to abandon her she'd be alone in this reality.

"Buffy?… Buffy?…"

"Faith?" the blondes head snapped around, her face falling as she looked up at the orderly standing in front of her.

"No, I'm Pamela," the orderly said with a smile, pointing at her nametag. "Would you like to play a game of monopoly?" She offered, holding up the box and gesturing to a few patients sitting at the opposite side of the room around a partly set up board.

"Oh… no, I've never been big on the game, I mean the player pieces are weird, the top hat is bigger than the car, that's just—oh…" Buffy trailed off as the orderly walked away from her mid sentence. "Thank you though," she called out weakly. Sighing she slumped down on the sofa, hugging herself as she began to scan the room again.

"This is what counts as therapy these days?"

Faith. Buffy fought back a relieved smile as she turned to look at the brunette, who was leaning against the couch, frowning skeptically at two patients who were involved in a very animated game of snap. "I think it's just recreation."

"Whatever," Faith said as she flopped down beside Buffy. "Havin to play games like that all day would drive anyone crazy."

"They seem fine," Buffy observed, then jumped as one of the patients suddenly slapped their hand down on the stack of cards, screaming out in triumph as they dragged the pile towards them.

"Right," Faith said sarcastically as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her old pullover and leant back in her seat, eyes still trained on the two patients. "You're five by five right?" she asked after a lengthy silence.

"Yeah," the blonde said weakly and Faith shot her a disbelieving look. "Thanks for being there last night," She added sincerely, earning a dismissing shrug from the younger slayer, who had already turned her attention back to the snap game. "I was sleeping with Spike," Buffy blurted suddenly.

Faith turned and stared at Buffy, eyebrows raised. "Blonde vamp? British accent? Chip in his head?" The blonde nodded and the brunette let out a chuckle. "Damn no wonder you thought you were crazy." Buffy stiffened and looked away, frowning hard at the floor. "Shit B, I'm—"

"Forget it," Buffy cut her off coldly. Faith opened her mouth to speak again, and then closed it, letting her eyes drop to her lap. Sighing Buffy tiredly ran her hand through her hair. "I'm sorry," she said softly.

"It's fine B."

"No, its not," Buffy said, hesitating before speaking again. "I'm sorry for how I've always treated you. We're the slayers, the only two in the world, but after what happened with Finch… I-I just freaked… I shouldn't have—"

"B," Faith cut in. "Chill, I deserved everything I got."

"You didn't," Buffy protested.


"Maybe things would have turned out differently if I hadn't—"

"B," Faith interrupted again. "I'm serious, drop it," she said, casting a pleading glance at the girl beside her.

Buffy nodded, hesitantly reaching out and placing her hand on Faith's, giving it a small squeeze. "I'm glad you're here," she said sincerely.

The brunette's stared at the blonde's hand covering hers, a familiar mischievous look crossing her face. "Are you…" she trailed off, letting out a grunt of pain as her hand drifted to her stomach, clutching at the fabric of her sweater.

The blonde frowned. "Faith?" she asked, her eyes widening as the younger slayer drew her hand back, revealing a large patch of crimson staining her shirt. Reaching out Buffy carefully lifted the hem of Faith's shirt to reveal a deep red gash running the length of her stomach. "Oh god."

To Be Continued…