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Mycroft had settled into the near ideal end to a simple but wonderful evening. Drowsy from the heat of the fireplace, he did not so much as open his eyes when Ann Marie nestled herself next to him and rested her head on his chest. It was a little unusual, but perhaps she was feeling unwell again...

"Mycroft..." she began, her voice somewhat anxious.

He was too tired for idle chat and merely murmured something inane, hoping whatever it was could wait for morning.

"We're... We're expecting."

This garnered a half-open watery eye in her direction. "Expecting what...?" Both eyes opened to confirm the pointed look that sent everything clicking into place. "Oh... Well..." His eyes closed again.

"Mycroft, are you quite alright? You've gone pale."

"Have I?" he questioned, struggling for monotony. He was perfectly alright; he merely wanted to keep his eyes closed until the room stopped spinning. He was sure it would soon.