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Chapter 1

Ed stared at himself in the bathroom mirror. Should he put his hair up or leave it down? Titling his head to the side he studied his reflection. He didn't often leave it loose. It might be a nice change, and it was really cold outside tonight, so maybe leaving it down would add some warmth to the back of his neck. He ran his stiff hair brush through his wet hair, working the tangles out carelessly.

Once his hair was smooth, he shook his head vigorously from side to side. As soon as he started to get dizzy, he sat on the edge of the tub and worked the brush through his hair again. He actually liked having long hair. He liked that he could play with it, put it up, or leave it down. It was a cool way to be able to change his look. He worked the brush through his hair until it was mostly dry.

A slight shiver worked it way down his back as the steam from his shower slowly bled into his room. The heating in the dorms sucked, but the rent was free. Ed stood and check his appearance and rolled his eyes at his reflection. How could Roy make something as simple as getting food into such a huge affair? It was really pissing him off. Why the hell did they need to get dressed up anyway? So what if it was New Year's.

Running his fingers through his hair once, he snapped his hands into claws in front of his chest and clenched his teeth. Stalking out of the bathroom, he crossed the small dorm room and looked down at the soft coal black suit laying on the bed. Sure, it looked nice on him, but it was too...stuffy. Dressing up sucked.

Maybe he could talk to Roy, convince him to change his mind. Not bothering with his normal leather pants, Ed slipped on the loose slacks to his suit and pulled his white tank top on. Just enough clothing to walk out into the hall and down to the communal phone.

He dialed Roy's number and waited for the click that would signal Roy had picked up.


Ed winced at the hurried way his lover answered the phone. He better try to be nice. Sometimes 'nice' got him all sorts of interesting perks. "Hey, it's me." Edward paused for a moment, wondering how he should word this. It didn't matter to him if the bastard sounded busy. "I was thinking...how about I just meet you in front of the restaurant?" He made sure to keep his voice light and happy; like changing plans was the natural thing to do.

"I thought I was picking you up..."

Ed squirmed. Roy sounded peeved already. He was talking in that maddeningly slow way of his, as if Ed was some kid. "Well...you were...but I thought that this would be easier for you...you wouldn't have to come all the way back to the base to get me," said Ed, his voice still pleasant and light. He idly flipped the phone book open, and randomly began turning the pages.

"That's a little tacky, Ed."

Ed frowned at Roy's harsh tone. Did he just call him tacky or meeting at the restaurant tacky?

"I don't mind picking you up. You know that."

"Well, yeah...well okay, so I was kinda wanting to walk there..." Ed's voice dropped an octave. If Roy was going to pick a fight, he was more then ready. He leaned on the small ledge under the phone where the phone book lay. Roy sighed loudly into his ear.

"I wanted to pick you up..." Roy muttered something Ed couldn't catch and then sighed in his ear once more. "So can I at least ask why the change?"

Ed frowned, this wasn't going the way he wanted at all and he was getting mad at all the sighing Roy was doing. What's the big deal if he wanted to meet up at the restaurant? Time to change tactics. He leaned on the wall behind him and fiddled with the edge of the shelf. Putting on his best wounded voice, Ed sighed. "Well...um...how about we just stay in tonight instead..." drawled Ed, his voice purring around the words, leaving Roy to fill in the blanks.

"What? Ed...I've already made reservations. I had to make them a month in advance."

Crossing his arms across his chest, Ed peeled his lips back in a silent snarl. "I told you before that I didn't want to go there for New Year's...it's so...pompous...and I got to wear a suit...what's fun about that?" wondered Ed, thoroughly peeved now, and there goes Roy again, sighing in his ear.

"Ed... Like I said, I already have reservations. If you really didn't want to go, you should have whined about it before I made them. That's part of being responsible."

"BASTARD! I did whine...I mean...shut up!" Stupid bastard, tricking him like that. Making him admit that he whines. Dirty, underhanded...he pushed away from the wall and squared off with the phone. "I did tell you I didn't want to go! And who are you calling so small he can't be responsible for his own actions!" yelled Ed into the phone. It wasn't nearly as satisfying as yelling in Roy's face though.

The silence ticked by, and Ed's eyebrow twitched. Roy was up to something.

"I don't think I said anything about you being small, but if you say so."

Bastard was laughing at him. "Roy..." growled Ed from the back of his throat. He clenched his fist around the receiver, making it creak.

"I love it when you say my name, but I like it even more when you're moaning it rather than growling it."

Fucking using my own trick against me! seethed Ed. Fucking bedroom innuendo. Ed was so pissed that he couldn't actually form a response.

"Let's not have an angry night, Ed."

Ed narrowed his eye's. Now the bastard was sounding like a condescending asshole.

"I've already made the reservations, so let's just go. It will only be a couple of hours... Besides, you know I love seeing you in a suit."

"Tch!" Ed blushed. Okay, so if he looked nice he might get lots of sex later. Lots of sex was a good thing. It might not be all bad, but he had one more card to play.

"Is that a yes?"

Grr, Roy was expecting him to cave. "On one condition." He waited for Roy to protest but all he got was expectant silence. "After dinner we gotta do what I want. I don't want to sit there all night until midnight." Ed's tone was flat and with out room for negotiation. He placed his left hand on the shelf and leaned his weight on it. The seconds ticked by.

"What do you want to do?"

Ed could hear the suspicion, and he smiled. Pushing buttons and springing surprises were two of his three favorite pastimes. The third being sex, of course. "It's a surprise...Is that a yes?" he asked throwing Roy's question back at him, grinning from ear to ear. Once again the seconds ticked by.


Last card to play. "If you say no I'm not going to your dumb restaurant." He almost lost his grin as Roy sighed AGAIN.

"Fine. It's a yes. But only on one condition."

"What! You don't get to make a condition on my condition!" roared Ed. The nerve! He squeezed the small shelf making his knuckles white.

"I don't see why not."

"Roy," Ed growled low in his throat. He squeezed the phone cord in his right hand before he could answer. "What the fuck is it then!" he demanded. How could the bastard be so fucking calm.

"I get to pick you up."

"Tch! Fine, bastard!" Ed threw the receiver at the phone and killed the connection. Bloody hell! The shelf crumbled under his weight and shattered. Ed hissed in pain and looked down at his hand. Sticking into the fleshy part of his palm was a large splinter of wood. Growling, Ed yanked it out and walked back to his room to get ready. As he closed the door to his dorm, he brought his hand up to his mouth and sucked the wound. This night was going to be stellar...he could tell.

He stomped over to the bathroom and wrapped toilet paper over his hand, and squeezed. The blood slowly soaked through the tissue; Ed watched it lazily for a moment. All his unshed anger at Roy dissipated. He'd try and be good then, curb his anger. They were always fighting and it was suddenly tiring to him. Since it was New Year's Eve, maybe he should make a resolution.

Be more easy going, and don't react to every imagined slight. Ed pressed his lips thoughtfully. That could work. Nodding to himself he exited the bathroom and walked back to his bed. Reaching down, he grabbed his white dress shirt and put it on over top of his tank top. He made sure to be careful of his hand; didn't want to get blood all over his clothes, after all.

He fumbled with the buttons. They always gave him a hard time. They were small and tiny, and hard to work through the equally small cloth holes, which is why he normally dressed in things that either clasped together or were pulled on, like his tank tops. Finally he worked out a way to thread all the buttons, letting his left hand do all the small manipulations and just let his right hand hold the button still long enough to let him work.

Next, he pulled an already knotted tie over his neck. Flipping up his collar, Ed worked the knot up to his throat, making sure it wasn't going to choke him in the process, and replaced the collar. Undoing his pants, he tucked in his dress shirt, threaded his dress belt through the loops and refastened his pants. Sitting on the edge of the bed he put his socks on. First the right and then the more difficult one, the left.

Just as he was working the sock over his metal foot, a knock sounded at his dorm room door.

"Just a sec," Ed called from his seat on the bed. He quickly finished getting the sock over his heal and jumped up to cross the room. He quickly dashed into the bathroom and threw out the tissue paper around his hand before opening the door. "Hey, I'm almost done." Ed looks up into Roy's face. Damn Roy looked good in anything...or nothing for that matter. "Just got to get my shoes on," Ed told the man on his doorstep.

"Looking good." Roy looked him up and down. "Looking really good..."

Ed snorted his amusement. It was nice that Roy was admiring him but did he have to leer? And he was just standing there. "Thanks. Are you coming in?" There's his shit eating grin, Ed thought, what did I say?

"I'd love to cum in. 'Where' is a good question, but I'm sure I know a good spot."

Ed clenched his jaw shut. Easy going, easy going...remember your resolution, Ed chanted. He could feel the angry flush burn its way across his face. "You...can wait in the hall." Spinning on the ball of his foot, Ed walked back into his room, towards his dresser. Bending over, Ed pulled his shoes towards him before jamming his flesh foot into the right dress shoe, Ed knelt on the floor and started to wrestle with the laces.

"No, no, that wouldn't do at all."

Ed looked up through his hair that had fallen over his shoulder as Roy finally entered and closed the door.

"I have flowers for you."

Roy brandished the small bouquet at him. "Flowers? Why?" What was the colonel thinking now? Was he trying to treat Ed like a girl?

"Because, we're going on a date. I like flowers. They have their own language. You can say anything with flowers. I guess you wouldn't have a vase...Do you have a cup or something?"

Ed watched as Roy looked over his room as if expecting a vase to jump out and say 'here I am'. Easy going, easy going...remember your resolution, Ed chanted once more. This was harder then he thought. Shifting his weight, Ed jammed his foot into the other shoe before pointing at his bedside table and the empty glass sitting there. "Are you call me a girl?" asked Ed, his eyebrows inched towards his hairline.

"Where in all that did you get me calling you a girl?"

Ed turned around and started to wrestle with the laces on his other shoe. He could hear Roy's dress shoes click across the wooden floor towards his bed.

"There's no water in this..."

Ed rolled his eyes. Roy really was helpless. The bathroom was right there after all... "Well flowers are for girls, why are you giving them to me?" asked Ed, finally standing. For the moment his ire was forgotten as he truly wanted to know. Ed's eyes followed the glass as Roy set it back onto his nightstand.

"I told you. I like flowers. You can say anything with them. Lovers long ago used to send messages to each other using flowers. Not just lovers...but mostly lovers."

"Eh? What do you mean?" Ed crossed the small room to stand beside Roy, looking down at the four very different flowers. Two yellow ones, one big and fluted, the other small, probably a buttercup by the looks of it. There was a large Red flower and a neat blue puff ball sort of thing. Looking up in to Roy's eyes, Ed pointed at the flowers. "What do these say?" wondered Ed aloud and Roy smiled at him.

"I thought of you when I bought these." Ed looked at the first one Roy pulled away from the bouquet. The yellow fluted one, and droped it into the glass. "Passion." Next, Roy puts the blue puff ball into the glass. "Strength." Then the large red flower. "Pride." Roy paused. "I hadn't intended on telling you what these meant."

Ed looks up into Roy's face. He seems thoughtful, he mused. "Why not? What about that one? It's really..." Ed thought about the first three flowers. It was almost like Roy was talking about him. He had all those things...but those buttercups were really...small.

"What's that one mean!" demanded Ed. He glared up at Roy as the older man twiddled the flower. At least he had the grace to look embarrassed before he dropped it into the glass and mumbled something Ed couldn't catch.

"What's that? I didn't quite catch that!" growled Ed, narrowing his eyes at the squirming man.

"It, uh...means...It means childishness."

Ed clicked his tongue and kept the flowing rant from falling from his lips. He reached out and took the glass in his left hand, taking it with him to the bathroom. Turning on the tap, Ed filled the glass halfway. Twisting the tap off, Ed looked down at the flowers. Was this some sort of code that Roy was trying to say something about him with? Was it a test? Pride, strength, passion, and...childishness. Ed tapped the counter top, pondering what could Roy mean about that. He couldn't find any deeper meaning.

Picking up the flowers from the counter, Ed walked back into the room and paused in the door way to the bathroom. "So...what are you trying to tell me? You said other people used flowers to say stuff, not only lovers. Are you trying to tell me something?"

"I just think the language of flowers might be a good thing for you to learn. You never know when you may need to send a coded message, Full...er..." Ed watched as Roy cringed at the slip. When they weren't at the office Roy wasn't supposed to use his alias. "Sorry, Ed...You never know when you might receive a message either..."

Was he going to be getting a message then? Ed looked down at his feet, wondering. Roy was talking in his business voice so maybe...Later, he'd get into all this later. "Okay, whatever." Ed dismissed the topic and crossed the room to replace the glass on his nightstand. "Are we going? Don't forget, after dinner, you're doing what I want."

Roy darted forward, shocking Ed with his quickness, as he was grabbed around the middle and thrust against the wall behind him. A small grunt of surprise escaped Ed's mouth on impact.

"I remember."

Ed's groin twitched. He looked up at his lover from under his rumbled blond hair. Roy and purring were made for each other. He was just about ready to melt in happy bliss as his neck was suckled by those warm lips, and Roy's hand roamed down his body to fondle at his groin.

"I hope you have something really interesting in mind."

"Fuck!" breathed Ed, squirming into Roy's hand. He was definitely wanting something like this a hell of a lot more then going to a restaurant. "This is what I wanted to do in the first place," gasped Ed. "Let's blow the restaurant..."

"I don't think so. I want to enjoy seeing you in that suit for a while longer before I take you out of it."

Ed pouted as Roy shook his head and stepped out of range. "Shit..." mumbled Ed. Shoulda kept my mouth shut until after the sex, thought Ed. Running his left hand through his hair to smooth it, Ed hissed as the pressure reminded him of his injured hand. He hoped it wasn't loud enough for Roy to hear. A quick look at Roy and the frown he was sporting told him it wasn't, as his hand was snatched away from his head.

"This looks fresh."

"Your fault," answered Ed. Snatching back his hand, Ed pulled his suit jacket off the bed and shrugged it into place, not meeting Roy's gaze.

"My fault? Would you like to explain that?"

"Let's just GO already, or maybe we should stay in," Ed purred. Two steps later, and he was once again leaning into Roy suggestively, with his hands running along his back. Ed could feel Roy's chuckle rumble under his ear, he was pulled away far enough for Roy to plant a sweet kiss on his cheek. Ed smiled. It felt like the first genuine smile of the night, where he was truly happy. Roy wrapped an arm around him, pulling him away and into his side, where he was guided to the door.

"How about we stay in after we're done eating?"

"No, we're not. I got plans," Ed smiled again, this time more evilly. Ed reached out and pulled his black winter dress coat off the hook on the back of the door.

"Plans can change."

"Not according to you," Ed smirked as he looked over his shoulder at Roy frowning. Seems his plans have messed up Roy's somewhat. He pulled the jacket on over his shoulders, and wrapped a scarf around his neck before opening the door.

"Some plans are more flexible then others."

"I don't think my plans are those type of plans." Ed left first at Roy's insistence and turned around as Roy hummed something to himself before closing Ed's door for him. Moving around Roy, Ed inserted his key into the door and locked it.

Without looking back, he made his way down the hall towards the front of the building. Ed could hear Roy sigh, and his eyebrow twitched. Roy came trotting up behind him and quickly over took him to wait by the front door, holding it open. Glancing out of the corner of his eye, Ed pressed his lips to stay quite. Did Roy know he was treating him like a girl? Or was it some weird...'Roy thing'?

Ed walked to the car sitting in front of the dorms. Roy once again hurried in front of him and opened the passenger door. Tension snapped through Ed's body for a fraction of a second making his step falter before he forced his feet forward and slid into the car, pulling the long heavy coat around him. He could hear Roy's steps as he walked around the car though the crunchy snow to the driver's side. The door opened and Roy sat heavily into the driver's seat, making the car rock slightly. Ed looked out the window and waited for them to get moving.

"Hmm...I think it's this one."

Ed raised an eyebrow and looked back at Roy, who was holding up a key under the half light studying it. "You don't know which key it is?" Is this for real or is Roy just playing with him?

"It's not like I drive all that often you know..."

Ed barely caught Roy's sullen mumblings before Roy jabed the key into the ignition.

"Besides, these are State keys, not mine. Hawkeye or Havoc usually have them..."

"Hn," grunted Ed. Lame, he thought, and turned to look back out his window. The car roared to life, and he could feel it slip into gear. Good, that meant that they could get this stupid dinner out of the way. Instead of going forward as one would assume the car would go, they went backwards before Roy stopped the car hard.

"Oops. Wrong way."

Ed looked over at Roy, truly worried now. Especially with that nervous chuckle thing he was doing. "I should have walked..." mumbled Ed, glancing out the window.

"I told you I don't drive that often."

"I don't even know how to drive yet, but I bet I can still do it better then you," Ed threw over his shoulder. He shook his head at Roy.

"Maybe if you had stilts to reach the pedals."

Ed tensed, and counted to ten...then twenty. "You know...I'm trying to be good and not get angry as this is a 'special' night...and here you are deliberately trying to provoke me...who's the childish one now?" Ed was extremely pleased that his voice held no trace of anger. He watched as Roy stopped smirking and gave him a unreadable look.

"Alright, Ed I'm..."

Roy nodded at the steering wheel and fell silent. Ed waited a moment more to see if Roy was going to say anything else. When it became apparent that he wasn't, he resumed his study of the passing buildings.

--To Be Continued--

Don't forget, this story has a companion fic written by ZaKai, which can be found on via my profile and she works from Roy's POV. As this started out as a New Year's fic, we (ZaKai and I) should have the next installment within the next 24 hours or so, and then we go from there! I hoped you enjoyed our little experiment and follows us as we go. XD