Title: When We Were Young

Author: GregSanders

Summary: Another High School fic. Greg is new to CSI High and has many adventures and makes new friends along the way.

Rating: K+ to be safe

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI or any of its characters (I'm very tired of saying this, but I got to)

Staff: Conrad Ecklie: Evil principle. Gilbert Grissom: Entomology/Chemistry Teacher. Jim Brass: Vice Principle. O'Riley: PE teacher. Rory Atwater: Philosophy Teacher. Teri Miller: Art Teacher. Ronnie Litra: Language Arts Teacher. Dr. Al Robbins: Health teacher/ Medical examiner.

Students: Mia Dickerson: Freshman/ Cheerleader. Jacqui Franco: Freshman/ Science Whiz. Bobby Dawson: Freshman/ Science Whiz/ Trouble-Maker. David Hodges: Freshman/ Teacher's Pet. Archie Johnson: Sophomore/ Computer Geek/ Trouble-Maker. Greg Sanders: Sophomore/ Trouble-Maker/ Science-Whiz. Julie Sanders: Sophomore/ Trouble-Maker/ Shy/ Nick's younger sister/ Science-Whiz. Samuel Vega: Sophomore/ Jock. David Phillips: Sophomore/ Teacher's Assistant for Dr. Robbins. Ryan Wolfe: new kid/sophomore. Taylor Sanders: Greg's Cousin from Reno/Junior (generously donated by StoryDreamer). Sara Sidle: Junior/ Cheerleader. Nick Stokes: Junior/ Jock/ Trouble-Maker. Warrick Brown: Junior/ Jock/ Trouble-Maker. Dannielle Hudson: Junior (generously created by ericloca). Sofia Curtis: Senior/ Cheerleader. Catherine Willows: Senior/ Cheerleader. Tony Vartann: Senior/ Jock

Chapter 1

Greg Sanders had just moved to Las Vegas and was about to be starting CSI High School. He had moved all over the United States for as long as he could remember, so attending a new school wasn't a big deal for him. But the one thing he was worried about was making friends. He had always had a hard time making new friends and he knew that in order to survive high school, you needed friends. When his mom drove up to the school, Greg saw everybody hanging out around the courtyard. "Alright honey, I'll pick you up after school," said his mother.

He said good-bye and stepped outside. As his mother drove away, he walked up to the school very nervous. He saw a bunch of groups standing around with their friends. As he climbed the stairs, he could hear all the groups whispering to each other and pointing at him. Then, a boy with brown hair approached him. "You must be new here. I'm Archie Johnson."

"Greg Sanders," he replied. "I'm looking for the office, do you think you can show me…"

"Why don't I just take you there? Here follow me." Archie guides him inside. "Now I must warn you, the principle here is a real dick."

"Aren't most principles like that?" asked Greg sarcastically. Archie laughed. "Alright, we're here."

Archie opened the door and led Greg inside. The principle looked up and saw them. "May I help you?"

"He's new here," said Archie.

"Was I asking you? Take a seat." Greg sits down as Archie leans against the wall. "I'm Mr. Ecklie and you must be Mr. Greg Sanders. I decide all the punishments around here. Now, here is you're schedule…" he said as he passed the piece of parchment over the table, "and I'll have Mr. Johnson here to give you a tour of our school. Hopefully I won't be seeing much of you while you are here. Good day Mr. Sanders."

Greg gets up and follows Archie out the door. "So, where do you want to start?" asked Archie.

"Can you show me where my locker is?" he asked as he showed Archie his locker number. "Follow me."

They began walking. As they walked to his locker, Archie showed Greg the cafeteria, commons, office, and the library. As the rounded the corner, they saw a tall African-American and a slightly shorter white guy with brown hair walk out of the gym. "Hey guys! Ready for the game tomorrow?" yelled Archie.

"You bet Archie," said the white guy.

"Who's this?" asked the African American guy.

"Oh, Greg this is Warrick Brown," indicating the African American guy, "he can spot anything a mile away and one of the coolest guys here. And this Nick Stokes," indicating the white guy, "he's from Texas and has a good sense of humor. Warrick and Nick, this is Greg Sanders."

"Hey," they said in unison. Greg held up his hand and smiled. "We've gotta go Archie, we'll see you later," says Warrick as they walk away.

"They're the best basketball players on the team and juniors. But don't worry, they're really nice. You probably figured out that that is the gym there."

Greg nodded. They continued walking until they reached Greg's locker. Greg was about to open it when a tall older man walked up. "Hey Archie, could you help me with my computer, it shut down again," the man said.

"Sure Mr. Grissom. Oh, Mr. Grissom, this is…" started Archie.

"Greg Sanders. Yes, Ecklie told us we were getting a new sophomore."

Greg smiled. "I'll see you at break Archie."

"Bye Mr. Grissom. He's the chemistry and entomology teacher. And if you ever get a ridiculous punishment from Ecklie, go to Mr. Grissom, he'll get you out of it…most of the time."

Greg nods and follows him around the rest of the campus. They then saw the four hot cheerleaders. "Forget it dude, they don't fall for sophomores like us…Mia maybe, but Catherine, Sara and Sophia…no way José!"

Greg sighed and watched as the cheerleaders passed by. From what Archie could say, the older blonde looking one was Catherine Willows, the other blonde was Sophia Curtis. Both were seniors. The brunette was Sara Sidle, who was a junior. The youngest of the bunch was Mia Dickerson, a freshmen. All four of them were snobs and didn't pay attention to boys. As they continued along the corriders, the first bell rang. "Great, we better be getting to class. Who do you have first?"

"I have…Mr. Atwater for philosophy."

"Cool, that's who I have…I'll show you where the classroom is….Here, let me see you're schedule."

Greg hands over his schedule. "Cool, all our classes are the same. Guess I'm like your buddy now, huh?"


"We better head over to class. Mr. Atwater doesn't accept tardiness."

As they walked to class, Greg thought about what Archie said. I guess I'm like your buddy now, huh? For once in his life, he had made a new friend on his first day of school.


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