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Chapter 18

The following day, Dannielle was sitting beneath the oak tree in the front of the school. Most of lunch, she would come out to the tree and sit in the shade to relax. Dannielle was so caught up in her surroundings that she didn't notice Ryan walking up to her. Since Ryan was still the new kid at CSI High, he didn't have many friends. Sure, he hung out with the baseball team, but he didn't feel comfortable with them. But, he did feel comfortable with one person, and that was Dannielle. The way she thought of things and spoke was very pleasing to him. He felt almost happy when he was with her. But there was only one problem; he couldn't form sentences when he was with her. Oh how teenage boys can get tongue-twisted when they are with girls. But today, Ryan swore that he was going to talk to her. So, taking a deep breath, he walked up to Dannielle. As he stood behind her, he stuttered, "H…hi Dannielle."

Dannielle looked up at Ryan and smiled. "Oh, hey Ryan. What's up?"

"Uh…I, er…wanted to see how you were…uh, doing."

This made Dannielle smile. "Well, I'm doing fine. You want to sit down?"

"Uh…yeah, sure."

Slowly, Ryan sat next to Dannielle. Silence engulfed them. The only thing they could hear was the wind rustling the leaves. Dannielle was only wearing a t-shirt, so when the wind hit her, she became cold. Ryan, recognizing her shaking body, took off his leather jacket and wrapped it around Dannielle's shoulders. "Oh, Ryan, you don't…"

"It's alright. You need it more than I do."

Yes! He didn't stutter! He was becoming more comfortable with her. What happened next was not what he was expecting. Dannielle had thanked him by placing a kiss on his cheek. Ryan quickly blushed and fainted.

Midwinter break was fast approaching. Everyday at lunch, Greg and Julie would head up to the library to study science. They had just begun their session on Human Metabolism when Nick, Warrick, Catherine, Sara and Taylor came running. "Come on guys, we got to go," hyperventilated Nick.

"Why? What's going on?" asked Julie.

"There's no time to explain! Come on!" shouted Warrick as Nick grabbed Julie and Taylor grabbed Greg. As they ran out of the double doors, Catherine and Warrick looked down both halls and ran off to the right. Greg was about to ask again when a loud gunshot rang out like a bell. "RUN!" shouted Nick as they ran down the hall and into the nearest classroom.

Come to find out, they had ran into Mr. Grissom's room. "Mr. Grissom! Where are your keys?" huffed Warrick.

"In my desk…what's going on?" asked Mr. Grissom as Catherine and Sara dug through his desk and threw the keys to Taylor.

"There's some guy roaming the school with a gun!" explained Nick.

Grissom's eyes widened in shock as Taylor locked the door. "There, that should hold him."

Quickly, Grissom picked up the phone and called Brass. "Jim, it's Gil. Call a lock-down now!"

It wasn't long before Brass's voice came over the intercom shouting, "All students get into the nearest room. This is a lock-down."

They could hear kids screaming and running through the halls. But there came another voice…a strange voice. "Hey Stokes! Stokes, let's play!" it said drunkenly.

"You know this guy?" asked Nick.

"I have no idea who this guy is!" replied Julie.

Suddenly, there came the sound of a bullet hitting the door. "Get into my office!" ordered Grissom.

Quickly, the gang ran into the vacant office. After they had all crammed into the office, Grissom slammed the door and shut the blinds. "Alright, keep you voices down and stay low."

The teenagers did as they were told and laid as quiet as a corpse. Police sirens could be heard in the distance, giving them hope. But that was smashed down when the lock to the classroom was shot out and the deranged man came stumbling in. Hearts raced as he began to tear the room to shreds. They hoped that he wouldn't check Grissom's office, but the doorknob began to jiggle. When the man got frustrated, he shot the lock and kiced the door down. When he saw the group of kids, he let slip a malevolent smile.

When the police showed up, news reporters and paramedics pulled in. Concerned neighbors came out of their houses to make sure everyone was alright. The squad ran into the school to evacuate all the students. As they ran in, all of the parents pulled up, worried about their sons and daughters. Mrs. Sanders broke to the front of the crowd with Mr. and Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Willows, Mr. Sidle and Mrs. Brown as a group of cops led out a group of students. The parents looked eagerly as students ran to their parents. Dannielle saw her mother and quickly ran into her open arms. As all the students ran to their parents, a cop called up to a classroom with a megaphone. "Sir, come out with your hands up!"

The man's face appeared in the window and shouted, "No! I am not leaving until I get what I want! And if you don't leave, I'll kill a hostage each hour and throw their dead bodies to your feet so you know that it was you who killed them."

The man disappeared as another cop approached the sergeant. "Sir, he dropped a list of the hostages."

The sergeant nodded and took the list from the officer. The list read as follows:

Warrick Brown

Nick Stokes

Julie Stokes

Catherine Willows

Sara Sidle

Dr. Gil Grissom

Taylor Sanders

Greg Sanders

Seven kids and one teacher. This was not going to be good. The sergeant felt as though he had to let the parents of the students know, so he pulled up his megaphone and asked, "Could the guardians of Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, Julie Stokes, Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle, Taylor Sanders and Greg Sanders come to me please?"

The huddled group of parents burst through the crowd to meet the sergeant. He could tell that they were all worried sick about their children. "What is it?" asked Mrs. Willows.

"We have just found out who the hostages are…and I think you should all know who they are," replied the sergeant as he handed the list of names to the group.

Grandmother Brown took the list and burst into tears as she read her grandson's name. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes comforted each other after seeing their children both on the list. Mrs. Willows stood speechless as she read her daughters name. Mr. Sidle felt angry at the man holding his daughter hostage. But when Mrs. Sanders read her son's and niece's names, she fell to the ground bawling. Her baby, her only baby, was in the school with a madman. "I'm very sorry you all have to deal with this, but I promise you, we will do whatever we can to get them all back safely," explained the sergeant.

Before he could walk away, Mr. Stokes asked, "Do you know who this man is?"

"We're still working on it, Mr. Stokes, but we'll find out."

The group of parents thanked the officer as Archie, Dannielle and Ryan walked up to the parents. "Hi, I'm Archie. This is Dannielle and Ryan. We're good friends of your children," introduced Archie.

"We just wanted to let you know that if you ever need anything, we're here to help," continued Dannielle.

"Oh, thank you so much, kids," said Grandmother Brown through tears.

"We think that they would want to take care of you," replied Ryan.

And together, the group stood together, praying that their children would be alright.


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