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Dana Cruz is Gabriella Montez's cousin. (they are both of mexican decent) Ther date is June 12 and school has just let out. The summer is Here and everyone is excited. It is about 9 Pm when someone calls her at room 101.The call is to inform her that she will be having to spend her whole Summer Vacation at the Montez household in alberqurque, new mexico. With her dear Cousin Gabriella.She has no choice.She will be missing everyone dearly especially a certain Logan reese she had grown to Love not as a friend but as more..she hasn't told him and doesn't plan to because she knows he will fear her.what she dosent know is that over in the boys room Logan is pacing around because he has to go visit his cousin troy Bolton the whole summer (get it? Extremely good looks? Great basketball skills? Gets all the girls?)and he was going to confess his true love for Dana.so much for that.There is something about her.Something different.Maybe its that little twinkle in her eye.or her toughness that he loves.either way she is going to find out sooner or later.this story is going to have Drama and a lot of it. Everyone tries to make the other people go out but end up getting lost in a world of mixed emotions, Excitement,Amusement Parks,Girl time, boy time,basketballs,spin the bottle,lollipops,shopping,bycicles,carriage rides along the park,new realtionships,old memories,Walks along the beach,Crying,Cheating,true confessions and true LOVE!!!

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