A Ranma ½ and Inu-Yasha Crossover
Ranma's New Curse

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. This is a work of fanfiction, which means I get to play god and change the characters around as I see fit. HA HA HA!

Notes: In the Ranma Universe this story starts out at the end of the battle with Saffron. In the Inu Yasha Universe it diverges from book 8. I will change little things as time goes on ie the Inu Yasha group never meets Sango and anything after book 8 never happened. If the characters are OOC then I apologize I tried my best damn it!


It's a nice sunny day in Tokyo, Japan. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and outside of a small shrine a girl is jumping up and down like a pinball with excitement. Standing around her watching with amusement are two other girls obviously wanting to know what made their friend so happy.

"I did it! I did it." Cried the girl happily as she continued her little dance.

"Kagome-chan exactly what did you do?" asked one of the other two girls eager to share her friends happiness for she had been looking down for the last couple of days.

Kagome stopped her bouncing long enough to look at her friends and tell them her news. "I passed the test to get into one of my high schools I tried out for. I'm so excited! It's not far from my house so travel will be no problem."

"Which high school did you try out for?"

"It's in the Nerima District." Taking out the slip of paper with her acceptance letter she read the name. "Furinkan High."

At the mention of the school the other two girls backed away and looked terrified. "You're going there?" asked one of the girls with fear in her voice.

Kagome, broken out of her happy mood due to her friends sudden fear was curious as to why the name of her soon-to-be high school would cause her friends to react like that. "Is there something wrong with Furinkan High?" she asked.

"Kagome, that's one of the weirdest schools in the country. There's all sorts of weird things that go on there." Answered one friend.

"Yeah. Haven't you ever heard of the Nerimian battles? There are supposedly so many bad kids there that they have to bring in special teachers to control the riots." Said the other.

"Ah, you guys are overreacting, those are just rumors. I'm sure they're not true." Said Kagome waving her hand dismissively. 'Then again if they are true it doesn't matter. That was the only high school I had a chance of getting into with my grades.' She thought. "Thank you for walking me home but I must tell my family the good news. I'll see you tomorrow." She said as she waved goodbye to her friends.

"Bye Kagome." Her friends called back as they left the shrine.

'Now how to break the news to Inu-Yasha.' She thought to herself. 'hmmm... Oh well I have all summer I'll think of something.' She thought to herself as she went to tell her family the good news.

Now we go from the Higurashi's shrine to a Chinese fishing vessel about two miles away from the docks of Tokyo. The atmosphere is one of relief because the passengers are happy to be back home in their native land. Only one is standing alone on the deck of the ship sitting on the floor looking at the ocean and prior to contrary belief of this person not being able to think, is doing just that.

Ranma Saotome is thinking of his life, his curse, Akane, Saffron but mostly he thought about his body and the power that was contained within him.

'The power I used to destroy Saffron, what was it?' he thought 'It couldn't have been chi, I was too tired to generate any.' He thought back to the final moments of battle with the demi-god. Reliving the battle that took place in the tornado of power and destruction that he had created to rip Saffron to shreds.

'It wasn't my chi! What was it damn it!' He thought as he ran his fingers through his hair franticly trying to massage his brain into giving him the answer. 'I remember it was cold and it felt like a blackness over took me. My chi is created through my confidence, which is warm and it feels light. It was also scarily attempting to give in to the power. I wanted to do so many things to Saffron that I never wanted to do before. I wanted to rip him to shreds with my bare hands, feel his blood run over my fingers and feel his flesh under my nails as punishment for Akane!'

"Akane." That's another thing that confused him. He was sure that she had died back there. When he was holding her cold and lifeless body in his arms he felt that power calling out to him once more. Telling him it had the power to save her so she could smile, laugh and even mallet him once again. He gave into the power again hoping that it would be enough to revive her. Afraid of the power being fueled by hate and loathing he pushed all the feelings of love that he had for Akane into the burst of whatever it was that was being used. When he had seen her open her eyes and speak his name it was the scariest and happiest moment of his life. He was happy for the second chance he had with his fiancée but he was scared of himself. 'What was that power!?'

While he was still thinking he was approached from behind by Akane.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked as she sat down next to him. Ever since the battle with Saffron ended he withdrew into himself and didn't talk to any one for the remainder of the trip.

"Just what I'm going to do when I get home."

"And what have you decided?" she asked concerned for him. She was still unsure of what happened between them at Jusendo but ever since her 'revival' she has been feeling even more protective of Ranma. Even though she knew he was perfectly capable of taking care of himself. It still hurt to see him in mental or physical pain.

"I will tell you all at once." He said as he stood up. "Come on the boats docking and I can't wait to get back to the dojo." He said with a smile as he walked with Akane of the boat and on to dry land. 'I'm home' he thought to himself, 'but I'm not safe'. He continued walking with Akane in the direction of the Tendo Dojo unconsciously holding her hand while a fat panda followed behind them carrying their bags.

END Prologue

Authors Notes: I haven't seen that many Ranma/Inu-Yasha fics out there and seeing as how I am a fan of both I figured why the hell not write a story about them.
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