A Ranma ½ and Inu-Yasha Crossover
Ranma's New Curse

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Notes: In the Ranma Universe this story starts out at the end of the battle with Saffron. I have decided to change the view for the Inu Yasha universe from this point on. After doing some research on the characters I decided to put Rin, Sesshomaru and Sango into the story line. I was going to put Sesshomaru in the story anyway but the way I'm putting him into it now is better than before. I hope you enjoy! Also this story will have a slight crossover with the TV show Angel. Hope you don't mind.

----------------------------Sengoku Jidai---------------------------

Inu Yasha watched, with his eyes opened wide in surprise, as his father, someone he thought long dead, jumped out of the bone eaters well and landed in front of him. He quickly shook off his surprise and rubbed his eyes and stared back at the demon before him. Once he got a second look he was convinced that this was too good to be true. He looked carefully at the demon before him and matched the way the demon looked to the way his father did, everything was the same! However due to Inu Yasha's dealings with Naraku, he knew that looks could be deceiving.

He cautiously sniffed the air around his father knowing that he would never forget his father's scent. After sniffing for a few seconds he growled and tightened his hold on Tetsusaiga. "You're not my father! Who the fuck are you!"

Chapter 11: Family Reunion

Ranma blinked in confusion at the two people who stood before him when he jumped out of the well. 'Whoa guess the old dog was right, I am in the past.' he thought as he looked around at where there once was a temple with buildings in the distance was now a meadow surrounded by trees. He lowered his eyes back down to the two people who stood before him. He heard the one holding the sword call him father and a smile lit up his face. 'Alright, guess that means I located one of Inutaisho's kid's!' He thought happily as he started to introduce himself.

He was about to explain who he was when he heard Inu Yasha's shout. Ranma's eyes opened in surprise when he saw Inu Yasha's sword come straight at him. Surprised by the speed of the swing and the fact that he was up against the well, he wasn't able to avoid the blow. Ranma shut his eyes and raised his arm in a futile effort of stopping the oncoming blow. He prepared for the pain of losing one of his limbs when he realized he still felt his arm, but no pain. He slowly opened eyes and saw a snarling Inu Yasha beating a rusted sword up and down on the ground.

Inu Yasha snarled as he swung at the impostor and his eyes widened in surprise and anger as he saw Tetsusaiga transform back to an old rusted sword when it touched Ranma's arm. With a snarl he began to swing the sword wildly. "What's wrong with this damn thing!" Once Tetsusaiga transformed back to the fang, Inu Yasha once again swung at Ranma.

However now that Ranma had gotten his bearings he was able to stop the sword inches from his head by holding the blade between his palms. "I'd really wish you'd stop that," he muttered as he looked at Inu Yasha's angry face.

'This asshole is playing with me!' Inu Yasha thought angrily as he tried to overpower Ranma's grip. "I'll teach to you to screw with me!" he shouted as he drew out Ranma's youki to form around his sword. He was sweating profusely as was Ranma as they both fought for control. "Kaze No Kizu!" He attempted to use one of the Tetsusaiga's strongest attacks against the impostor and was shocked when once again as soon as the blade touched Ranma it transformed and the winds that formed the Kaze No Kizu blew away. "What the fuck is wrong with this piece of shit!" he growled angrily as he tried to get the sword to transform once more.

*I probably know the answer to that*

"Who said that?" Inu Yasha shouted as he heard a voice in his head. He whipped his head from side to side looking for the speaker but he saw no one but Ranma who was looking at him oddly and Miroku who held his staff in front of him in case he had to ward off any attacks.

Inu Yasha's eyes widened once more as a giant pearl shot out of the well and hovered in front of his face. *I said that* he heard it say in his head, as it seemed to stare at him angrily, if a pearl could look angry that is.

Inu Yasha sputtered incoherent curses as he clumsily backed away from the levitating orb as it continuously moved toward him.

*The sword you wield is the fabled Tetsusaiga, which was made from the fang of your father, Inutaisho, correct?*

Inu Yasha nodded his head dumbly as he stared at the talking ball. 

*The reason your sword cannot harm that demon is because he has been granted the powers of your father and they share the same soul.  Hitting him with that sword would be like him biting himself.  If he doesn't want it to happen, it won't.*

"As much as that explains why Inu Yasha's sword did not harm him, we still don't know who you are and what you want." Miroku said as he stepped forward from behind Inu Yasha while the hanyou regained his bearings.

Ranma blushed at this and absently fidgeted with his tail as he bowed to the two men.  "I'm Ranma Saotome, sorry about this." He then stood up and faced them as he continued. "I have come to train in my new abilities with my friends so that they will not go to waste.  I am also on a quest to find the two sons of Inutaisho."

"What do you want with me?" Inu Yasha snarled as he stayed in a slight fighting stance. 'Tetsusaiga won't work, but I can still use my claws.'

Ranma blanched at the question and scratched the back of his head.  "I don't know, actually.  Though if you are his son I was told to give you this." Ranma then put his hand in his shirt and pulled out the black scrolls he had gotten from Baba.  One was sealed once while the other was sealed twice.  The one with only one seal on it had his name written on it so he handed the other one to Inu Yasha.

Inu Yasha took the scroll and inspected it.  'It smells like my father.' He then noticed the seals on the side. "This is the seal of my family," he looked up at Ranma to see him still standing still, looking straight at him.  "What's in it?"

Ranma shrugged his shoulders and shook his head from side to side.  "I have no idea.  Why don't you just open it?"

Inu Yasha growled as he touched the seals and one of them turned to ash.  "I can't."

"Why not?" Miroku said form beside him.

"There are two seals on this scroll, one is my families which can be opened by any member of our line, but the other was especially made for one person, my brother." He growled as his hand tightened around the scroll. 

"So let's go and find him."  Ranma said with a smile.

"It's not that easy," Inu Yasha growled as he cursed his brother.  "Every time I see that bastard, he tries to kill me."

"Oh," Ranma said as he sweat dropped. 'And I thought I had problems.' "Well I still need to see him anyway so I'll try to hold him off for you." He said with a smirk.

Miroku blocked Inu Yasha's oncoming curses by hitting him on the head with his staff.  "You said that you came with friends, where are they?"

Ranma looked thoughtful for a moment and then turned back to the well.  "They should have been right behind me…" his sentence was cut off as a large pillar of ki rose from the well as it exploded.

-------------------- Later at Kaede's Cottage-------------------

*Student, unleashing your full ki in the well was not a good idea * the orb scolded Kasumi as it floated around said girls head.

            "I'm sorry mistress I didn't mean to let grandfather get to me.  But, but that poor girl." Kasumi explained as she looked at the other people sitting around the house.  The girl who had landed near Kasumi after she landed in the well was currently holding back the hanyou named Inu Yasha who was trying to go after Happousai.  Only having his face meet dirt every time he tried.  The monk who had not yet introduced himself was sitting in the corner and seemed to be thinking over something, while Ranma sat with one foot on Happousai's head, keeping the lecher from squirming free.  And the old woman, who had introduced herself as Kaede, was sitting with a cute little kitsune boy drinking tea while watching the going-ons with a little curiosity.


            "Shut up you stupid perverted little troll!" Ranma growled as he pulled his fist out of Happousai's face.  Said perverted flea demon was currently tied up on the floor of the house.  "You never learn do you, you old fool!  Maybe I should just give you to Inu Yasha. Hmm?" Ranma said with a small smile as he watched all of the color drain from Happousai's face.  "That's what I thought."

            "YOU SHOULD LET ME HAVE HIM ANYWAY!  I'LL TEAR HIM APART!" Inu Yasha said as he too sat on the floor tied up and tried to wriggle towards Happousai's side.

            "Inu Yasha stop it already, I said I'm fine." Kagome explained as she tried to hold him back.  Truth be told she wanted Inu Yasha to rip into the little pervert a little, but for new acquaintances sake, held him back  "Don't make me say that word again."  Inu Yasha growled a little bit in anger and frustration but eventually settled for casting a death glare in Happousai's direction.

            Ranma smirked as he watched the girl who had, from what he could understand of the screams of anger from the girl and Kasumi, been groped by Happousai in the well, managed to control the unruly hanyou with a single word.  It was funny to Ranma as he watched the demons face repeatedly meet the floor whenever he tried to go after Happousai (not that he couldn't blame him), but every time he hit the dirt he was reminded of Akane and her mallets sending him for a painful flight every time she thought he did something wrong.  After brooding over his problems for a while he turned his attention to Kasumi.  "So what did happen in the well?"

            "Well, it went like this…"


---------------Bone Eater's Well---------------

            "What a trip!  Looks like we made it." Said Ranma as he looked up from the bottom of the well.  "It's hard to believe we're in the past but there's no roof, only sunlight."

"Ahh, and the flowers are so pretty." Kasumi said as she walked up to a vine and sniffed the flowers that were growing on it. 

"Well what are you waiting for, master," Happousai said with as much venom and sarcasm in his voice he could muster.  "Why don't we get out of this place?" 

*I agree with Happousai.  We need to move quickly, I can sense a hanyou nearby and if we are in Sengoku Jidai, I don't want to stay in a spot where we can't fight to the best of our abilities. * Said Nuriko as she changed from a necklace into a medium-sized floating pearl.

Ranma then heard a shout coming from the area outside the well.  "Looks like you were right about that hanyou ball-san."

Nuriko, now obviously agitated, slammed into the back of Ranma's skull.  *My name is not Ball-san!  It's Nuriko! *   

"Alright, alright." He said as he rubbed the back of his head.  "Just wait here." He told them as he heard a shout from above.

"Who's there?  Show yourself!"

"It's alright I'm coming up!" Ranma shouted back at the voice as he turned back to his companions once more.  "Don't come up till I figure out what's goin on up there."  He then jumped to the top of the well and disappeared from their sight.

Once Ranma was out of sight Kasumi turned toward Happousai, "Are you sure it's safe here?"

The little man shrugged his shoulders as he answered.  "It's safer for Ranma to be here than for people to see him in our time.  In these times seeing a youkai is a relatively normal thing so he should draw less attention than a teenager with a tail walking through a crowded district, true?"

Kasumi had to agree with Happousai on that but was still concerned.  "But with all the other youkai around won't we be in more danger?"

"Nonsense my dear." Happousai said while waving aside Kasumi's concern with me here, as well as that punk we should be fine.  "And aren't you a big bad demon exterminator?  I thought you were trained to handle this type of situation?" he asked with an arrogant smirk.

Kasumi reddened a little as she mumbled her answer.  "This is my first time actually doing something like this.  I'm not used to you or Ranma's way of life.  You two are used to surprises and challenges that come out of nowhere.  I like being at home caring for my family.  I'm not used to having odd happenings suddenly fall right on top of me."

* THUD *

As soon as Kasumi finished, a huge bag that seemingly came out of nowhere landed on top of Happousai and squished the little man flat.  Kasumi looked up as a girl who seemed to be as old as Akane, dressed in a school fuku dropped into the well, also from out of nowhere.  "Oh my God! My bag didn't hit you did it?" the girl asked as she approached Kasumi.

Kasumi, being slightly wary of this strange girl who appeared out of nowhere, kept her hand on her crossbow strapped to back and answered her as pleasantly as she could.  "Oh no, I'm just fine." She said with a smile as she stepped away from the girl. 

"Oh that's good but wasn't there someone else here that you were talking to?" the girl asked as she looked around the bottom of the well. 

"AHH SWEETO! A gift from the Gods" Happousai yelled as he popped out from under the heavy bag, only to come face to face with Kagome's derriere.  "Ahh, what a lovely sight for a lonely old man." He sighed as he nuzzled said derriere.

Kasumi watched with anger as Happousai fondled the girl as she cried out and tried to get the perverted old man to stop, slowly boiling Kasumi drew her crossbow and aimed it at the little goat.  Waiting until the girl had dislodged said goat from her person, she opened fire once Kagome had landed a lucky punch to Happousai's jaw, sending him flying off the girl and to another corner of the well.  "DEMON SEEKER!" she shouted as she infused the notched arrow with chi and fired it at the now wide-open Happousai.

End Flashback

            "And that's what happened." Kasumi finished as she stared at Ranma who was grinding his foot further into Happousai's skull.

            "Stupid old man, ya always gotta make things harder don'tcha!" he growled to the little man.

            "I still say you should let me have him!" Inu Yasha growled as he laid on his stomach with his chin in his hand listening to Kasumi's story.  He would have tried to grab the freak again but Kagome had sat on his back to keep him from moving and he didn't want her to 'sit' him again.

"I told you I'm fine." Kagome said as she got off of Inu Yasha.  "He was probably angry that I dropped my bag on him, right?"

Ranma just put his hand behind his head and laughed nervously, "Yeah, sure, that's why."

"Anyway the reason I jumped right behind you was because I never saw anybody else use the well to get here before and I wanted to know who you were."

"I am Ranma Saotome, of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts"

"I am Kasumi Tendo, I have been training to become a demon exterminator."

They both bowed as they introduced themselves.

"And this," Ranma said while smirking, holding up and pointing to Happousai, "is Happousai, my servant."

"I am not your servant you punk!  If it wasn't for my real master I wouldn't even be subjecting myself to this humiliation!"  The small man screamed as he tried to punch and kick his way out of Ranma's grasp, but ended up looking like a worm trying to get off of a hook.

"So who is your real master?" Kagome asked as she stepped closer to the newcomers but still keeping herself distanced from the small old man.

"My master is none other than Inutaisho, the Great Demon Lord of the Western Lands." The small man responded as he finally got out of Ranma's grip.  "I was ordered by my master to train the recipient of his powers in how to use them.  We came here so that if somebody did see us training they wouldn't freak out as much, plus with all the demons running loose in this time it would be easier to bring up Ranma's powers and abilities."

"Oh." Said Kagome as she listened to the old man's explanation.  "That makes sense I guess.  It would sure help us a lot." She said with a smile.

"Feh, we don't need their help wench.  We'll be just fine on our own." Inu Yasha responded with a snort.

"Excuse me, but what exactly do you need help with and not to be rude but who are you." Kasumi asked as she 'accidentally' stepped on Happousai.

Kagome blushed as she realized that they had forgotten to introduce themselves.  "I'm Kagome Higurashi.  The well you used to travel to this time belongs to my family; we live in the house next door to it.  You've already met Inu Yasha." She said as she pointed to the hanyou who just turned his head and snorted.  "This hut belongs to Kaede, the priestess of this village." She gestured toward the old woman who stopped drinking her tea long enough to give them a nod of acknowledgement.  "This cute little guy is Shippo-chan." She said happily as she held up the small kitsune and hugged him.  Kasumi joined Kagome in gushing over the small fox demon as Happousai, Ranma and Inu Yasha looked on in disgust.

After watching the two women play with the kitsune for a few minutes and with no apparent attempt on Kagome's part to introduce him, Miroku decided to introduce himself in his usual way. 

Kasumi was petting and cooing at the cute kitsune when she felt a weight and squeeze on her bottom.  Her anger quickly rising she turned around sharply ready to vent some feminine justice upon a certain short and shriveled pervert.  "Die Happousai!" what she found when she turned around though was not something she expected, a grinning pervert with an extra set of arms was what she was expecting, what she found was a smiling Buddhist monk bowing in greeting.  Surely he couldn't be, but she still felt the weight of something pressing into her rear, and only seeing one of his hands, she reacted accordingly, monk or not.


Kasumi's blow caused Miroku to flip head over heels as he flew to the other side of the room and became embedded in the wall of the house.  Kagome sweat dropped as she watched the girl come down form her anger and let Shippo go and check on Miroku's face and upper body(which was sticking outside of the house).

"Who was that perverted freak of a monk!?" she asked angrily as she tried to glare holes into said monks backside.  Inu Yasha snorted happily as he finally found a female who had the same opinion of Miroku as himself. 

"That was Miroku." Kagome explained unhappily  "He has some rather, unwholesome traits, but he is a good friend and a strong fighter."

"How come his hand was wrapped up and tied with a rosary?" Ranma asked feeling the time safe enough to speak up without having anger directed back to himself.

"His family is under a curse caused by a really evil demon named Naraku, he cursed Miroku's grandfather and caused an air rip to form in his hand.  He keeps the rosary around his hand to seal it.  The rip sucks in anything it can into a void of nothingness.  Eventually the air rip will kill Miroku as well." She explained sadly as Inu Yasha snorted from behind her.

"And until that glorious day comes, he contents himself by hitting on and groping every single girl he sees." Inu Yasha said haughtily as he crossed his arms.  "Be happy he hasn't asked you the question yet." 

"Question, what question?" Kasumi replied confused.

Before Inu Yasha opened his mouth Kagome forcefully stepped on his foot.  "Don't worry about that, he has someone he likes anyway, he just won't admit it."

"Not this girly romantic crap again," Inu Yasha said as he rolled his eyes only to find Kagome fixing him a glare that would make Naraku wet himself.  He quickly turned around and waved his hand in the air dismissively.  "Yeah and if you stick around long enough he'll ask you anyway."  Inu Yasha then walked over to where Ranma stood drew his sword, and rested the large blade on his shoulder in an intimidating posture.  "So you have the powers of my old man, eh? Why don't we test how strong you really are?"

"Are you saying you can beat me?" Ranma asked with a snort as he crossed his arms and smirked.  "You couldn't even touch me earlier."

"That was just a fluke, how about we go test your powers against mine."  Inu Yasha responded, sheathing his sword and stepping out of the house. 

"Heh, no problem." Ranma said as he too turned to leave and then swiveled back to grab Happousai  "and you're coming too!" he then looked up into the sullen faces of Kagome and Kasumi.  "If you'll excuse me I have to go kick some puppy ass!" he said happily as he turned and strutted out past Miroku's revealed upper body and towards Inu Yasha.

"Stupid demons, they always have to show off." Kagome snorted as she sat down.

"It's not just demons, Ranma was like this before he got his powers, it's just their testosterone and their need to dominate all others around them."  Kasumi said as she joined the girl.

"Really?" Kagome asked with raised eyebrows "But my friend Hojo is nice and he's a boy."

Kasumi simply nodded to the question.  "I read it in one of Tofu-sensei's books about human behavior, he's my families chiropractor.  He's a bit silly at times but a very nice man and a very good doctor, it's a shame he moved though.  As for your friend Hojo, he's probably gay."

Kaede watched with a raised eyebrow as she watched the two girls chatting never suspecting that her thoughts were the same of the orb that was floating beside her. 

'Hmph, kids!'   

-------------------- Meanwhile, Outside -------------------

"You never learn do you Miroku." Shippo said sadly as he tried to push Miroku's face back through the hole in the side of the house he was currently sticking out of.

"I'll admit this time that my actions were wrong, I probably should have introduced myself to the maiden first."  Miroku said with a wistful look on his face.  "The maiden had excellent hips, she would bear me a strong child.  And she was so beautiful."

Shippo merely grimaced and purposely put his hands over the monks face to keep him quiet, and resumed trying to push Miroku back into the house.  Shippo turned to see Inu Yasha walk out of the house strutting and being followed by the demon from earlier who was snorting angrily.  'What's up with them?' he thought as he watched them walk into the forest.  He shook his head and returned to his seemingly impossible task.  "Argh!  You're damn head is to big!"

"I wonder if she thinks my head is big as well, maybe that's why she didn't like my attentions."

Shippo sweatdropped at the monks stupidity, but held his tongue.  "You're lucky Sango isn't here, you'd have marks on both sides of your face."  He then turned and put his back on Miroku's head hoping to get some leverage, when he looked forward he eeped in fear and then ran back into the house.

Miroku, unable to see what was in front of him, since his face was pointing down, was unable to see why Shippo had run off.  "Whoever's there, show yourself!" he shouted as he desperately tried to look up and get his right arm in a good position to open the air rip in case it was a demon.  He blinked and relief and in fear at the tip of boomerang that was now in front of him and watched as a little cat demon walked over to him and perched on his head. 

"I guess you touched Kagome while Inu Yasha was around didn't you?" Sango said with a smile as she crouched and raised Miroku's head, carefully enough not to throw Kirara off but also enough to cause him a small bit of pain.

"Oh Sango it's you." Miroku breathed in relief, "Could you please help me out?"

"Why should I?  You deserve whatever Inu Yasha does to you for touching Kagome."

"But I swear I didn't touch Kagome-sama in anyway." He said as innocently as he could.

Sango just looked at him through a half-lidded stare and muttered.  "Riiiigght,"

"It's true Sango." Said Shippo as he spoke up from around the corner of the house. 

Sango raised her eyebrows in surprise at the kitsune's statement.  "So then who did this?"

"There were a bunch of travelers from Kagome's country that came, one of them was a nice girl who Miroku decided to introduce himself too."  Shippo said as he ran from the glare of Miroku and back into Kagome's arms, having finished his daily amount of mischief he could act cute for the rest of the day.

Sango's eyebrows lowered in disgust at the monk.  "So another one, eh?"

"The fox lies!" Miroku said as he tried to avoid the oncoming slap.  "it wasn't like that at all."

"Really.  Why don't I believe you then?" she said as she held his head up once more to look at the large red handprint on his left cheek.  "Idiot." She muttered angrily.  "You never learn."  She then bristled as she felt something rubbing her.  "PERVERT!" she shouted as she slapped him hard enough to send him back into the house.  "Stupid fucking idiot!"

Miroku looked up to see four very angry women staring down at him, 'Well at least I'm out of the wall' was his last thought as he was knocked unconscious. 

            -------------------- Meanwhile, in Sesshomaru's Camp-------------------

            Sesshomaru looked up suddenly as he felt a power he hadn't felt in over 50 years.  'Father?  But that's impossible.  Somebody is going to pay dearly for this.'  He then looked toward the opposite side of the camp where Rin had put the finishing touches on a ring of flowers she had made to adorn Jaken's head. 

            "Jaken-sama looks so pretty now." Rin squealed happily as she placed the ring of brightly colored flowers on the ugly demon's head.

            Jaken sighed in defeat as Rin paraded him around in front of Sesshomaru as if he was a concubine of some sort.  'What have I your loyal servant Jaken done to deserve such a cruel fate Sesshomaru-sama.' He thought sadly as he looked up at his master.

            "Jaken!" Sesshomaru shouted as he stood up.

            "Yes Sesshomaru-sama." Jaken said excitedly hoping for something to do.

            "Come, we are going to visit my brother." He stated as he got onto the back of his two-headed steed.

            "What about the girl?" Jaken said, hoping they would leave her behind.

            "This is no place for a child!" Sesshomaru said angrily as he pointed to the dark and murky swamp where they had stopped.  "Bring her with us."

            "Yes Sesshomaru-sama." Jaken responded sadly.

            "Oh and Jaken," Sesshomaru said with a small smile on his face. "leave the flowers on."

            Jaken looked on slack-jawed as Sesshomaru turned away from him and laughed.  'Surely another hundred years have been taken from my life.' He then touched his flowery crown and frowned.  'And another hundred each time I am seen wearing this.' He sighed resolutely as he boarded the oni's head.  'The things I do for my master.'


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