That night Harry and Draco sat talking to Narcissa, Sirius and Lucius about what they thought should be in the wedding contract after disagreeing with what was put in the original contract. That they couldn't bond until after the wedding. That was the only thing Harry and Draco had against the contract but then Lucius decided to turn it into a hullabaloo and to change other things as well. After Harry and Draco had made sure that they wouldn't have to wait until after their wedding to bond they tuned the adults out and started making out on the couch. What did you expect they were mates and teenagers which obviously means that they were horny as hell? So anyway they were making out and it looked really hot and they probably would have continued for hours if Dumblefuck hadn't of chosen that moment to stride into the room. Burst really. Anyway he looked extremely haggard and was muttering things under his breath. He was also wearing purple, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, black, white, baby poo, blood red and white robes. Not a pretty site I can tell you.

Back to the point he burst in and when he saw Draco with his hand down Harry's pants he started to yell things that can not possible be repeated as here simply because no one had any idea what he was saying. We think it was some kind of Gaelic Spanish mix. Then again it could just be that he'd finally gone completely insane. Well insaner is that even a word? Truth be told he was never sane. With a family like his how could he be? With his dad in jail and his sister dead and insane he never had a chance. No wonder he turned out evil.

I'm babbling again, apparently I do that quite a lot. I'll try to stop that now.

When he started screaming he startled Draco and Harry out of their reverie. They'd been so absorbed in each other that they hadn't noticed anything or anyone else. The Veela bond had been screaming for them to mate since Christmas and it was now March. So as you can tell they were both extremely annoyed that they could not mate until this stupid fucking contract was signed. Dumblefuck interrupting them was the final straw, at least the others let them make-out without too much interruption. Dumblefuck never had a chance and was blasted into oblivion never to be seen or heard of again. We wish. Unfortunately looks can't kill. He did however end up comatose for three months. When he woke up he was not a happy man as the night after he went into a coma Voldemort launched an attack on the Ministry of Magic and took over with very little effort.

You see no one really liked or supported Dumbledore they were all just really scared of him as he was extremely unstable. So once they found out he was out of the picture they were all to willing to come out of the closet about whose side they were really on. Within two months Voldemort who was now known as Tom Marvolo Riddle controlled all of Europe and parts of America and Asia. It was a huge victory and many parties ensued. It was during one of these parties that Dumblefuck awoke.

It took him a moment to realise where he was and once he remembered everything he went crazier than ever before. He stormed out of the room and down the steps to the Great Hall in nothing but a muffle hospital gown. You know the ones where the back is open? Anyway he stormed into the Great Hall to find most of his real followers that were stupid enough to stay loyal chained to the wall in different positions or acting as the entertainment. After all what damage could they do, their wands had been snapped. That plus this wasn't just any party that he had interrupted it was the reception of Draco Lucian Malfoy and Harry Christophe Malfoy nee Potter.

Once Dumblefuck took all this in he realised just how much shit he was in. Unfortunately for him just as he realised this, his hospital gown came undone and bared his old and wrinkly good to the whole room. Feel free to gag I know I did. He promptly fainted from embarrassment before Draco killed him using the AK for traumatizing his love for life and for interrupting his wedding reception.

Years later Draco and Harry came to rule the whole world after Tom passed away. They also had two children a four year old girl Siria and a seven year old son Christophe.

Just then Harry and Draco woke up in two different dorm rooms in two different beds to start the day. They went down to breakfast where they sat at their respective house tables with their respective friends neither one remembering their dream from the night before. But was it a dream or was it the truth of what could happen that my readers is up to you to decide however years later in another time and another place a girl called Siria Lily Malfoy and a man called Christophe Marvolo Malfoy would tell a story to their respective children. A story about a love so strong that fate came into play and changed everything to bring to people together. Those two people were Draco Lucian Malfoy and Harry Christophe Potter. Two people that in one world had been nothing but enemies who had died by the others hand and yet in another world had died side by side defending each other and their children from the greatest evil known to man.

I leave it up to you to decide what was dream and what was reality or if they were both reality I know what I think is true because you see I am Siria.

AN: I hope you liked the story and the ending which turned out nothing like I had planned but seemed right at the time. If you want me to do an alternate ending where Harry and Draco have sex let me know and I'll write it until next time this is AC'93 signing out.