Title: The Matchmaker from Hell
Genre: Humor/Romance
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A.N. Thank you all for making my first humor fiction a success. There are more pairings that I would like to write about but lately I have been getting lazier so I figure I should end it before people become tired of this fiction.

Therefore, I thought of a perfect way to end this story. I will end this story the same way that I started it … with a bad pun. Hence the Bane/Davide from the awesomely friendly Rokkaku Chuu team.

-cough cough- Long live the Tofu pair.

Beta by Daisy, who delayed this chapter (because she didn't have internet for a while).

The Matchmaker from Hell

(Couple 13: Davide Amane x Harukaze Kurobane)

(Pun Pair)

Ever since Fuji can remember, he always prided himself in having complete self-control, especially when it came to his emotions. However, that was before Fuji had the fortunate experience of watching a tennis game with Davide, who was missing his doubles partner, Bane, in that very match. For the first time, Fuji started to have doubts about having absolute control over his actions.

Throughout the match, Davide continued to make horrible demonic puns about everything and everyone. It took everything that Fuji had to prevent himself from smacking Davide hard upside the head—or maybe a kick to the head to shut him up. In the end, Fuji concluded that no one should have to endure Davide's demonic puns except maybe that annoying purple freak from St. Rudolph named Miyuki or something along that line.

The day started out normal enough; Fuji was watching a game between Hyoutei and St. Rudolph when he ran into Davide. He had a feeling that the game was going to be extra long when Davide greeted him with, "Hi Fuji-kun, I saw your last game and boy was that Hakugei a whale of a shot."

Fuji smiled and thought, "Like I haven't heard that line before. I bet even Momo can't come up with a better pun."

"Thank you Davide; and fancy seeing you here." Answered Fuji with his salesman smile.

"I was supposed to watch the game with Bane, but he seemed to catch a cold, which is strange for someone who is always as cool as a cucumber." Davide commented as he proceeded to laugh at his own joke again.

Fuji cringed and decided to focus his attention on the game before he gave in to temptation to kick Davide hard in the head for a crime against language.

Much to Fuji and everyone around Davide's relief, the match finally ended. No one was surprised to see Hyoutei win. The truth was Hyoutei owned the game. Fuji quickly walked over to comfort Yuuta on his loss.

Fuji smiled kindly before saying, "Yuuta, I am sure you will win next time."

Yuuta just continued to look at Fuji nervously while attempting to hide behind Atsushi.

"Hi, Fuji-san, sorry we can't stay and chat. We're supposed to meet up with Mizuki to discuss the mistakes that we made during our match." Stated Atsushi politely as he dragged a slightly petrified Yuuta away.

"Umm Shusuke, don't I deserve a job well done too?" Asked Atobe with his eyebrow raised.

"For what? From what I had seen you didn't even play today." His boyfriend answered as he continued to wave after Yuuta and Atsushi.

"Well that's because there was no need for Ore-sama to play today." Commented Atobe with a proud smile.

That night, while Fuji was cuddling with Atobe, Fuji decided that he had to take action regarding what happened that afternoon.

"Keigo, I know I promised to stay out of other people's business, but for the good of the world we have to bring Davide and Bane together." Commented Fuji out of nowhere.

"What do you mean 'for the good of the world'?" Asked Atobe curiously.

"After today, I realized that no matter what crime a person committed, no one should have to suffer Davide's demonic puns." Answered Fuji with a shiver down his spine.

Atobe couldn't help but chuckle at Fuji's facial expression. "Shusuke, since when do you care about the good of the world?"

"Okay, maybe I just wanted a little revenge against Bane for making me miss some of Yuuta's cute moments while I was busy restraining myself from hitting Davide," stated Fuji with an evil grin.

Atobe laughed before replying. "Shusuke, you can't be serious right? I am sure Davide's puns can't be that bad."

"Keigo, have you ever had the pleasure of talking to Davide before?" Asked Fuji with a conniving smile.

"No, but …"

Fuji leaned over and silences Atobe with a kiss before taking out his cell phone.

"Hello Kojirou, this is Shusuke." Commented Fuji.

"Hi Shusuke, how are thing with you?" Saeki asked through the other line.

"Perfectly fine, I am calling because I will be around your school tomorrow, and I was wonder if it was alright if I stopped by and said hi to Oji." Replied Fuji.

"No problem, I am sure Oji wants to see you again. It had been a while since you stopped by, so I guess I will see you tomorrow." Answered Saeki.

"Great, and I will be bringing Keigo with me since I promised to show him where I grew up. Bye Kojirou." Replied Fuji happily.

"Bye Shusuke."

"Shusuke, what did you just do?" Asked Atobe suspiciously.

"Nothing, I just thought that it would be nice if we paid Rokkaku chuu a visit. I will get to spend some time with Kojirou, and you get to spend some quality time with Davide." Stated Fuji happily.

Atobe chuckle lightly before saying. "So you went through all this trouble just to prove a point to me."

Fuji just continued to grin and thought, "You will soon realize that I am never wrong."

The next day, in the middle of practice, both Fuji and Atobe arrived at the Rokkaku Chuu playground.

"Shusuke, you're here." Commented Saeki happily.

"Hi Kojirou, how is practice going?" Asked Fuji.

"Fine, except Bane is still sick and Davide is missing a partner." Commented Saeki.

"I am sure Keigo wouldn't mind being Davide's temporary partner for today. I mean it has been a while since Keigo practiced. If I recall correctly, Keigo was practically sitting the whole time during the match against St. Rudolph," Fuji commented.

Atobe sighed and thought for the millionth time why he always let Fuji drag him into situations like these.

"Well if Atobe doesn't mind, then it would be a great help to us," stated Saeki.

In the meantime, Oji walked over to Atobe and gave him one of his own handcrafted racket and said, "Use this" before walking away.

"Hi Atobe. I am sure glad that I have been brushing up on my tango moves lately, get it? Tango as in the move that you and Sanada used against the American team," commented Davide loudly as he continued to laugh away.

Atobe was stunned for a second before he saw Fuji smiled knowingly.

"His puns are worse than Kabaji's usu," thought Atobe in a slight appalled manner.

By the end of the match, Atobe finally gave in and waved the white flag. He had to admit that playing side by side with Davide was very distracting. The fact that Davide never seemed to shut up seemed to do the trick, and it became obvious why no one else would want to partner up with Davide except Bane.

"Shusuke, you set me up," accused Atobe angrily at the end of the match.

Fuji handed Atobe a clean towel before saying, "Nonsense, I was simply proving to you that I am never wrong."

Out of nowhere, Oji walked over to the couple and said, "Here, candy" and walked away.

Fuji grinned happily and said, "Oji gives out the best candy. You should really try it."

Atobe decided that he should have known better than showing up to the place that Fuji was born. It was obvious that it was bound to be the breeding ground for strange beings.

That night in Bane's room, Davide was looking at Bane with a curious look while he was laughing and coughing at the same time after an interesting phone call with Fuji.

"Davide, I heard we had a new visitor today," commented Bana.

"Yes, Atobe stopped by today with Fuji-kun. I admit I am surprised that Atobe agreed to be my partner but it was fun," stated Davide.

Bane was finally able to control his laugh long enough to said, "Fuji called and told me that he wants to personally thank you for helping him get back at Atobe."

For once, Davide was at loss for words, so Bane decided to continue. "It turned out that after Hyoutei crushed St. Rudolph, Fuji had been meaning to get back at Atobe for Yuuta's sake."

"Hah, that is indeed funny. I guess Atobe's insight finally failed him this time." Commented Davide as he laughed warmly over his own pun.

Bane frowned slightly before leaning forward and sealed his mouth over that foolish full-lipped rambling idiot. Fuji was absolutely right; pairing Atobe with Davide was a very harsh punishment indeed. Of course, everyone also knew that Davide talking at all should have been a fair warning that he was going to take another attack at the defenseless language system.

Bana couldn't help but bow down to Fuji's brilliant mind. He knew that Fuji was one of the few people who were aware that Bane and Davide had been dating since the beginning of their middle school.

This just goes to show that one must never get on Fuji's bad side, especially if you are sharing the same blanket with him night after night.

Oh, and there is another way to shut Davide up (other than kicking him in the head), and he is the only one allowed to shut Davide up.

Meantime, Atobe just realized that his rather interesting experience today was all thanks to Fuji, after overhearing Fuji's phone conversation with Bane. Atobe sighed for the second time that day and thought, "I wonder why I am still dating such a sinister being?"

At that moment, Fuji walked over and cuddled next to Atobe and said, "sorry Keigo for today, but I can't let anyone get away with making Yuuta sad."

Atobe sighed for the third time before Fuji continued, "but there is no one that I love more than you."

This time, Atobe was grinning when he sighed and thought, "Okay so maybe Shusuke can be quite adorable when he want to be."


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