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Ok so this is an Eragon fanfiction. This is how I wish Carvahall found out about Eragon being a Dragon Rider. Just pretend that the Ra'zac never came and that the villagers are still living in Palancar Valley.

Italics mean either Saphira is talking or Eragon or someone else are thinking those things.

It was two days after the battle of the Burning Plains and you could still smell the stench of the rotting corpses in the air. Eragon was busy pacing restlessly in his tent, Murtagh's final words echoing around his head.

Saphira did her best to try and comfort him but to no avail. He refused to listen to her. Saphira was growing impatient so when finally as he walked past her for the fiftieth time she finally lost it and roared "ERAGON, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF? YOU ARE A MESS. STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT TRAITOR AND GET A GRIP!" and then she added in a much softer voice "Eragon, I know it's hard to deal with but you must remember what Arya said. You are not your father or your brother. You do not need to follow the same path that they did."

Eragon, who had fallen over with surprise when Saphira roared, slowly got to his feet and bowed his head. "You are right as always Saphira. I just wish it didn't have to be this way."

Saphira snorted and said, "I know little one, I know." Suddenly an idea popped into her head and she exclaimed "Eragon, perhaps we can take a short break and go visit your cousin in that little town of yours."

Eragon looked at her for a moment and then sighed, "I wish we could but Nasuada would not let us leave. There is too much to be done."

"Eragon, look at yourself. You need this break and if Nasuada does not see that then I will kidnap you and she will not be able to do anything about it." Eragon chuckled.

"Alright, alright, I'll go ask her." Eragon stood up and pushed open the flap to his tent. Bright sunlight greeted him and he had to squint while he waited for his eyes to adjust. He slowly made his way through the maze of tents to Nasuada's. He silently pulled the flap open and stepped in. Nasuada quickly looked up from her desk and smiled when she saw him.

"Eragon. It's good to see you out of your tent. You look bet…" she stopped talking as she examined him closer. "Why, you look bloody awful. What have you been doing to yourself?" Eragon shrugged.

"Actually that is sort of the reason that I am here my Lady. I come to ask you if Saphira and I might be granted a few days off to go on a trip."

Nasuada studied him curiously, "A trip? To where may I ask?"

"To Carvahall, the village where I grew up. I haven't seen my cousin for over a year. I fear that he might be angry with me. I left without telling him anything and I need to tell him what really happened."

Nasuada sighed, "Well I don't think that anything I say will make you change your mind so I'll allow it…on one condition."

"What's the condition?" asked Eragon.

"Oh nothing much. Just that Arya must go with you for protection."

"WHAT!" exclaimed Eragon. Nasuada raised her eyebrows. "Uh, I mean of course that will be okay." Nasuada nodded.

"I shall have her informed Shadeslayer. You may go now." Eragon nodded and bowed before striding out of the tent.

"I'm doomed. Going on a trip alone with Arya. I'm bound to say something stupid." Saphira looked quite amused as she watched him walk around in circles muttering nonsense under his breath.

Letting out a puff of smoke Saphira said, "Eragon perhaps this won't be so bad after all. You might be able to mend the friendship between you two."

"Perhaps." Agreed Eragon, "I just hope she doesn't think that I made the suggestion."


"WHAT!" exclaimed Arya in an outburst that was very unlike her. Nasuada stared at her strangely.

"What is the problem with you accompanying Eragon to Carvahall? Asked Nasuada.

Arya ignored the question and instead asked in a deadly voice, "Did he suggest this?"

"No. I did. Why?"

"No reason," replied Arya. "And yes I shall accompany him." She nodded curtly and departed. Nasuada shook her head.

"Elves." She muttered.


The next day dawned bright and early. Eragon had just finished packing and was waiting for Arya. Suddenly a hand touched his shoulder. Eragon was so startled that he jumped about a foot in the air. He quickly turned around to see Arya looking very amused at his reaction.

"You need to be more aware Shadeslayer." said Arya. Eragon blushed; annoyed that he hadn't been paying attention.

"I shall. Good morning Arya Svit-Kona. How was your night?" asked Eragon.

"It was fine. How was yours?

"Fine. Shall we leave now?" Arya nodded and Eragon extended his hand for the packs she was carrying. He quickly jumped on to Saphira, attached the packs to her saddle, and extended his hand for her to grab. Arya gave him a look that plainly meant 'I don't need your help' but before Eragon could draw his hand away she grasped it and allowed Eragon to pull her up. He moved backward a bit so that she could sit in front of him and when they were settled and his arms were, to his delight, around Arya's waist Saphira jumped into the air and with a roar of her wings, took off into the distance.

"How long do you think it will take us to get there Saphira?" asked Eragon.

"About a day little one, if we do not stop all that much. Oh and Eragon, try to talk to Arya. I know that you need her friendship more than anything."

They flew on, nobody saying anything. Eragon was consumed by his own thoughts. What if Roran is angry with me? Will the villagers accept me? Suddenly Eragon felt someone touch his mind. He instantly started to put up barriers but before he could he heard a voice say "Eragon, it's just me."


"Yes. You would not be able to hear me over the wind if I spoke out loud. I apologize if I startled you. I sense that you are troubled and I wanted to know if I could help at all."

"Thank you for your concern Arya Svit-Kona but I do not wish to trouble you with my problems."

"It is no trouble Argetlam. I do not wish to see you looking so miserable."

"I…he paused, remembering Saphira's words, "I'm worried about seeing my cousin and the villagers again. I believe that they are angry with me…and what's worse is that they have every right to be. I fled Carvahall and they probably think me a coward. They may blame me for what happened to my uncle and the farm."

"And what happened to your uncle and your farm?" asked Arya. With a start Eragon realized that Arya had no idea what had occurred after she transported the egg to the Spine. He slowly told her of Saphira's hatching, the Ra'zac, Sloan, and the death and burning of his farm. When he had finished he had tears in his eyes. He tried to hold them back. He did not want Arya to think he was so weak. Just as he was about to brush a stray tear from his cheek, Arya turned around in her seat and cupped his cheek, saying, "It is not a weakness to cry Eragon." Reassured by her words he nodded and said,

"Thank you Arya, for listening to me. I haven't told anyone this, except for Saphira." She nodded and turned her back to Eragon.


By the time night had fallen Eragon, Saphira and Arya were in sight of Carvahall. Saphira landed on the edge of the waterfall where Eragon used to hunt.

"Should we go into town today?" asked Saphira.

"No, I think we should wait until tomorrow so that the villagers don't think we're enemies." Arya laughed at this.

"I think the people will think we are enemies even if we visit in broad daylight. Have you forgotten that you look just like one of my people Eragon? They will not recognize you." Eragon hadn't thought of this. Finally he sighed and said,

"Oh well I suppose we'll deal with it tomorrow." After Arya and Saphira agreed they began to set up camp.

After eating a dinner consisting of fresh fruits and bread Arya got up from her place by the fire and said, "Do you wish to spar with me Shadeslayer?" Eragon nodded and got up and retrieved the sword he had borrowed from the Varden.

As they began their duel, Eragon noticed just how much he had changed. Before, he couldn't even hope to match Arya's speed or agility, but now he found himself blocking all of her shots. Still, Arya wasn't one of the strongest elves for nothing. Even with his increased skills Eragon still could not land a blow on her. He tried all of his most complex attacks but her sword was there to block his every time.

They continued fighting like this for another hour before Eragon, who had been trying out some new and difficult footwork to surprise her, tripped and crashed right into the unsuspecting Arya, knocking them both to the ground. Eragon landed on top of her and groaned when his head smashed into hers as they both tried to free themselves from the tangle of limbs. Saphira snorted with amusement. Finally, Eragon decided that struggling wasn't going to work so he fell limp. Arya seemed to realize what he was doing so she also stopped moving. They quickly untangled themselves and just as Eragon was about to get off her he saw her eyes, staring up at him, and he could not bear to tear away his gaze. They looked into each other's eyes and then Eragon decided to do something very, very stupid. In one swift motion he leaned down and captured her lips with his.

"ERAGON!" yelled Saphira in his head. Startled, Eragon came to his senses and quickly pulled away from the shocked Arya and jumped off her.

"Arya…I cry your pardon… I did not mean to…" he trailed off, unable to continue.

"Now I've done it…just when she had accepted my friendship back." He offered his hand to her but instead of taking it she knocked it away and ran into the spine. "Arya!" he cried. He made to go after her but Saphira blocked his path.

"Don't make things any worse than they already are Eragon." Eragon muttered many oaths before quietly saying,

"Oh Saphira…why can I not control myself? I cause her so much pain. Perhaps after this journey I shall see her no more. I do not wish to cause her any more suffering. She has already been through too much."

"I know little one. But what I want to know is what possessed you to kiss her?"

"I looked into her eyes and they were so captivating that I did not think. I realize now that it is true what she told me in Ellesmera. I am too young. Look at me. Look at how foolish I am. Why can I not let go?"

"Eragon…" said Saphira sadly. "This isn't some little crush is it?"

"No Saphira. I…I love her."

Unbeknownst to them Arya was sitting in a tree close by, listening to Eragon. Tears started to fall when she heard Eragon say that he loved her.

"Oh Eragon, why do you make my life so complicated. I cannot let my feelings get in the way of my judgment. I can't tell you Eragon but, the truth is, I love you too.


The next day dawned bright and early. Eragon groaned and covered his eyes against the morning sunlight. "Eragon, wake up!"

"Go away Saphira…I wanna sleep," mumbled Eragon. Saphira snorted impatiently.

"Eragon, Arya is back so wake UP!" This got Eragon's attention. He quickly bolted out of his blankets and glanced around him. Sure enough there was Arya, sitting around the ashes of where their fire had been last night. Eragon cautiously made his way towards her. When he was right beside her he cleared his throat. She glanced up at him.

"Arya..I" she stopped his stuttering to apologize with a wave of her hand.

"Please Eragon…let us forget about it." Eragon nodded. Arya obviously wanted to act like nothing had happened and Eragon was happy to comply. "Shall we fly down to the village," asked Arya.

"I think we should fly to the outskirts of the village and land there. I don't feel like dodging spears and arrows this early in the morning," said Saphira. They all agreed and once they had packed all of their things they climbed onto Saphira and took off.

The flight lasted only a few minutes and soon Saphira was coming to a halt on the edge of Carvahall. Eragon and Arya dismounted and Eragon said, "Saphira, walk behind us in case anything goes wrong," Saphira nodded and took her place behind them.

Together the three of them walked into the town. Eragon snuck a glance at Arya and saw that she had covered her ears with her hair.

"Do you think I should do the same?" asked Eragon.

"Whatever you want little one. I don't think it matters all that much." answered Saphira. Eragon shrugged at looked around him. They had just walked past the first house when a scream rang out in the chill morning air. Eragon spun around to see Tara, Morn's wife, staring wide eyed at Saphira. It seemed that her scream had alerted most of the village because the next moment people were rushing toward the sound of the scream, trying to find out what happened. Five men with spears approached Eragon and Arya and said, "Who are you and what do you want?" Eragon looked closely at the man who had spoken and let out a great chuckle.

"Why Roran, do you not know who I am?" The man, Roran, shook his head. "Really? Well I'll give you a hint. I was your favorite playmate as a child." Roran still appeared confused. Arya rolled her eyes.

'Men,' she thought, 'They never get to the point.'

"Eragon, must we waste time with this?" she asked. Her words caused a gasp that spread throughout the crowd. Roran lowered his spear and said,

"Eragon? Is that really you?"

"Yes it is cousin," replied Eragon

"What happened to you?" asked Roran. "Why did you flee like that?" Eragon sighed and began to tell his story over again to the villagers. When he had finished he said,

"I wanted to come back here to see you Roran. I knew that you blamed your father's death on me." The crowd was silent, still processing the fact that Eragon was a Dragon Rider. Then Sloan approached and said,

"Who is that then?" he pointed to Arya.

"That is Arya, ambassador for the elves," the crowd began murmuring among themselves as Arya pulled back her hair to reveal her pointed ears.

"Well come on then…let's get you three two inside," said Elain, Horst's wife.

"HOLD IT!" yelled Sloan. "We may allow Eragon in but I refuse to let and elf into this town. They are cursed creatures who meddle with magic." Eragon bristled at these words. He could handle Sloan insulting him but he crossed the line when he started to insult Arya. Unfortunately, most of Carvahall seemed to agree with him.

"If you allow me in then you can allow Arya in," retorted Eragon.

"Oh? And why is that?" sneered Sloan. Saphira released a warning growl.

"Because…because…she…I," Eragon struggled to think of a good reason that would not frighten the villagers.

"Because we are betrothed," said Arya calmly. Eragon sharply turned his head to look at her.

"I'm sorry Eragon but they would not let me in any other way and I have strict orders to stay with you at all times. I wouldn't have said it if I could have helped it." said Arya through her mind. Eragon nodded, unable to speak. Roran approached and said,

"Is this really true cousin? Are you really engaged to that elf?" Eragon nodded and said,

"Yes, yes I am,"

"Yes, you wish," said Saphira so that only he could hear. Eragon grinned at her words.

Sloan however, wasn't buying it. "Oh really, so your engaged to this creature. Prove it!" he howled. Eragon was frozen in his spot. He had no idea of how to prove it without Arya killing him. He didn't have to think very long because Arya suddenly stepped close to him and took his hand in hers. When he glanced at her with confused eyes she said,

"Trust me," and then she stood on her toes and kissed him. Eragon's mind was clouded over the moment her lips touched his. He put his hand on her back and pushed her closer to him. To his surprise she didn't resist. In fact she melted in his arms. Eragon wished the moment could have gone on forever when she pulled back, her hand still interlocked with his. He looked over to Roran who was smirking fiercely.

'Oh boy there is going to be some teasing tonight,' thought Eragon.

"Well now that that's settled can we please go in now?" said Elain. Roran nodded and the villagers dispersed to make room for them.

"Eragon I am going to hunt. I don't know when I'll be back I can't go with you anyway. The houses are too small." said Saphira before taking off into the air. Once they had gotten to Horst's house Elain said,

"Let's get you settled in first shall we?" Eragon and Arya nodded and they followed her up the stairs. She walked all the way to the end of the hall before stopping and opening a door. "Here's where the two of you can stay." Eragon looked into the room and saw a dresser, a table and…ONE BED!

"Um, Elain not to be any trouble but there is only one bed in here." said Eragon.

"Well of course," said Elain, "It's fine isn't it? After all, the two of you are engaged." Eragon was about to say something but Arya silenced him by squeezing his hand hard.

"That will be fine. Thank you for going through all this trouble," said Arya politely. Elain smiled and nodded before closing the door, mumbling about how "Little Eragon has finally got himself a fiancée, and such a beautiful one at that."

After she was gone Eragon looked at Arya with raised eyebrows. Arya sighed and said, "It can't be helped Eragon."

"I'll sleep on the floor if you wish. I do not want to make you uncomfortable." said Eragon. Arya shook her head.

"I'm sure we can handle this Eragon, comfortably and maturely." Eragon noticed that she put a particular emphasis on the last word.

He gulped.

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