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Eragon was not happy. Not happy at all. It seemed as if this women had nothing better to do with her time then be a nuisance to him and Arya. "Trianna, what are you doing here?" Eragon asked. Trianna just smirked.

"What does it look like?" she said. Eragon, who was getting quite tired with her little word games cast a silent spell on her to make her reveal the truth.

"Alright, now that that's settled, tell us the truth. What are you doing here?"

"I'm following my orders. Orders from Galbatorix. He sent me to divide the two of you so that there would be a division between the races of humans and elves making it easier for him to secure a victory over the pathetic resistance." Trianna said. Eragon turned swiftly to look at Arya.

"That means Galbatorix must know that we are here. We must leave immediately. Also, I fear that the villagers will be in danger. We must do something to keep them safe.' Eragon said in a rush.

"Yes Eragon, I believe they should come with us, back to the Varden. That will grant them security and they may prove to be of assistance in the hard times to come." Arya answered. Eragon nodded.

"And what should we do about that one." Eragon asked, pointing a finger vehemently in Trianna's direction.

"Eragon, I'm sure Nasuada can devise an appropriate punishment for her. I believe our priority at the moment is to leave this village.," said Saphira. Eragon silently agreed. He looked over at Arya, cleared his throat and said,

"Villagers of Carvahall, it has just been brought to my attention that Galbatorix has been informed of my whereabouts. I do not think it is safe to leave you here to fend for yourselves. That is why I ask you to return with me to the Varden where you will be safe from harm." There was much murmuring throughout the crowd at Eragon's statement but it became quiet once more when Roran stepped away from the crown and came to stand before Eragon. In a loud and strong voice he proclaimed,

"I will go with you my brother." Eragon smiled at Roran and proceeded to give him a hug. Then he turned to the rest of the crowd.

"And the rest of you? What will you choose?" he asked. They all became silent once more and slowly, one by one, they began to walk up to where Arya, Eragon, Saphira, and Roran were standing and agree to Eragon's proposition.


The next day found Eragon and Arya gliding slowly on Saphira as they gazed upon the people of Carvahall who had begun to make the long trek to the Varden. Eragon smiled in happiness and turned to gaze at Arya who was sitting behind him. Noticing his gaze Arya looked up to meet his eyes.

"What is it Eragon?" she asked.

"I still find it hard to believe that so much could have happened over the past few days. Words cannot express my joy and happiness. I have never felt so sure of our mission or our feelings as I do today." Eragon said. Arya smiled fondly at Eragon before leaning forward to gently kiss him. As Eragon kissed her back he knew that eventually everything would be made right. Galbatorix would be defeated, Trianna would be punished, and he and Arya would be together forever. This thought prevailed in his mind as Saphira let out a roar of agreement and elation as she glided toward the setting sun.

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