Title: Relax A Little

Author: Ainahim

Rating: T

Pairing: Balthier/Vaan

Summary: Very short one-shot. Balthier taps into Vaan's needs and tries to get him to stop thinking about all the chaos.

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy XII isn't mine, or it would be known as 'the gay FF game' because Vaan and Balthier would so be doing each other in canon if FFXII was mine.

Vaan ignores the cold of the wall as it collides with his bare back. He tries to ignore the fingers entwining with his and pinning his hands to the wall. He tries even harder not to run his fingers over the rings on the sky pirate's fingers. But then he feels the somewhat rough lips now caressing his neck and he can't very well ignore anymore.

He tries to open his mouth in protest but only a gasp comes out. Damn it. There was too much he had to think about right now. There was no time for romance, or even lust. But then Balthier caught his earlobe and his thoughts were interrupted. Vaan tries to protest again to no avail. What point was there to this?

"You've been a little edgy lately, Vaan," came the lazy voice he recognized so well in his ear. "You really need to relax."

Relax? Hah. Relaxing at a time like this was something no one could afford. Balthier well knew that. And yet he insisted on getting Vaan in this corner and taking advantage of him like this -- oh, damn, but it felt really good – no. Rewind. Kill that thought process. There was no time for that kind of thought process, darn it!

Finally a small fragment of his voice found him. "Balthier-we can't," and it was lost again. The pirate momentarily stopped his fervent kissing along Vaan's jaw line and the blonde could feel Balthier's smirk.

"Really? Because right now is a perfect opportunity to take, if I do say so myself." He let one of Vaan's wrists go and traced a single finger down his side.

Vaan bit his lip. "I don't want it."

"Your voice is the only thing that's saying that, you realize."

Damn. He was right. Everything else about Vaan, even his slightly trembling lips, told Balthier that this is exactly what he wanted.

"Plus, I would probably have to keep going even if you were telling the truth."

"Isn't that a bit inconsiderate?" Like Balthier cared what was inconsiderate. It was still a good card to attempt.

But the sky pirate just laughed and took Vaan's face in his hands. "Not necessarily. Because, like I said, you've been uptight lately. Whether you want it or not, you need it." Balthier drew out the word 'need' just long enough for Vaan's control to snap. He made a noise that was combination growl and moan before attaching his lips to the slightly older male's lips.

Vaan felt the cold bands of Balthier's rings as his hands slid around his waist and pulled him closer.

"That's better," he muttered after the first kiss, before going in for another.

AN: Um, I wrote this while listening to "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall. So it might seem a little too happy for a lustfic? Hahaha.