She kneels beside the spring, the water lapping at her knees. It's twilight, a time just before day descends into night, and she watches just above where the small water cliff flows. To her, it is her sanctuary and even though everyone could see her, everyone could still talk to her, she still felt by herself. No one could understand how she felt, to not remember anything from before. When she saw that boy, ... Link, and his horse, Epona, she could feel something wanting to come forth. She suspected he reminded her of someone, but she couldn't grasp it. It was like having a word on the tip of your tongue, but not being able to get to it. A hand clenches at her side and she closes her eyes to block the flow of tears.

"Why did this happen to me?" She whispers, her eyes opening to stare at the now darkened sky, adorned with small shining lights. A tear slides down her cheek and she brings her head down to stare at the water that continues to lick at her knees as more tears cascade down her face.

A shaman watches from the door at the girl and his eyes soften. The path to getting it back is a hard one. Turning his dark eyes to the ground, he lets his body tense ever so slightly.

"Ilia, you will eventually understand. You play, have played, an important role in the hero's life to this point. Be strong and you will reclaim your memories." A whisper drifts on the wind.

His words don't reach her ears. Her one word still reverbrates in her heart, pounding again and again with each beat.


And she knows the answer, but she doesn't want to face the strength she needs to overcome it. This, is her fear.

The fear to be strong, but to still fail.

That's why she will ever wait in the dark emptiness of her mind where her memories lay in slumber, waiting for the one strength she needs. The hope she needs is burning out. The memories she holds, even though she doesn't know they're there, is fading.

These retreating things have made up her new memories. As she kneels beside the spring, tears down her cheeks and water at her knees, she can't understand why this is happening, but knows she must be strong.

For her own sake.

This is what will keep her going, even when everything, everyone, has left.

This is her lifeline to past memories and future rememberances.