Sitting in her throne for the first time since Zant had tried to demolish her right to be Queen, she felt an empty throb in her heart. Something she hadn't been use to feeling. How long had she been away from this place and her people, trying to regain her place again. It wasn't her plan to feel loss or a pull back to the world of light. This was where she belonged, in the cast away world of twilight.

"Midna..." Despite it all, his voice rang through her head and her hands clenched under her sleeves. No, he was gone, she would never see Link again. Never. It was final, the mirror of twilight was shattered, gone, non-useable. There was no way it could ever be fixed. It had proved she was a true leader of twilight, there was the upside.

Her fists unclenched slowly.

Was there any point in harping over it? Truely, in her heart did she believe that she belonged in the world of light? The choice she had made, had it been the right one? Letting out an impatient sigh, she closed her mind off from the thought. It didn't matter where she belonged because she didn't have a choice in the matter. There was no possiblity that she could go back into the past and change things. Nothing, there was nothing she could do.

When did it start to feel so desolate here?

AU: First try at a Midna pov thing and I personally don't think I did that great. I'm going to try and get some upbeat ones eventually, and probably a little more of Midna, im mostly focusing on Link and I think he should take a back seat for a while, eh?