Kings of Shadows

chapter one

"Some new slaves"

Warnings: Yaoi, language and lime...

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Three heirs from the realm of shadows grew bored of their sadistic life style, which was wrapped with sin and vile misdeeds.

So at that moment the three siblings decided to change all that for tonight was the night that the three brothers would walk amongst the realm of mortals in a place called Domo city and search for some bedmates.

Yami, Marik, and Bakura Vandoft's were their names and each brother had a completely different personality from the next. Yami being the eldest had more responsibility on his hands so his personality was far more serious and tame. He may have been short, lean, and pale but his power was far greater than all the demons down in the realm of shadows. Next in line was Marik, and he was what people would most likely call a ticking time bomb anything could set him off so he was considered the most mentally unstable out of the three brothers. Marik was also tall, muscular, and coppered skinned his complexion being the darkest out of Yami and Bakura's. Last born was Bakura the baby of the bunch however he was more likely to kill if bored. He was lean in-between in height and as pale as and albino, basically the brothers' outer appearances were different and no one would guess they were related but every demon knew their young lords. All in all none of them were approachable.

Domo city population 25,000, the city was really something to watch at night when it was lit up like Las Vegas night strip.

Bakura watched as hundreds of bodies brushed passed him the mortals unbeknownst of the demons amongst them; he licked his clapped lips inhaling the bitter scent flesh sinners heated flesh, of course the best tasting flesh being from the worst of sinners. In his momentary relapse he had forgotten all about his two older brothers who'd moved deeper within the sea of flowing bodies and lost tract of them completely.

Yami and Marik tried hard to keep their ivory horns from emerging out of their skulls, which only came out when a demon lord was excited or enraged.

"Brother if this is paradise than I shall never return home." Shouted Marik his violet eyes were practically gleaming, with hunger.

"Neither would I but we must eat our fill and choose a mate quickly before the arch angels catches us and permanently band us from ever returning here." In his paranoia Yami eyes scanned the area for a holy presents yet he found none.

"Yami we're missing a member." Marik informed looking about the crowd for their younger brother. Yami just sighed their time was precious here so Yami came to and ruff conclusion. "He knows his way back come on lets hurry."

Marik nodded following his older brother through the crowd.

Pearl white wings six foot in length hugged tightly to a small frame, Yugi mutou touched the pavement gently with his dainty bare feet his three silver anklets clinking together in his graceful landing. Yugi slowly open his amethyst colored eyes to the rusty dumpsters filled with garbage alley way of domo city, the young angel smiled softly turning his head side to side.

"Ryou, Malik?" He whispered.

Just then two other angels landed on each side just as gracefully as Yugi. The other two angels wore three silver ankles just like Yugi it being what the young inexperience angels wear all three symbolizing and experience yet learned. The three looked at each other waiting to see who would be the first to make a move. They had sneaked out of the kingdom of light, their minds filled with stories that the elders had told them of this world.

"Do you think the stories are true that there is a different kind of love humans experience than us angels?" Yugi waited patiently for his cousins to get over their shock.

"I don't know? That is what arch angel Solomon says." Ryou replied timidly from Yugi's right.

"I think he was just pulling our wings on the whole thing." Malik yawned; the other two angels stared wide-eyed at the tan-skinned angel, who raised a brow at them. "What?"

"I can't believe you questioned and elder Malik!" Ryou all but blurted out.

"So, it's my opinion you two don't have to agree with it." He snapped folding both arms over his chest and tilting his head upward.

"Oh Malik what are we going to do…" Yugi's meek tone trailed off. All three angels peered out of the alley. A feeling that the angels never felt before was swarming around in the pit their stomachs.

Bakura was pissed not only did he loose his two retarded brothers in a damn city no less, but he also forgot how they came in. The youngest heir temper grew when every block wind up short his crimson red irises glowed eerily in the night a warning that he was in a homicidal mood.

"That's it, I fucking had it." In his rage, Bakura had let his demon form take over his two sets of spiraled ivory horns emerging from the top his skull and his six in a half foot black skin slick wings bursting from his shoulder blades ripping his mush tank top. The pavement beneath him melted beneath the sole of his shoes, his senses now alert and keenly attuned to his surrounding. Bakura's rage quickly evaporated his head snapping to and dark alley just across the street.

'Well, what do we have here?' Smirked Bakura his demonic senses never failing him before as they tapped into something warm and pure coming from that single alleyway, Bakura being curious stalked across the street determine to find out.

The three angels stared at the alley entrance frozen, their joints paralyzed in cold fear. Even being inexperience angels they could still sense how sinister this being was. Malik unconsciously stepped in front of his two younger cousins, he knew he had no chance in hell against this creature however; he was ready to sacrifice himself in order for Yugi and Ryou to escape.

The creature stepped further into the alley two glowing red eyes glaring at the trio. "Well today must be my lucky day." The young demon growled. Malik gasped, he finally realized what this creature was.

"Leave us demon or you'll regret it." Malik tried to sound brave but his voice faltered underneath those piercing red orbs.

"No little one I think not, your powers are no where near developed, I can tell." The demon ran his wet tongue over his top and bottom lip, thus making the two younger cousins hide more behind their older cousin's back, they both clenched tightly to Malik's attire in fear.

Bakura raised a pale hand until it was up to his chin his fingers curved inward toward his palm. The three angels watched the whole scene like hawks all three stepping further back as Bakura's snapped straight up revealing long sharp claw like finger nails.

"We demon take pride in destroying angels then feasting off their pure essences,"

At this both Yugi and Ryou whimpered clenching there eyes shut as clear, warm tears came cascading down. Malik violet colored eyes searched around the alley for means of escaped, however he only saw a dead in behind him and two huge rusty garbage containers.

"Bakura what the hell are you doing changing into your demon form like that you damn fool!" The stern voice of his older brother Yami echoed though the entrance way behind Bakura. Bakura bristled spinning on his heels to face his two older brothers, Marik was snicker while Yami, on the other hand, looked teed off with both hands on his narrow hips and his right foot tapping the ground.

"Well you two know I have temper problems so quick your bitching and moaning for fuck sake… besides I found something that is worth the risk." The youngest white haired demon jabbed a thumb over his right shoulder at the three scared angels.

Yami and Marik both pushed Bakura out of the way to get a better look in the alleyway it was completely dark but they could still see the dim out lining of three shivering forms. Yami turned back to look at his youngest brother who just smirked smugly and nodded. "You can't be serious, what are the odds of us finding feeble angels in a dump like this?"

Marik looked between his two brothers, then his cold violet eyes landed on his older brother. "Yami can we keep them I want one!"

"Yeah Yami can we," Joined Bakura. The two younger surprisingly waited for Yami's answer since his word was basically law.

Yami stared back at the three forms. "Technically feeble angels are supposed to be in heaven so what those three committed is treason and all in all we can keep them."

He smirked evilly at the younger pair, who smirked back.

Malik who heard the whole conversation had spread his wings his younger cousin quickly releasing his shirt. Even though him and his cousins were not all that good in flying yet and still needed a good running start he was going to try to attempt to fly away to distract the three demons.

The sun-kissed blond leaped into the air flapping his wings as hard as he could. His younger cousin watched wide-eyed thinking their big cousin had choose to abandon them there. Yami, Marik and Bakura stared at the angel who was now twenty feet off the ground and struggling to catch wind beneath his feathery wings. Yami just laughed his vibrant purple irises bleeding red as he shouted two simple words that had the escapee plummeting to the ground, "Mind crush!"

"Damn Yami I thought you were going to use and chain spell not a fucking mind crush he's going to be out for hours." Marik laughed slapping his brother hard on the shoulder.

Yami just rolled his eyes until a thought donned on him. "Brothers let us head home we got all the slaves we need." The oldest demon turn to the other two crowding angel and use the same spell on the both of them.

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