Chapter two

"Not a Dream"

It is one thing waking up not knowing where the hell you are and it is another thing waking up on a sticky dungeon floor with stale air, and a rusty cell just to realizing that said sticky stuff is blood and urine. Yugi shrieked scrambling to the far corner of the cell; he pressed both knees against his small chest while his short pale arms wrapped around blood stained knees. He was not going to cry, he was not going to cry. Sadly that was just what he was doing; Yugi buried his head into the top of both knees and sobbed softly in fear some creature might hear him. "Yugi," the tri-colored haired angel quickly snapped his head up finally surveyed his prison only to land eyes on his cousin Ryou who had Malik's head lolled cradled between his arms. "R-Ryou,"

Ryou nodded and smiled sadly at his cousin. "Yeah, it's me Yugi."

Yugi released his knees in desperation he crawled over toward his cousin where he seeking much needed confront from Ryou's grimy tunic. The younger angel pressed his face into Ryou's shoulder were he let trimmers wreck his small frame. "I want to go home Ryou." His muffled whispered broke with tears. "Me-" Ryou had no time to reply as a loud noise echoed throughout the dungeon that held them captive. Both angels head snapped toward the bars of their cage waiting to see who their captures were. The clacking of leather boots was unnerving as the sound grew louder with every stomp, and Yugi pressed closer to his cousin who stared down through sad hooded lids at Malik who still lie unconscious on his lap. Once the pair heard the demon or demons had paused outside of their cell was when they hesitantly look at their captures.

Yugi and Ryou both released a relieved breath.

There stood a young raven-haired child he was about the age of ten holding a huge set of copper keys, which he dropped in his shock and picked back up. The small demon fled the dungeons, his little feet thumping on the cold slabs of concrete in his haste.

The two oldest heirs sat in their morbid throne room waiting for their new toys uh… servants to arrive.

Until, Mokuba came bursting through the heavy mahogany door. He exhaled a breath then pointed to the doorway he just came barging through.

Yami looked at Mokuba waiting for and answer his composure wearing thin. "Well what is it boy!" He snapped.

"M-my Lords th-the slaves… th-they have…" The child gulped a few more breaths and then continued, "Your faces!" He managed to get out through his stammering. The two brothers exchanged puzzled looks.

Dipped to the child's eye level Yami asked this time softer, "our faces". Mokuba nodded beaded pearls of sweat rolled down the side of his face.

"Well what now?" Marik chimed in his body language display he was intrigued with Mokuba's convections. Marik's ivory horns emerged twirling slowly heavenwards from his skull. 'Somebody's giddy,' Yami mused. Once the elder thought about all the logical reasons for what the young demon saw did his uneasy feeling resolved. So both brother's decided to go see what the boy was stammering about even if it was quite improper for two demon heirs to go fetched their slaves when they had other slaves to do that.

Yami dropped his set of prison keys the metal clinking by his feet.

"What the fuck Yami, the brat wasn't telling tales. Why the hell do they look like us?" Marik barked from over his older brother's shoulder.

Yami shook his head. "Father once told us about Ying and Yang between heaven and hell so that must mean these are our doubles." Yami backed away shaking his head side to side, "I don't want any part of this."

"Fine, then I'll take the one who looks like you!" Beamed Marik he slanted over picking up the set of keys that his big bro dropped. He placed a brass arrowhead shaped key into the rusted old padlock, making it click open and fall to the dungeon floor with a loud thud. He was about to step inside when Yami placed a pale hand on his muscular upper arm. "Wait; knowing you you'll probably beat the poor thing just because he resembles me." Marik just smirked knowingly. "Please, I am not Bakura… You just want that innocent look-a-like of yours to warm your bed. I knew you had not just inherent father's hideous looks."

Yami gave his brother a flat look. "No, that… Marik is what we must reframe from there is no telling what the hell will happen."

Marik just rolled narrowed violet eyes. "Don't tell me you're growing soft oh dearest brother of mine?" He jeered, knowing that type of tone annoyed Yami to no end.

"Oh shut up you damn fool…" The oldest snapped.

Both paused in there bickering when a soft gasp filled the dungeon cell. They had forgotten why they were down there in the first place.

Yugi stared wide eyed at both of the demons, his cousin Ryou mirroring his slack jaw expression. Yugi didn't like neither one something about them throbbed malevolence. The youngest angel scooted further behind his cousin still watching the two demons to see what their next move might be.

Yami sighed.

"So which one can I have Yami!" Marik eyes glinted with something sinister, and Yami realized just how excited his brother was.

"Marik calm yourself… now." Yami warned the last thing he needed was his younger brother to get a hard on right there in this disgusting dungeon.

Ryou and Yugi watched as the one resembling Malik close the cell door and locked it both demons taking one last curious glance at them, before striding off.

A groan from Ryou's lap made them both jump a bit. Malik cracked one eye open before groaning again and rolling on his side. The younger feeble angel felt their spirits rise knowing Malik was wake and could now protect them both. They hugged their aching cousin making him whimper a bit in pain.

"Oh Malik! I want to go home!" Yugi cried.

"Me too Malik!"

The bronze skinned angel brows drawn closer, "wha…" was all he managed to get out through his dry throat.

Eventually, all the events that had happen before he blacked out came rushing back through his mind, and in his shock he jolted up from Ryou's lap trying to drink in his surroundings. 'No no no' was the one word repeating, in his slowly clearing mind.

"It wasn't a dream!?!" Malik looked to Ryou for conformation. The frosted-haired boy turned his head side to side confirming his answer.

"No, Malik I'm afraid it wasn't…" Ryou lowered his head. He knew him and Yugi depending too much on there eldest cousin in their time of need, but to see that even Malik was frightened was just too much for Ryou to bear.

The sounds of approaching footsteps drawn each angel's attention from their dilemma; Malik instinctively shoving both younger cousins behind him "Don't move," He whispered from over his shoulder.

Three sets of eyes watched from behind steal bars as a beautiful blond female demon walked up toward their cell. She examined each through her blond lashes; the silence broken by the approving click of her tongue.

"Angels, how rear to see angels in a place like this?" She tossed a lock of curly golden strands over her shoulder.

"To bad it had to be our three lords of shadows, you poor dears the things those three are going to do to you. tsk and you all have such lovely faces." With that she tossed her head back and laughed mockingly at them. Mai slowly unlocked the cell bars, thus making the threesome scoot further away in their cell. Mai whispered a small incantation her violet irises going a dark plum color. Yugi squeaked as he and his cousins were lifted off the floor and floated over to the blond haired demon. "Put us down you… You bitch!" Mai paused in her steps. She turned toward the three of them an evil grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Who would have thought and angel using profanity…tsk tsk we'll just have to wash that mouth out with acid now won't we."

She continued in her journey out of the dungeons with the three floating behind her, Mai glanced over her shoulder at the trio. A small glint of light reflecting from both eyes Malik moved both hands up to his mouth, which was sealed shut. He tried fighting against the silencing charm Mai had put of him; however to no avail he was still silent as the grave.

Mai was amused with Malik's words she did not take offense to them, because she had been called worst, way worst.

Bakura laid slouched on his deceased father's golden throne; sure he was bored to the point of torturing things, basically the alive things. He growled tossing a dagger, which had been hanging loosely from his fingers, at nothing particular. The dagger clicked against the stone walls hitting the ground it rattled for a bit until it was struck by the door that Yami and Marik barged through.

Marik stomped over to his baby brother a stoic gleam in his violet colored eyes. "Bakura guess what." The youngest rolled his syrup colored eyes heaven ward. Not even gracing that question with and another question.

"It just so happens that those three angels you found looks identical to us! I mean it's like glazing upon a mirror!"

Bakura sat up right in his seat. "Identical?" He repeated. 'Kura's interest peaked it was a bit odd hearing he had a clone out there, "where are they?"

"With Mai she took the liberty of making them look presentable for us." Informed Marik he licked his lips in an evocative gesture. He was very excited.

Bakura exchanged a look with Yami who just shrugged.

"Let us get out of here this place is beyond and health hazard." Mai lead her captives out of the dungeons and into the middle of chaos. Outside of the bleak dungeon was and whole other story it was confusion at its worst female and male demons where running back and forth each looking more stressed than the other. The place was huge it could easily fit hundreds of bodies. The walls was littered with portrays of dark faces all glaring; there was even statues of gargoyles.

Mai leaned over to whisper at the three floating behind her. "This is what happens when one of our young lords' get bored, no one is happy." Mai inform was mocking. "Come on, we are close to your destination."

The four reached a door that was at the end of the chaos. Mai raised a hand knocking three times on the marble door, which was swung open by and brunet with ear length hair and a grim look upon her face. The brunette's features soften slightly at Mai appearance. "Mai there you are! I was starting to think you were avoiding coming here…" The demon paused leaning to the side to see the three angels floating behind the blond. "Thank goodness you brought them the women are growing furious with curiosity-" BOOM something hard hit the door from the other side, the brunet sighed in frustration. "Is that them Anzu?"

The one called Anzu nodded.

A upon stepping inside Mai had released her spell with one flick of her wrist the three landing ungracefully on their backsides.

Mai thought it was the proper time to speak up since the female demons around kept getting closer to the trio. "Ladies, ladies please refrain from touching our lords property." Like hitting pause on and DVD player the girls halted in their advances.

"We need to get these three cleaned and cloth in the proper attire for our masters." The room then broke into whispers until one held up a bunch of strings that seemed like they were tied together. "I have the prefect outfit. This would be prefect; lord Marik loves it when his slaves wear this!" Judging from the angels bewildered looks they had no clue what she was referring too it was comical to Mai and she chuckled behind her manicure nails.

"Now girls these are angels, meaning they are virgins we can't have virgins wearing such revealing attire."

The same one made and "oh" sound before pulling out a long silver tunic. "What about this?" Mai hummed examining the tunic before snapping her thumb and pointer finger together, thus making the tunic sinking four whole inches so then it'll reach the angels thighs revealing a whole lot of leg in the process. She snapped her fingers again creating a long 'V' neck so that their collar bones would be visible. "Prefect," She mumbled pleased with her creation.

The room glowed from all the spells that was being conjured on the three.

Once the group was complete with the three they looked as if they had been in a palace instead of its stinky old dungeons. Ryou and Yugi flushed crimson from the roots of their hair to the soles of their feet, it turned out that the thigh length tunic's long 'V' neck was too wide thus exposing more than just their collar bone but their shoulders as well.

Anzu walked around the three examining them. She felt sorry for all of them the things her masters were going to do to them. "And they had such lovely faces." She whispered gaining Malik's attention. "What was that?" The pale blond snapped violet eyes locking intensely with her sapphire ones.

Anzu paused in her steps. "I just felt sorry is all? Our masters killed their last personal servants for playing to roughly with them, and you three are to become the new replacements."


Mai gave Anzu and angry glare. She did not want them to know not yet at least.

"We are not anybodies serv-" Malik's ranting was cut short by the loud boom of the room door being barged through.

The female demons rushed around to create two parallel lines by the front door they all bowed by the hip. Mai took a step in front of the three angels hiding them from view.

Marik and Bakura

Each lady demon took a lower bow as their two masters strode between the two parallel lines of bodies; upon reaching the end of the lines Mai bowed her head slightly at Marik and Bakura.

"Your Majesties," She greeted, in a business like fashion. "Are you finish with our new pets," Inquired Marik. Mai had to school her facial features from the sheer disgust she felt from those blunt words. "Uh, yes your majesties." Mai took another bow before taking a side step to her left, and revealing three nervous angels.

Marik gasps in slight amazement. "Is this your glamour doing Mai?" The pale-blond turn his head toward Mai, he loved their clothing leaving a lot to the imagination.

"No, you're Majesty. I only helped in clothing them." She could only hope her voice did not give away her growing tension.

Bakura cast crimson eyes over his smaller twin, although they were similar in looks the angel's features were more soft in contrast to Bakura' sharp and narrow features, plus he scowled a lot. 'Kura cracked a smirk he concluded he was bored no longer. The second oldest brother scanned the two that favored his siblings only to pause on the one who resembled him. His twin glared darkly at him. If looks could kill Marik was positive he wouldn't be standing there giving his counterpart lecherous looks.

"This is going to be fun brother," Marik laughed slapping his brother on the shoulder.

Yugi blinked at the pair of demons in front of him they looked like his cousins, he had not time to think about it the first time he saw them in the dungeon well not the one that resembled Ryou. He felt more confused than before about the reality of the situation and yet he couldn't help wondering that this was fate.

"Ah!" Yugi snapped out of his daze as and strong hand gripped onto his upper arm with enough force to leave a hand size bruise.

"Come on little Yami we have to show you to our brother now that you are clean." Marik did not leave any room for a protest he pulled Yugi along with him while Malik was instantly spelled to follow.

"What! Make it stop" Shriek Malik he watched in horror as his own legs moved against his will.

Marik turned to his twin he leaned over to the shorter blond, "now I wouldn't want my slave running away would I?"

"How the hell should I know I am not you?" The room seemed to go still; the atmosphere changing quickly. And then the muscular blond laughed, and kept on walk his double following obediently behind him much to Malik's dismay.

Bakura's eye color shifted back to and cold chocolate brown. Ryou watched in awe never in a million years would he had guessed that he had a twin out there where was Solomon's words of wisdom now?

"You're shaking."

The drawl brining Ryou back to reality why was he so afraid?

Then his doubles eyes shifted back to crimson, and his body reaction without his command. So this is what spooked Malik! It felt like this body was not his own.

Anzu watched her young lords retreating and felt the urge to speak up. "Tell his Majesty that I send my regards." She called at her two lords did not turn around, but she had a feeling her message would be received to Yami.

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