Logos pass into black which fades into a large broad man with long red-brown hair and a beard to his chest, he wears a hammer amulet a simple white t-shirt a pair of jeans and a long leather jacket. He's reading a Thor comic and drinking a beer while sitting at a table on in the second floor of a mall. He hears a crash and a woman's scream. He leans forward and looks over the railing to see a woman crawling away from a wirey, unkept, and insane looking man wielding a bloody blade. Behind him are a slew a bloody corpses all of which from mall security. The man walks closer to the woman and all of a sudden the sound plays and Travis (the man with the long red-brown hair) senses that the man is one of his kind.

Travis: This will not end well.

Travis then jumps over the railing, lands on his feet, and lands an uppercut to the man with the bloody knife. Bloody knife (aka the man with the bloody knife) wheels back but then composes himself and raises his knife.

Bloody Knife:They must die brother, they must all die.

Travis:I disagree. If you want we can settle this someplace private.

Bloody Knife: (Pause) There can be only one.

Bloody Knife lunges at Travis. Travis begins dodging Bloody Knife's attacks.

Travis: You fool, we can't-

Bloody Knife: There can be only one!

Their battle rages across the floor of the mall, Travis fighting unarmed trying to incompasicating his opponent. Bloody Knife knocks Travis into a soda machine and stabs him in the side.

Bloody Knife: Unwise to duel without a blade brother!

Bloody Knife pulls out the blade and Travis head buts him and kicks him in the chest, throwing him back. Travis then reaches under his coat and pulls out a battle-axe. The battle continues with the tide turning quickly to Travis's side, as he continuely hacks the axe into the body of his enemy. Travis lands a blow into Bloody Knife's gut which sends him to his knees. Travis then lands a blow to the back of his head with the flat of the axe blade. At first Bloody Knife slumps foreward... then jumps violently to his feet and jams his knife into Travis's gut. They pause for a few seconds with Bloody Knife chuckeling, then Travis shoves Bloody Knife back then swings his axe in a wide arc which decapitates Bloody Knife. Travis drops his axe and pulls the long knife out of his gut, as he does this white mist lifts from Bloody Knife's body and begins to swirl about Travis's head. Travis's notices this then solomly looks about the very public setting of the partially destroyed mall. The air about him begins to get staticly charged, lifting several pices of debris including his axe off the ground. Travis sighs.

Travis: There can be only one.

Lighting begins to arc from the swirling mist into Travis, lifting him up a spinning him about as he screams in pain. The scene fades to black and the Title "Highlander: Warrior of Ragnorak" appears.