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By Angelite Phoenix // Dark Angel of Mystery

CHAPTER 1: Xx- Meet the Stars -xX

Shigure Kusanagi, author of best selling romance novels sat down to a hot cup of herbal tea outside on his porch, he had earned millions from this piece of work and now all he could think of was what would come next. His editor was on a short holiday so he couldn't torture her, and his best friends were working full time for a film. The film of course, was going to make him even richer, because that film was a movie of his novel "Blind Attraction."
Ayame Shimazu, the big boss of "Hypnotic Me" Fashion Design Label was going through the different coloured fabrics and materials for his next role as Head of Fashion Design for the movie "Blind Attraction". He was indeed proud to be part of such a great film, especially when his best friend Shigure wrote the novel.
Akito Kurosawa, The Director of the upcoming movie seated himself at his large desk, going through the audition papers as he waited for the actors and actresses to arrive. "This film would indeed be successful" He thought as he dreamed of winning an award at the Oscars for best director.
Professional Stage Photographer, Hatori Tsumoto was hired to be the cameraman and the boss for all the shots in the film. He hoped that his friend Shigure didn't write anything too perverted in the novel that would appear in the movie. He sighed as he tried to catch up on sleep, his job involved hours of analysing and capturing pictures.
Sensational Pop/Punk Singer Arisa Uotani who late last year, became a hit artist after the release of her latest album "Red Butterfly". "The lyrics in the songs inspired many young people to fight and defend their beliefs". said many magazines. Luckily for her, the director Akito Kurosawa had requested for her songs to be featured in the "Blind Attraction" soundtrack and she agreed instantly.
Saki Hanajima, Reporter for the Hollywood E channel sat in her limousine, her next interview was with her old friend, the famous Uotani star and since she hadn't seen her since their high school years in Kaibara High, she was indeed looking forward to meeting Arisa once again. After that, her job was to do a documentary of "Behind the scenes" for the movie "Blind Attraction".
Isuzu (Rin) Kinoshita was the big winner of America's next top model and her career had taken her to being the face of the new Lancôme Tokyo. She kept her sleek straight long black hair as she liked it and cat walked down the aisle in front of the crowd wearing the sassiest clothing, attracting many glowing eyes from below.
Champion Car Racer, Hatsuharu "Haru" Miyazaki tore down the streets in his shiny metallic blue Porsche on the way to visit his friend Yuki. He had his favourite shades on and caused many girls to stare at the one who had scored many cups for Japan and USA. He had the biggest crush on the hot model, Rin Kinoshita and she liked him too, but he didn't have the time to ask her out since both of them were full-time workers in two different places.
Kisa Nagasaki, the youngest teenage member of Hollywood "Stars" magazine. And yet her articles had turned out so well, the boss made her chief editor in less than a week of her employment. She was a quiet but happy person, all the people that had teased her in her elementary years were definitely jealous of her now.
He started his own talk show, so he could mock the stars and celebrities. Hiro Akiyama was the sarcastic, calm, sly and cunning teenage guy who knew exactly what to say whenever he wanted to open his loud mouth. He had a grudge against nearly everybody but the cute magazine chief editor that lived next door. He would only trip and stutter when he sees her getting the mail every morning.
Every year, Ritsu Urashima would get ready for the big night, he was the one who presented and hosted the Oscar and MTV awards for all the celebs to get their prizes, trophies and awards. He had improved only slightly with his apologizing fits and he began to take yoga classes every week to calm his nerves and boost his concentration and confidence.
Furuba was the hottest band at the moment. Consisting of 4 talented members, Lead Singer- Kimi Toudou with the voice of an angel, she wouldn't go anywhere without her box of candy. Guitarist- Yuki Shimazu, younger brother of the overconfident and self-absorbed fashion designer Ayame, he had a soft spot for the pianist in the band. Drums- Kakeru Manabe, older half-brother of the pianist and boyfriend of Kimi. Pianist- Machi Kuragi, the silent and smart one who always freaked out before a concert. Their band Furuba had gotten themselves also a spot in the "Blind Attraction" original soundtrack.
Actor Kyo Sohma and actress Kagura Tashiro always denied they were together even though they had landed a role as a couple and the main characters in the movie. They appeared in the same films, they seemed to be on the cover of every magazine and they lit the streets as they walked hand in hand on the red carpet. The press is still trying to find out whether they are dating or not.
Kureno Murakami worked as Kyo and Kagura's agent. He found them auditions for certain movies that they were interested in, and he was a good friend of the director Akito. Kureno liked to listen to songs from the pop singer Arisa Uotani in his free time on his ipod, for some reason he just admired her voice, and felt as if he knew her.
The President's cheerful son, Momiji Hirota was rich and handsome (the older version), he loved the violin and he loved his best friend Tohru Honda who he had known for quite some time. Even though he was rich, he chose to go to a simple university so he could be with Tohru. He was also smart and extremely friendly, he had a reputation of saving animals, and he often ended up on the front page of newspapers.
Tohru Honda, she lived a sad life even though she tried her best to put on a smile everyday. A university student, who was pretty poor, worked herself hard in both her studies and her job. She lost her parent's a long time ago, but she wasn't lonely. Her personality had gained many friends who supported her. But she did miss her old friends from Kaibara high who were now across the world living in Beverly Hills or 6 star apartments. Everyday, she would wonder, if they had forgotten her. Especially that one orange haired handsome guy.
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