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By Angelite Phoenix /AKA / Dark Angel of Mystery

CHAPTER 11: Xx- Old Flames, Burnt Ashes and Faint Sparks -xX

"Stupid Kyo, Wake up!" Yuki whacked Kyo across the head and waited for a response.

"Argh! What!?" Kyo opened one eye, looked at Yuki, then turned the other way hoping to fall asleep again.

"It's already 1pm, you've been sleeping for nearly 14 hours, get up you lazy idiot." Yuki had returned to his normal self, calling Kyo the names he used to call him in high school.

"So! Who cares?" Kyo hid himself under his pillow to block the sunlight.

"You're gonna be late for work, just because Tohru told you everything and I let you stay here, doesn't mean I'm giving you an excuse to ditch your job, and avoid Kagura." Yuki pointed out.

"Go away!" Kyo happened to be listening to nothing Yuki had said.

"I have to go to the studio and meet up with my band for a recording session. You better be ready in 10 minutes or I'll demonstrate my Karate skills on you, and judging by the fact that you happen to remember everything, you'll know that it'll hurt." Yuki replied sternly as he threw the bed covers onto the floor and left the room hoping that his 'threat' was enough to get him out of bed.

About 15 minutes later

Yuki sat in his car as Kyo opened the door to the passenger seat.

"You're late."

"5 minutes, big deal." Kyo gritted his teeth, sat down and shut the door.

"Okay, so let me make this clear to you. You will go to work today and continue to learn your lines for today's scene, you will face Kagura and you will talk to Miss Honda. After all that, I might let you sulk in the dark for a few days. But until then, you're gonna have to deal with it." Yuki spoke rather coldly as he started up the car and headed towards the city. He felt a bit guilty having to talk to Kyo like that seeing as Kyo remembered his tragic past and was yet, learning to accept it, but he couldn't let him make another mistake by letting his current life fall apart so easily.

"Alright already." Kyo snapped back.

An hour later – at the filming studio

"Kagura, Kyo, I'm glad you have worked through your 'issue's in order to join us this afternoon for scene 24. You don't know how eager I am to get this movie finished before the start of next year. Alright everyone, this scene is when Olivia (Kagura) confesses her feelings for Chris (Kyo), but he rejects her because…well you've all read the book. I want passion everyone, anger, tears, rage! Whatever you feel is necessary for a situation like this. Okay? Good. 3, 2, 1 Action!" Akito sat in the director's seat and watched Kyo and Kagura act.

"Chris, I've been wanting to tell you all this time. But I was afraid, afraid that the rumours were true, about you and your other girlfriend. I… love you, you know that right? I do hope you feel the same way about me." Kagura felt as if this scene somehow related to her own life.

"Olivia, I don't know what to say……I'm so sorry, but the truth is… the rumours… are true." Kyo answered, feeling a bit awkward in the situation.


"Olivia, I didn't mean to hurt you. I have a girlfriend, yes, but I've been wanting to tell you for so long…"

"Then why didn't you!?" Kagura felt anger burn in her cheeks, not from the acting, but from Kyo, who had just turned down their engagement.

"I just couldn't, it was too hard. Please forgive me…" Kyo carried on acting, thinking Kagura had just flushed a deep red from the intense acting, but he was wrong.

"You… You bastard!!! It's the maid isn't it!? The good-for-nothing MAID!?" Kagura forgot her lines and stomped towards Kyo, yelling in his face at the same time.

"Cut, Cut!" Akito shouted as he got off his chair and glared at Kagura.

"What is the meaning of this!? You're reading the wrong lines, what in the world are you doing!? Haven't you sorted out your personal problems yet!? I told you, I would not tolerate you two bringing your real life relationship 'problems' into the filming studio!" Akito questioned as Kagura clenched her fists and ignored him.

"Tell me Kyo, and honestly, are you in love with the maid?"

"I can't talk to you when your bad tempered."

"Well what do you expect!? Do you expect me to be happy that you were cheating on me with this maid, and that you turned down our engagement so suddenly!?"

"What!? I am NOT cheating on you with Tohru…"

"Oh! So now your calling her Tohru huh!?" Kagura interrupted rudely.

"Kagura, stop it, just let me explain."

"No! you listen to me. You can go off galloping into the sunset with your 'Tohru', cos you know what? I'm outta here!" Kagura threw her engagement ring across the floor and left the studio.

"Kagura, you get back here!" Akito ran after her as Kyo sighed.

"I'm sorry guys, this movie's gonna have to lay off for a while. I can't act and pretend nothings going on when the leading actress keeps thinking that I'm cheating on her with Tohru." Kyo said to the crew as he clenched his fists tightly and walked out.

Arisa browsed past the shelves in the supermarket and looked for toothpaste. It was her supermarket shopping day; once a week, every Tuesday, she would make a trip to the supermarket for groceries and other daily supplies.

"You should try this one, the thing about the 'whitening of the teeth', it's true. Works every time." Arisa heard a familiar voice as the man held out the toothpaste in front of her.

"You again!?" Arisa looked at him, stunned, that she even forgot what his name was.

"I believe we've met before, here in the supermarket too. My name's Kureno if you've forgotten by any chance." He chuckled as Arisa turned pink with embarrassment.

"I didn't mean to forget your name, I just… umm…" Arisa was unable to continue after Hana's voice had clouded her thoughts.

"You… will ask him out."

'Dammit Hana, I don't even know why I'm about to go through with this, if it doesn't work out, I'm going to kill you….argh….,okay, relax Arisa, relax… I'm gonna have a go at asking him out, and at the same time, pray that I won't completely embarrass myself…' Arisa took in a deep breath and looked at Kureno.

"Yes?" Kureno waited patiently for a reply with an amused look on his face.

"Uhh… so you own every single c-d of mine huh?" She changed the subject and tried to avoid Hana's voice constantly entering her mind.

"Why… yes I do, wait- how'd you know that?"

"Heh… Pyschic friend- I guess she was right." Arisa muttered under her breath annoyed that Hana was correct, she figured she might as well give it a shot without chicken-ing out.

"What was that?" Kureno failed to hear her quiet answer.

"Lunch, tomorrow, 1pm, Marine Café, by the lake, you, me. Sounds good?" Arisa looked down to the floor, closed her eyes attempted to ask him out hoping that Hana was right.

"Umm… wow… that was unexpected. You sure are unpredictable. Are you asking me out?" Kureno hid a smile.


"Well, I'll see you tomorrow then…Arisa…" Kureno handed her the toothpaste, turned around and walked towards the counter.

"Oh my god… I can't believe I just asked him out…I love you and your psychic-ness Hana!' Arisa thought to herself as she held onto the toothpaste Kureno had recommended and smiled, feeling the urge to scream excitedly.

Haru walked around the huge hospital room that was all ready for Rin's leukaemia treatment. He felt satisfied with the work he had done, since he had set up a plasma TV with a PS3 and a DVD player, a queen sized bed with puffy, soft Versace pillows, a deck outside with spectacular view, overlooking a beautiful man-made lake, a fairly large bathroom with a spa bath, a shower box, etc and most of all, himself. He was now waiting for Rin's arrival, he was sure he made it all seem like home inside the hospital room. He was prepared to stay next to Rin for as long as she wished, all he wanted to give her was the support and love that she needed in order to overcome leukaemia, along with the medicines and surgeries that were ahead.

He smiled as he heard the door creak open, Rin was there, wearing comfortable dark blue tracksuit pants and a matching sweater. Her hair was tied up in a long ponytail and she looked half happy to see him there, and the other half, scared to be once again, in the hospital.

"Rin, everything's gonna be fine…" Haru attempted to calm her down when she suddenly took in her surroundings and a warm smile lit up on her pale face.

"Haru! This is…is…nice." Rin was at a loss of words as she took a proper look around her room.

"I figured you might as well make yourself comfortable since you'll be here for a while." Haru gave her a comforting hug.

"I love it, everything! But the main thing is, you're here, with me."

"And I'll be here as long as I can until you recover."

"But…what about work? And the races you need to attend…" Rin pointed out as Haru shushed her with a soft kiss on the lips.

"I need a break, I need to spend time with you, and besides all you need to worry about now is getting better. I don't want you to focus on anything else, promise me that, okay?" Rin stared back at him, startled.

"Okay?" He repeated.

"Okay…I promise." She nodded.

"Now how about you lie down in bed, and I'll go ask the staff to prepare you dinner. Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Beef, Pork, or Vegetarian?" Haru asked, sounding almost like an air host on the plane.

"Chicken will be fine…thanks." Rin smiled at Haru's behavior as she hopped into bed.

"Great. I'll go get the doctor to examine you afterwards. And then, we can watch some movies or something. You have your personal home theatre right here, and I've bought along millions of DVD's. I swear, you won't be bored this time." Haru glanced back at her and grinned.

Tohru stood in front of her mirror, staring at her reflection. She was wearing the typical graduation outfit, black robe thing and all… she was meant to be overexcited about this day. Technically, it was her dream to graduate university, it meant she could finally depend on someone other than Momiji and his father. She could finally depend on herself, but all these years of being dependant made her realize how much she was going to miss this life. After graduation, she was planning to find a suitable job, earn good income, then purchase a nice small apartment for herself, and there she would begin to live her own life, independently. But now, seeing as how attached she was to her current lifestyle, she wasn't sure if she'd be bold enough to leave the perfect life and live another, starting from scratch.

Of course, the Kyo thing had also put her in a difficult situation. One when she could not decide between two very different lives. She noticed the graduation hat sitting on her beside table, she reached out and grabbed it, then placed it on her head gently. She felt nothing. No pride, no sign of accomplishing her dream. Then she realized the one thing she was missing, of course… she had decided back then, that she would graduate alongside Kyo. That was her real dream, to finish university with the one and only guy she's ever loved and apparently… ever will love. She snapped out of her thoughts as soon as Momiji entered the room. He stood next to her, and looked back at both of their reflections. Same robe, same hat, he turned around and smiled at Tohru.

"You look wonderful Tohru, I can't believe this is all happening so fast. It's just like graduation from high school all over again." Momiji spoke, then realized what Tohru must have been thinking when he said that.

"Oh…I didn't mean it in that way Tohru…"

"It's okay, I'm glad you're happy." Tohru forced a weak smile back at him.

"Is something wrong? You seem upset… Listen, if it's about what I said earlier…about how I love…"

"It's just, I can't help but feel that you deserve much more than someone like me. Momiji, I'm sorry but I don't know if I can return your feelings in that way…"

"I guess I figured that out a little while ago when you bumped into Kyo again. Don't worry about it, I kinda expected it…" Momiji answered softly, avoiding eye contact with Tohru.

"I'm really sorry Momiji, you're such an important person to me."

"I know Tohru, I know." He sighed.

"I was thinking last night, the day you asked me to travel the world with you, I instantly said yes, but if you ask me again now, I would have changed my decision."

"Why? You don't want to do that anymore?"

"No, I would love to, but Momiji…I'd be happier if you took someone who loved you in return. It'd be fair, I've spent so much time worrying about Kyo, that I've almost forgotten how much I owe you and your father for taking care of me so well for the past few years." Tohru placed her hands on his shoulders and looked at him.

"Tohru, you owe me nothing. I won't expect anything in return as long as you are comfortable and happy with what you choose to do in the future. That's all I ask from you, for you to be happy, nothing else. Besides, don't worry about me, I've got my future all planned out already, I'll tell you tomorrow…" Momiji grabbed her hands and pulled her closer, then kissed her on the cheek softly.


"Let's go, we'll be late for graduation." He interjected, letting go of her hands as he walked out of her room.

Tohru grabbed her back quickly and ran after him.

"Momiji, I want you to have fun today, okay?" Tohru said after seating herself in the passenger seat.

"Okay. But the same goes for you, I understand that the graduation is way too important for us to be upset, so enjoy yourself." Momiji hid his grim expression and replaced it with a cheerful smile, one the teenage Momiji would've given her a few years ago.

"Alright, I will do my best."

"Ooohh Aya, I'm sooo upset." Shigure swept into the room dramatically, and pretended to faint as Ayame caught him easily.

"Oh what is it, my dear Gure-san?" Ayame replied while fluttering his eyelashes, with the same dramatic tone as Shigure, possibly even more dramatic.

"The movie of my greatest book, "Blind Attraction" has possibly come to an end." He sulked in Ayame's arms.

"Oh no! I don't believe that." Ayame gasped as he sat Shigure down in the nearest seat.

"But it's true, the leading woman, Kagura ran out during the saddest scene in the book, because she thought Kyo was cheating on her with the maid."

"The maid, as in, the cute-little-girl-with-blue-eyes maid?"

"Yes I'm afraid so."

"But that would never happen, she's not the type of girl who…who would… well you know…" Ayame looked around the room and then laughed pervertedly.

"Oh yes… I think I know what you're thinking." Shigure joined in with the perverted moment as he soon felt the tip of a rolled-up newspaper hit his head hard.

"Perverts." Shigure looked up to see Hatori, rolling his eyes with his arm folded.

"Haa-san! That hurt!"

"Oh dear, are you alright Gure-san?" Ayame touched his forehead as Hatori turned around to whack Ayame.

"Oww what was that for?" Ayame pouted.

"I know you two like to gossip… so I'd like to clear it up with you two before you start rumours in this business. Kyo remembers his past very clearly now, that's because the maid was the same girl who he fell in love with before the accident five years ago." Hatori explained.

"What? That can't be possible…" Shigure dropped his act and stared at Hatori.

"Ahh… I thought she looked familiar, I remember the day my dear brother Yuki told me about the accident, that's one of the reasons why he moved to America too, to make sure Kyo would be alright, he wanted to keep an eye out for him I guess, even though they were enemies, he seemed to care enough to move, maybe for the girl's sake." Ayame thought aloud.

"We're the only ones who know of Kyo's secret, along with Yuki and his band, Haru, Tohru and her friends Momiji, that reporter and the singer Arisa. So I don't want you sharing with anyone what is said in this room now, alright?" Hatori glared at them.

"Okay, but I don't see why Kyo should suffer; I mean if Kagura and Akito knew, maybe they'd calm down a bit…" Shigure pointed out.

"If Kyo wants to tell anybody, that's his own choice. But it'd be disrespectful for us to tell anyone." Ayame retorted.

"Exactly." Hatori was relieved that they finally getting the point of him entering the room in the first place.

"That's true…But still…he didn't…you know, do something with Tohru behind Kagura's back, did he?" Shigure brought back the perverted subject.

"We're just curious Hari…" Ayame joined in.

"I guess some things…never change." Hatori shot an annoyed look at the both of them and then left the room without a further word.

2am, after the graduation party…

Tohru arrived home with Momiji after a tiring night of partying, it was her first official 'lets get out there and get drunk' party, and she was a bit more clumsy after the many alcoholic cocktails. Momiji laughed at her helped her up the stairs, she was swaying left to right while occasionally tripping along the way. He obviously hadn't seen this side of her before.

"Tohru, are you alright there? I've never seen you so…loopy." Momiji found a random word to describe Tohru's drunk behaviour.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine, really." Tohru grinned back, her eyes only half open.

"Okay, you should get some rest, I'll cook breakfast in the morning and I also happen to have some news, but we'll worry about that later." Momiji led Tohru to her bed and closed the curtains.

"Goodnight Tohru." He smiled as he closed the door behind him.


Tohru woke up with a strange headache, she had no memory whatsoever of what happened just six hours ago. All she remembered was receiving the certificate, the rest, was a blur. She helped herself to a seat in the kitchen as she was unaware of Momiji's presence.

"Tohru, you're awake, are you feeling better?" Momiji sat next to her placing a cup of hot coffee on the table.

"Oh yes! Good morning Momiji, I'm perfectly fine." Tohru lied.

"Alright, if you say so." Momiji chuckled.

"So, what's going on?" Tohru asked, out of the blue.

"Well, last night- you were drunk after the party, so you probably don't remember me saying this, but I mentioned that I had some news for you." Momiji sipped his coffee as Tohru listened carefully.

"What is it Momiji?"

"My father has found a job for me…."

"Wow, that's great Momiji! I'm so happy for you." Tohru cut in as Momiji's face fell.

"In Germany." Momiji carried on.


"And since…we aren't probably gonna do that world trip of ours anymore, I've decided to go and accept his offer. You know how he owns the business in Berlin? I think he's planning to make space for me to work there, for him."

"That's really good news, you should be really happy." Tohru smiled.

"I am, actually. A whole new experience, new environment, new life and maybe new relationships. I'm looking forward to it. I've given it a lot of thought for the past few hours, it was late notice…I mean, isn't it always? But I've decided, and I'm going to work for my father."

"Well, when are you leaving?"

"Next week, I realize I haven't told you soon enough, but my father makes rather fast decisions, and he only asked me about five days ago…"

"Its okay, I understand. Your father is a busy man. Uhh… well I'll make sure I get everything packed in boxes by next week."

"I'm sorry I have to make you move so suddenly Tohru, but I've organised a place for you to stay, you can rent it, and it's only $60 a week. It's a 2 bedroom apartment, and it's quite nice, I think it would be a good place for you to stay until you find that dream job of yours." Momiji explained.

"That's very kind of you Momiji, I've enjoyed living here, it's pure luxury, but I think with you moving to Germany soon, I might become more independent, and that's what I've always wanted." Tohru smiled faintly.

"Well that's good to hear."

"I've also got some news Momiji." Tohru looked up to notice that Momiji's eyes had lit up with interest.


"I think… I'm going to quit my job as a cleaner."

"Really? I didn't expect that…" Momiji's eyes widened.

"Yes, seeing you getting a fresh start, well that makes me a little jealous, hehe. I'm thinking, leave the cleaner job and find a new one, one that will lead me to my dream job that you mentioned earlier." Tohru put on a determined expression and nodded.

"That's…good." Momiji was speechless, also noticing that Tohru had just made the decision on the spot.

"Well! I guess, I better get started then, so much stuff I gotta pack." Tohru rolled up her sleeves, tied up her hair and walked back into her bedroom.


Kyo lay on his back, on top of the roof of Yuki's mansion. This was the only place he could feel safe and free, it was also a place where no one could find him, in other words, bother him. He took in a deep breath and sighed, he hadn't felt so relaxed in so long. He had been lying there for at least two hours as he reflected on his decisions and came to a conclusion.

'Let's see…I've got to finish this stupid movie, get it over and done with, that is, if Kagura ever shows up…which leads me to the other problem, Kagura…yes I should probably talk to her before she thinks any deeper into her assumption of me cheating on her with Tohru…and then, I will talk to Tohru, I will tell her how I feel and that…I want to work things out between us…Wait a minute! Hell! This is exactly what that damn Yuki had said to me this morning.' Kyo realized and admitted with embarrassment that Yuki, was indeed pretty good at giving advice, not to mention, he was obviously taking it.

"Okay, so let me make this clear to you. You will go to work today and continue to learn your lines for today's scene, you will face Kagura and you will talk to Miss Honda. After all that, I might let you sulk in the dark for a few days. But until then, you're gonna have to deal with it." Those were Yuki's words of advice, and he was right, his decisions basically matched the recent thoughts of Kyo's 'perfect solution to getting on with life'.

'Enemy or no Enemy, Hmm…maybe I should listen to him more often…as bad as that sounds.' Kyo looked up, the sun was up in the sky and it was the start to a brand new day. He felt that today was perhaps going to better than yesterday, or the day before that. Without reason, he suddenly felt better.

'If I try hard today…maybe I might be able to get two things done. Work and Kagura. The third one…might be a tad more challenging for me…" He thought to himself as the image of Tohru appeared inside his mind.

"Hey, you up here!?" Kyo sat up and turned around to see Yuki down below, under the trees.

'Great….so much for peace and quiet up here."

"Yeah, what do you want?" Kyo replied.

"I was just thinking, if you want to see Tohru again, you might wanna go back to the studio right about…now."


"Ayame just called me, She's quitting her job."

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