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Blood of an Alchemist

"In order to obtain, something of equal value must be lost. This is the first rule of alchemy. In those days we really believed it to be the world's one and only truth." –Alphonse Elric

Edward and Alphonse Elric returned to Germany to see Noah after disposing of the Uranium. Upon their return Noah told them of a vision she received from a man she bumped into on the street.

The Nazis were making one final attempt at opening the gate. Naturally the Elric brothers went to stop them. They did not know what affect it would have with the gate destroyed.

When they arrived the site of the room was of a bare room with only twelve men in an alchemic circle chanting as one. In the center of the transmutation circle was the professor that Edward saw last time he stopped the Nazis.

Edward looked towards his brother and in a low whisper said "Alphonse, I want you to make a distraction while I brake up the group towards the back." "Ok brother, but be careful."

Alphonse created stone versions of his armor self that started advancing on the group. Edward crept around the side of the room. The Nazis retreated further into the circle to escape the wrath of the stone armor.

Edward pulled out the small pocket knife he held on his person. (In the movie Edward activates the circle with his blood. After they discover how the circle activated they use alchemy when needed.)

Edward made a dash for the circle to scatter the group. The sound a clap filled the room. He was three steps in the circle when it suddenly activated.

Time stopped save for the muffled cries of Alphonse and the growing swirl of darkness. The darkness surrounded him as he began to hear the cries of the people in front. He knew without seeing that they were being ripped apart bit by bit.

Lost in the darkness of what was left of the gate. He waited for the black soles of the gate to dissolve his body along with the others.

It never came. For a brief moment he wondered if this was to be his punishment before he was to reach what ever hell waits for him. He floated in that darkness for what seemed like forever.

Then there was a red light off in the distance. Then after he got closer it became clear that the red light was what looked like one of the Nazi's early attempt at a transmutation circle. It was complete for the most part but there were symbols he didn't recognize. (Same circle as on Alucard's gloves.)

The circle started to morph into a blood red door. Edward drew in a sharp breath of air. The doors slowly opened. They were opening for him.