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Blood of an Alchemist

Anderson's POV 'the next day'

It was well into the next morning when Anderson had concluded his business with Maxwell. He took a stroll into the gardens to clear his thoughts of the meeting that had just taken place.

When Anderson had made his way into the well furnished room that was Max's office the man was not in the best of moods. Knowing that this would soon change Anderson allowed himself a cocky smirk.

Maxwell's voice was clip and a bit on the irritable side. "And pray tell, what puts you in such a good mood this morning Anderson? I thought you would be rather put out considering you failed your mission."

Anderson's face gave away nothing as he kept slight aloofness in his voice giving it a light mocking tone. "Aye, I did. But, it does seem hard to dwell on small failures when one finds such promise in unexpected places."

Maxwell's interest had been peeked, causing one thin eyebrow to raise. "Alright Anderson, you have my full attention." The smirk quickly left his face as he retold most of what happened at that night's events, the key word being most.

Anderson did not mention the fact that Edward had metal limbs, only a boy who had a ruff life from the look of him with endless fighting potential and a strange power that was not of vampire nature. It had been an odd experience to give his employer half truths, considering he had never done so before on any assignment.

Anderson was not a medical guineas but, he knew advanced prosthetics when he saw them. The metal of his arm was proof enough. Something inside Anderson told him to keep the young lad's secrets safe for the time being.

The boy couldn't have been more than fifteen or possibly even sixteen. Someone that young would not yet know their place in the world. That just might be what Maxwell was hopping for. When he had told Max of the boy's potential and age, he had not particularly care for the look he saw in Maxwell's eye.

They would just have to gain the lad's trust slowly, something Anderson did not think would be easy. Anderson didn't like the idea of a young lad like Edward not having any direction in his life save for the Hellsing group and a soulless beast of a vampire to poison his mind with heretic dribble.

But, was Edward not a heretic himself? Had he not stood there in the darkened hallway and proclaimed that there was no God to speak of and therefore all religions were incorrect? He had said it with such conviction even in his taunting voice, as if he himself had been thrust though 'death's door' and seen what waits for us.

Had he seen death? Was that why Alucard, that dog of Hellsing, had such an interest in him? Why had he called Edward his toy? Had Integra actually put the vampire in charge of the boy? If so did that mean this boy Edward was to become a vampire?

He knew Edward was not a vampire yet, all the same he could have easily given Alucard a run for his money, if Edward had nearly beaten him 'the angel of dust'. Anderson was missing something and he knew it.

No one can fight like that at such a tender age or possess such skill either. Things didn't add up and he was going to find out why. Why was he so concerned for a heretic child that was almost old enough to make his own choices?

Edward just needed a swift kick in the pants towards the right direction. Lord new a tiny push wouldn't do the job. For now he would just enjoy the flowers and let be what would be. Edward was in the Lord's hands now.

Edward's POV 'the same night'

It was dark. The last thing Edward could remember was giving Alucard a heated glare that just might kill the undead jerk when he fell into this darkness.

This half awake and asleep world of darkness would not let him open his eyes to see but he could do other things…or thing to be precise. He couldn't see or hear but, he could feel. To be even more precise he felt pain all over his body.

He had worse pain to deal with before in the past so it could have been worse. Then he realized that it was those arms again, strong arms that seemed to always find him in this world when ever he fainted. They carried him with delicate grace, that if to shake him would be to smash him like fine china on the floor.

Then he felt himself being put down on some sort of cushioned surface, pulled into a sitting position. He was lightheaded and the movement was almost enough to get the alchemist to open his eyes.

There was some kind of pressure slowly making its way over his body. Edward couldn't really identify what it was, but he didn't rightly care at the moment since it was taking the pain away. Ed was happy that he had come upon something to take even a little bit of the pain away, may it be physical or otherwise.

Then he noticed it. His memories started to play as if it was a movie that had scenes out of order. Sometimes it went forward to more current events or it went closer to the beginning of his long quest. The pain of his wounds started to dissipate only to be replaced with the fear and anguish of his memories.

Ed slowly started to feel the presence of another in this little trip down his 'memory lane of hell' as a cold shiver went down his spine.…Alucard. The Gate had given the alchemist information on ghouls, FREAKS, and Alucard because they were the most dangerous creatures in this world aside from himself.

In reality the only thing Ed really knew about the vampire was the fact that he was a servant of Hellsing bound to Integra and well…..a vampire. His thoughts were pulled from his musings as the memories became more violent.

If he had enough energy Edward would have cried and screamed at the reliving of all the things that had happened to him. Seeing the Gate again clear as day, was not his idea of fun at the moment, or any moment for that matter.

Was Alucard seeing all of this? The bastard was probably enjoying himself with all the information. Why didn't he just stay dead? If the gate had just left him to rot in darkness forever with the knowledge that Alphonse was well taken care of then he would have been content with that.

The memories stopped all at once. The pressure had ceased as well. The cold chill on his skin did little in comparison to his flashback. He knew damn well why he was shaking, fear has far more power over him than the cold ever did.

Then something happened that caught him off guard. He felt himself being cradled in those strong arms, again being lifted and settled on something soft yet, firm.

No, not something it was someone. Who would…….Alucard? But, why would he even care?

Edward's train of thought was soon abandoned as he felt heavy gentle arms encircle him in a protective blanket. Had Edward been more awake he might have heard the sound of a large wooden coffin closing itself as he slipped into the first truly peaceful slumber he had ever had in the last six years of his life.

In the world of the fully awake all a certain vampire could do was smirk as he pulled the young alchemist closer to him. Needless to say, there would be hell to pay in the morning but, for now he would just smirk.

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