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Saku no Naru
By Keiji

Inspired by 'Petal' by NQMM

"As the petals of Sakura fall away, another flower lives" - NanQuanMama

"Saku?" Naruto whispered, noticing his hand had gone numb with coldness.

"Sleepy..." He mumbled. His startling green eyes dulled and fluttered, looking up at Naruto.

Naruto didn't know why or what was going on. He leaned down and laid next to Saku, dropping his hand over his waist. He felt Saku's chest move with every gentle breath. Slowly, he himself began to fall asleep.

He hadn't felt this for ages.


Naruto knew he was awake, but he definitely didn't want to get up.

Something warm and soft lay beneath him, and he liked that feeling. His arm was wrapped around... what? His eyes snapped open, and for a moment he forgot. Then, he remembered about Saku, the boy hidden inside Sakura.

He grinned to himself, shutting his eyes once more and snuggling deeper into the soft warmth of the person below him, his fingers stroking his hair gently.

The peace was rudely disturbed by a ear splitting shriek.

Naruto toppled off the sofa and landed onto the floor with a thud.

"AHH!!" A high pitched girly voice screamed, hitting Naruto harshly on the head as he tried to get up from the floor.

"Sa..Sakura?" Naruto squeaked, crawling away.

What happened to Saku...?

"You. Naruto. Have 5 seconds to explain why I'm in your living room with no clothes on!" Sakura hissed, jumping up onto the sofa.

Naruto stumbled to his feet, clutching a pillow to himself, biting his lip, staring at Sakura.

"What?!!" Sakura snapped.

"You passed out last night," Naruto slowly said, praying that this would shut her up.

Thankfully, it did. Sakura made an "oh" expression, her mood swinging back to normal.

Naruto sighed with relief, and partial disappointment. He thought... he thought Saku would still be there for a while.

Don't be selfish, Naruto thought to himself, frowning, as he went to his bedroom to voluntarily lend clothes to Sakura.

"That's weird, I've never passed out like that before," Sakura snorted. "Must be because of you and your perverted jutsu."

Naruto nodded numbly, staring into his bowl of ramen, stirring it with his chopsticks lifelessly.

"What's wrong with you?" Sakura quirked an eyebrow.

"Nothing," Naruto sighed.

There just has to be some way to get Saku back... even if it's for a while...

O.O wow that was short.

xx keiji