Disclamer: Dick Wolf's an ass, because he won't let Olivia come out. Oh, and he owns the SVU characters, too.

Pairing: Casey/Olivia

Rating: M

Author's Note: Why limers should be banned from computers and writing after 2am at the latest….. Thanks to Krystal for the causing the plot bunny and helping with subsequent story bouncing. And of course, to my love, my angel, my everything... Kerry, aka lijep. Je t'aime mon ange.

So the muse is back for a bit... did I mention that she has a wicked sense of humor?

Olivia had been to the bar a hundred times or more. She knew the smell of sweat and cologne… the sound of thumping, pounding music, distorted by a roar of voices… the feeling of being shoved against those you didn't want to… and pressed against those you did want… really, really want… But tonight something was different… Olivia could taste this salty sweet desire on her tongue.

She joined the writhing bodies on the dance floor, an Amazon on the hunt. She appraised every grinding body for burning desire, but there was no one there that could satisfy her. Just as she was turning to leave the humid dance floor… hands wrap around her, dragging her into the cold night.

For a moment, none of Olivia's senses work… there is just fever and chill, force and softness… As Olivia becomes aware of a tongue scouring every inch of her exposed breast, the moistened skin feeling every drop in the air's temperature, she catches a flash of red hair thru dilated eyes.

"What the… Cas-" Olivia starts, before being silenced by swollen poison apple red lips.

As the temptress and tormentor gives Olivia a chance for air, she growls, "I want you… I want you so badly… I can't think of anything else. You have to be mine, Liv."

Olivia eyes have begun to adjust to the dark glow of the alley, but as she watches Casey's eyes, transfixed... and she realizes they are still dilated… and darting violently.

"Casey? Why are you like this?" Olivia asks, shortly before gasping as Casey bites her exposed breast. As Casey's hands expose more and more skin… stomach… back… Olivia becomes more bewildered.

Suddenly it dawns on her… Olivia placies her hands around Casey's face and brings it to meet hers, asking in a mother voice, "Casey, what did you take?"

"Nothing…" Casey says, sounding vaguely like a teenager.

"Casey-" Olivia starts before Casey wrenches out of Olivia's grasp. Casey's hands yank open the fly of Olivia's jeans, and Casey takes them off so quickly, Olivia doesn't notice until the air hits her bare legs. Olivia can feel Casey's hot breath on her stomach… it is then she remembers that taste of desire. In that moment, she realizes she doesn't care if Casey is high anymore… all she knows is desire. Casey wants her, and she wants Casey.

Casey drags down her boy shorts, hands gasping at anything they can reach. Casey's hands dig into Olivia's back, and her mouth teases and explores Olivia's burning core.

Olivia focuses all her energy to rasp, "I… want… you… too…. Casey…"

Olivia could swear she saw a smirk before Casey's tongue dive into her throbbing clit. Casey's tongue twists her clit hard, sending chills down Olivia's back. As Casey's teeth drag across the clit, then nip… Olivia begins to quiver. At final twist sends Olivia over the edge… she shutters, clinging to Casey.

"I'M…. YOURS….OK?…." Olivia screams for Casey.

This time Olivia is sure that she saw Casey smirk.

The next day, Olivia stops Elliot in the hall.

"El, you are no longer allowed to give Casey sugar unless I say so. And absolutely no cupcakes…."

Under her breath she whispers to herself, "If you keep giving her cupcakes, I'm gonna have to kill you before she kills me."