Running Away

Chapter 1

AN: This is a crossover with Law & Order SVU. It takes place after 'Way to Go' and follows a possible course of events if a certain situation arose. Intrigued? I hope so. Disclaimer: I do not own CSI or Law & Order SVU.

Sara sat down at her computer with her morning coffee, as her one-year-old son, Alex sat playing with a few toys. Sesame Street was on the television, but most of his attention went to the blocks he was putting in a bucket and then just as methodically taking out again. She smiled at her little one, hardly believing how big he was getting. She was already missing the tiny helpless infant he had been not very long ago.

After her computer powered up, she clicked the icon that would take her to the World Wide Web. With the exception of work it was her only connection to the world around her. Twenty-seven messages awaited her, but once she deleted the garbage only five of interest were left. One immediately caught her attention, an email from Nick. She and Nick, Greg, and Warrick had occasionally kept in touch since Sara had moved to Manhattan. A huge smile graced her face as she opened it.

You're national news girl! The guys and I caught you in the background of the news conference about the Central Park serial rapist/murderer being caught. I assume you had something to do with that - nice work! Of course it is not a surprise that you would be successful there, just like here. We miss you. Any chance you'll be moving back soon? You know I have to ask!
Be careful,

She quickly hit the reply button.

You would be the one to pick me out of a crowd! It was a long hard one, but we got him. In fact that is why I am home now. Once again I'm pulling in too much OT so those of us who have been on endless hours since this started are off today. We are going out for dinner later to celebrate, but for now just some down time. It is so good to hear from you!
Hi to all,

She spent a few minutes just surfing the web, but when nothing caught her attention she decided to clean up Alex's breakfast chaos. Then spent the rest of the morning just being Alex's mommy, a role she never expected to love quite so much.

When he went down for his nap, Sara decided it was time for a long hot shower before Anya, Alex's Nanny, arrived. At first Sara had tried enrolling Alex in daycare, but her crazy schedule made it difficult, she eventually hired Anya to care for him. Anya was a retired kindergarten teacher who never had children of her own. She was probably sixty, but you would think that she was in her thirties with the energy she had. Sara never thought of her as old, just older than Sara. She was incredible with Alex and she did not mind Sara's hectic schedule. The best part was that she lived just down the hall, so last minute calls to work were nearly easily handled.

As she continued to get ready, her mind wondered back nearly two years prior.

She had never been this nervous in her life. She had taken the job on a whim, she needed a viable excuse to leave Las Vegas, to leave the only man she had ever truly loved, but she was not going to be the one to force him into something he was not ready to face. She wasn't even sure how she would do this, but for the child growing inside her she sure as hell was going to try.

She had left her apartment still filled with unpacked boxes that morning. As soon as she walked in the door of the lab, half an hour early of course, she was given a case.

Tony Ciminelli, her new supervisor greeted her with the information, "Sidle right?"

"Yes, ah Sara's fine."

"Sara, I'm Tony your direct supervisor. Sorry there is not anytime to let you get acquainted with the lab, but we are busy today and I need you with me. There should be a fully stocked kit in your locker. Here's the combination." He handed her a piece of paper as he continued, "We leave in two minutes."

"I'll be right back," It seemed that just like in Vegas and San Francisco before it, New York criminals liked to hit all at once some days. Ninety seconds later Sara met Tony in the entry way to the lab.

"Punctual, I like that," he gave her a friendly wink. Sara smiled in reply.

She arrived at the scene ready to work; her kit stocked, and as Warrick would say 'her game tight'. She shook the nostalgia from her head, she had work to do. Tony walked ahead of her, "Sara, these are Detectives Munch and Tutuola. John, Fin, this is Sara Sidle our newest Criminalist." They exchanged handshakes and pleasantries and then got right to work.

"Careful it is brutal in there." Detective Tutuola called to her as she entered the room.

"Could be worse," she casually replied as she took in the room before her. An elderly woman and man lay naked, covered in blood, and dead.

A few hours later the detectives were long gone and Tony and Sara were finishing up the scene. "Well that's all we are going to get for now. Let's head back to the lab and I'll show you the 'how's', 'where's', and 'who's' of our lab."

"Sounds good," Sara replied.

They spent the ride back in casual conversation. Tony asked about her previous experience and Vegas. He seemed impressed with her education and experience. Then he filled her in on the New York City Crime Lab.

The DNA results they had been waiting on were returned hours later. Tony retrieved them then found Sara going over the victim's clothing and bedding for trace evidence. "Sara, we have DNA. Can you take it to the precinct? Munch and Tutuola have a suspect in custody and we need a DNA match, he's not in the system. I have a meeting I can't get out of right now."

"No problem, just tell me where I'm going."

She got directions and less than ten minutes later she was walking into the precinct.

"Sara!" Detective Munch called out to her. "Give me some good news."

"Well we have viable DNA; I just need something to match it to. Do you have the warrant?"

"Right here," he waved a paper in front of her.

"Great, now show me your suspect."

He led her to lock-up and she swabbed the man's mouth. Then she and John walked away, "I'll get this back to the lab and let you know as soon as I can."

"Thanks, they should all be this easy."

"You mean they aren't? I may have to rethink my move."

John laughed a little then responded, "Give us some time, we'll find a case to challenge you."

"I have no doubt."

A bit later the results were in and the suspect was charged with two counts of murder and one sexual assault.

Sara was brought out of the past by a knock at the door. Anya was right on time, as usual. Sara kissed her son good-bye and headed out the door to meet her colleagues.