This story takes place directly after New Moon. This is the story of how Jacob Black reacted to Bella wanting to become a Vamipre.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight and New Moon. No copyright infingrment it intended.

I watched as Edward stepped between us, shielding Bella from me, her protector for the last six months. The pack and I were the ones left to clean up the mess that they had left behind. Edward had left her broken and alone to face an incredible danger, a danger Bella would never have known if it weren't for him. She was dragged into a world of darkness. All of this was their fault. Bella was human; she should be worrying about normal teenage things, not crazy vampires seeking revenge. How could she just go back? He had done so many unspeakable things to her. He broke her in a way I never could. I loved Bella; the realization of that was more apparent to me now after seeing her with him. I watched as they walked to house to deal with Charlie and the mess I had left. I knew it was childish, but I had try something. My body started to tremor and I couldn't control the anger anymore. I transformed. It was the first time, since the beginning, I couldn't control the transformation. I made for Sam's house. My brothers wouldn't understand about Bella but Sam might. I had to talk to someone. I managed to transform again just before getting to the house. I took a moment to compose myself and walked through the door.

"Jacob, what happened? Did you talk to the leech?" Paul asked, always ready for a fight.

"Yes, he understands the treaty." I spoke more softly then I had intended, still somewhat shocked about what Bella had said.

Embry looked at me curiously; he knew me well enough to know I wasn't holding up well. "Jake, what's wrong? You look… pale."

"I'm fine, but I need to talk to Sam, alone." My brothers looked at me skeptically. I knew the request must sound ridiculous, they would know soon enough, but after seeing how easily the leech could read my mind, I needed this. It was one thing for my brothers to hear my thoughts, they were family, but to have the leech answer my thoughts was such an invasion of privacy. He knew everything I was thinking, everything including how I felt about Bella. He knew my biggest weakness and I couldn't figure him out at all. It bothered me that he could hear my thoughts almost has much as when he touched Bella. As soon as my brothers left I crumpled into the closest chair, no longer able to contain my agony. Sam looked at me knowingly.

"What is it Jacob? Is something wrong with Bella?" Bella, the only girl I have ever loved. She loved my sworn enemy, and if that wasn't enough she wanted to be one of them.

"Bella, she…" the words were so hard to say. How could she want that? He must have done something to make her believe being one of them was what she wanted, not him. I would rip him to pieces if he harmed her; hell I might rip him to pieces anyway. "She wants to be one of them. She had already chosen. I didn't see that coming. How can she want to be a leech, one of the eternally damned?" My voice choked at the thought of the last words.

"Jacob, have they harmed Bella?"

"No, I went to speak with Edward, to warn him about biting anyone. He wasn't even fazed by that part of the treaty. He wasn't angry at all, actually." I contemplated that for a moment. Edward was not concerned with biting Bella. He didn't react the way I had suspected he would. He must have a plan to work around the treaty. If he took Bella from Forks I would follow. He won't have her so easily.

"What do you mean he wasn't angry?" Sam asked skeptically.

"Well, first he thanked me for protecting Bella in his absence. And when I mentioned the specifics of the treaty he didn't seem upset by it. He seemed almost relieved."

"Maybe it isn't what he wants, Jacob."

"Isn't what he wants, are you kidding? She is exactly what he wants. He must have a plan to work around the treaty, sneaky bloodsucker." I said through gritted teeth. "Besides, it was Bella's reaction that was the most shocking. She…she was already planning on becoming one of them. She was furious with me."

"What are you talking about Jacob? Bella wants to be one of them?" Sam questioned me, shocked at the thought of Bella willing wanting to be one of them. His body visibly tensed.

My voice was barely a whisper. "Yes," Admitting this to Sam, the leader of the pack, would have serious repercussions. This information would require action. With the threat of the bloodsuckers biting someone came the threat of war. War placed my brothers and me in danger. The reality was that they wouldn't just bite anyone, they would bite Bella. She would be the reason for the war. She knew the consequences now; she wouldn't do that to us.

"Jacob, you cannot dwell on this. If she becomes one of them it will create a war. She will be our enemy." Sam only spoke the truth, but it was too much. Bella would never be my enemy.

My fists clenched in anger as my shoulders slumped in defeat. Everything about me was in conflict. "NO! This can't happen Sam, there has to be something we can do. I can't lose her."

"She may already be lost. She took him back, and as much as we all love Bella, we can't protect her anymore. She is their responsibility now." Sadness clouded Sam's voice. His muscles bulged in his arms as he spoke. He didn't want to lose Bella after everything we had been through. Emily liked having a fellow wolf girl.

"There has to be away. It's not over." I spoke through clenched teeth. I wasn't willing to give up on this.

"Jacob, there are some things we need to talk about; some things I don't think you understand. There are responsibilities that you are unaware of. I need you to keep on open mind about what I am going to tell you. First of all, Bella is now the responsibility of the Cullen's, we can no longer protect anything or anyone outside of La Push. Secondly, your main responsibility is to this tribe and your brothers. You need to understand and accept that."

"Like what Sam? Bella loves a vampire; she wants to be one of them. I understand that if they change her action will have to be taken. I know what the consequences are if they change her." I was shaking uncontrollably again. The thought of Bella being cold and stone like enraged me almost as much as the thought of him being back in her life, in my place. He didn't deserve her. She made my life, my duty, so much more bearable. My being a werewolf meant something when I had Bella in my life, when it was for her. In my mind I was created to protect only her. I wasn't complete without her.

"Jacob I know this is hard to for you. You are still young and with everything you have been through over the last month I am amazed at your composure," Sam chose his next words carefully, "There is a reason that at sixteen you have been the most composed thru the change. You are the biggest and strongest of all of us. You have even managed to be in the presence of a vampire and not transformed, even in a stressful situation like today. Not a single one of us could do that, including me. Jacob, you were meant to lead." I thought about what Sam was saying. I had managed to control my strength better than the others. I was the last to change and already I was bigger than everyone else. I knew that I had been stronger, but no one else ever mentioned it before. I could also control my transformation better than anyone including Sam. It was nice to be acknowledged by the pack leader. I respected Sam's opinion when it came to the pack.

"Lead, lead what?" He couldn't mean that I was meant to be the leader of the pack. Sam was the leader, the oldest, I was just one of the pack.

"It is in your blood more than the rest of us. Your heritage is pure, you are a direct descendant of the original Quilette werewolves, on both sides of your family tree. Your great-grandfather made the original treaty, as far back as there were cold ones, there were Blacks leading the pack." I sat there trying to understand what Sam was saying. I couldn't be the leader. I just couldn't be.

"Sam it can't be me you transformed first. You are the leader. You went through everything on your own. You taught each one of us. You were meant to lead."

"I was the oldest when the Cullen's arrived, but it doesn't mean I am the leader. The sooner you accept this the sooner you can move past this Bella thing. It is a complication we can not afford," he let out a heavy sigh. This wasn't easy for him either. Everyone had grown fond of Bella. "Jacob your responsibilities are to this family, the pack. As the current leader of the pack it is my job to know who the rightful leader is. My time as leader will be up soon and I will pass on that responsibility to the new alpha wolf. It is you, Jacob. We are a family and I am here to guide you, but you are here to lead.

"I don't see what one has to do with the other. Bella has nothing to do with the pack, Sam." The anger in my voice was hard to hide; my body still trembled from the rage.

"She has everything to do with the treaty, Jacob, and therefore the pack." Sam's tone was sharper than before. "The Cullen's have been here long enough. I don't think they have any intention of biting anyone, but Bella has an effect on people. Just look what she has done for you. It should have taken you months to control transformation, to be able to change back and forth so easily. You learned quicker and became stronger because you felt you had to protect Bella. What if the Cullen's feel they have to change her to protect her?" Sam's body tensed as he spoke, the frustration written on his face.

She couldn't be changed. "How will that protect Bella?" I shouted.

"Jacob, think about it. Bella is a danger magnet. She managed to find every kind of mythical creature that exists in Forks. If she were one of them, it would be safer for herVictoria wouldn't be able to harm her." Sam paced the floor as he spoke the words.

"It won't get that far. I won't let it. I will take out every last leech before they take her soul." My voice rose to new decibels and my breath came in shorter, hard spurts. I clenched and unclenched my fists trying to stay in control.

"How will that help Bella? Killing her "boy" friend's family will not put you back in her good graces. She isn't going to thank you for killing them." Sam laughed bitterly. "It will destroy her. This time, you would be the one to destroy her instead of him. Besides, you said yourself, it's what she has chosen."

Sam was right; Bella would never forgive me. She had picked her future, and it didn't include me, at least for now. "I have to talk to her, alone without him listening in on my thoughts; I can make her see."

"You have to be ready to make the hard decisions. You need to prepare, for one day you may have to…" Sam's face twisted in agony, reflecting the expression on mine.

"No!" I jumped to my feet, enraged. I paced the floor trying to control the tremors and the anger that coursed through my body, "I will accept my responsibility, whatever it is, but I will not discuss killing Bella."

Sam's face showed the depth of his pain. "She would already be dead, Jacob. She wouldn't be the Bella you love. She would be a leech, a soul-stealer. "

My head started to spin. I couldn't handle this all in one day. I quickly left the house as I started to transform. My body started to rupture as the tremors coursed through every inch of my flesh. The heat increased, and in an instant I was no longer a man but a wolf. For the second time today I had given over to transforming without being in control. I needed to run to clear my head from all the thoughts of Bella. I headed toward the beach. I ran faster, to set myself free of all the things that haunted my thoughts. Bella had shocked me in more than one way today. I tried to find some good in all of this but there was nothing. She had feelings for me; I could sense them; it was real what little we had. I just had to make her see, I would do it right this time. I continued to run along the beach hoping to find a bloodsucker to rip to shreds. I thought about how I had protected Bella from the leeches and now she was with them. I ran faster. I remembered all the precious time I had spent with her and let out a low howl. It pained me to think about not spending time with Bella. I had only just seen her and I already missed her. I missed the playfulness of our relationship; something I hoped was not lost forever. It wasn't going to end like this. I ran faster, trying to out run my fate and find my destiny.