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Elphaba approached her new headmistress, and sorcery teacher, Madame Menzel (who had very similar cheekbones to herself). Both Madame Morrible and the Wizard had been discovered about a year ago, and Madame Morrible was quickly replaced.

Elphaba needed to give the new head a form that she was asked to fill out. She had been told that she was one of the best students of the grade, and was to be given a free trip to a place of her choosing. One person was allowed to accompany her.

"Hello, Madame Menzel," Elphaba said with a small smile, which the head returned. "You had asked me to fill this form out."

"Yes. I presume you have it with you?"

"Yes," Elphaba said, handing her the form, "here it is. I was wondering when said trip was going to take place?"

"Soon, dear," Madame Menzel replied. "Just as soon as your finals are over."

"Thank you."

Elphaba turned swiftly on her heel and walked back to her dorm. A few people turned their heads to look at her as she walked. You would think, that after four years, they would stop, Elphaba thought to herself with a chuckle. Ah well, I'll be away soon enough.

She thought during the entire walk back to her room. She thought about how she was going to go to the Emerald City in less than a week while she walked past the schools' small pond. She thought about how she was going to be with one of her best friends, Glinda, for a whole week as she walked through the gates of the house where her room was located.

She walked inside, and there were ShenShen, Pfannee and Glinda talking about some girly thing or another. Glinda had convinced ShenShen and Pfannee that Elphaba was not bad, and after a while, they believed her. All three girls desperately wanted Elphaba to be with them in public, but, as always, she refused. She mainly stuck to the library, and Glinda would come visit every so often.

"Pfanee, Shensen, could I talk to Glinda for a few minutes?" Elphaba asked after she said hello. When the two did not move, Elphaba said, "I meant alone, you nitwits!" The girls laughed and Shenshen and Pfannee went outside. Glinda bounced on her bed, watching Elphaba.

"So, Elphie, do you have a secret that you would like to share with me?" Glinda asked playfully. She knew Elphaba did not tell secrets.

"No," Elphaba laughed, "and don't call me that. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: it's perky."

"Well, what, then?" Glinda whined. "What do you have to say?"

"Whining will get you nowhere, my friend," Elphaba said, fully aware that Glinda wanted to know her big news more than anything for the time being. Glinda rolled her eyes, and when Elphaba did not continue, she pinched her. "OW! Pinching will get you nowhere - OW! Oh, fine, you win! Well, I was one of the best students in our class-"

"Oh, Sweet Lurline!" Glinda exclaimed. "I fail one little sorcery test, and I never hear the end of it!"

"Glinda, that is not my point," Elphaba said calmly. "My point, is that I won a trip to a place of my choosing, and I am allowed to take one person with me."

"Who did you choose?" Glinda asked, completely unaware that it was her.

"Think about it." It took a few clock-ticks for Glinda to put two and two together.

"Oh, Elphaba, are you serious?!?" Glinda asked, getting up and embracing her friend quickly. She took out her suitcase from beneath her bed and began throwing in things like clothes, makeup, bathroom supplies, makeup, makeup and more makeup.

"Glinda, you do not even know where we are going," Elphaba said with a smile. It took another couple of clock-ticks for Glinda to comprehend that news.

"Oh, right," she said sheepishly. She blushed and gave Elphaba time to talk about where they were going (The Emerald City), how they were getting there (some new device called a "subway"), and how long they would be there (a week).

"Thank you for picking me!" Glinda exclaimed. "Now I get to miss finals!"


"Oh, poo."

"Goodnight, Glinda."

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